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The 7 Kinds of Cryptoassets

There is much confusion about what constitutes a cryptocurrency, and no wonder. With so many different combinations of cryptoassets, they can easily get mixed up. Here, we have a look at the seven most common cryptoassets, and outline what makes each of them unique. Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies are by far the most known form of cryptoasset.… Keep Reading


Mosque Accepts Crypto-Donations With Great Success

Shacklewell Lane Mosque, which is based in the east end of London, recently announced that it would begin to accept cryptocurrency donations. Although not a mainstream idea yet, charities have generally had great success with accepting donations in the form of cryptocurrency. Shacklewell Lane Mosque is no exception to this. The only surprise was the… Keep Reading


Blockchain Events in July

It is not secret that things are moving pretty fast in the cryptocurrency space. It can sometimes be hard to keep up — unless you are an avid reader of this blog of course. Like with any other industry, however, there are a number of events and seminars that it would be wise to attend… Keep Reading


Which Industries Are Affected by Cryptocurrency?

Charities While a lot of cryptocurrency traders get a bad rep due to some of the shadier elements of the community, quite a few of them are actually charitable. The only problem is that up until now, they have had issues with being able to donate to charities. A great example of this is The… Keep Reading


Trump’s Cryptocurrency Task Force

Much of the media attention is surrounding Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom. However, just before he left the United States this Thursday, he signed an executive order on cryptocurrency investigations. Cryptocurrency task force Why create a cryptocurrency task force? The simple answer is ‘fraud’. You will recall all the Internet giants like Google,… Keep Reading


How to Make a Gpu Mining Rig for Ethereum

Have you ever thought about how profitable mining Ethereum would be? If so, then you have also probably considered making your own GPU mining rig for Ethereum. Of course, everyone knows that there are many different ways that you would be able to get into mining Ethereum. One of them is cloud mining, purchasing a… Keep Reading


Cryptocurrency Payments Only A Decade Away

Imperial College London has released a research paper in collaboration with eToro, and their findings are very exciting: we could see cryptocurrency payments become mainstream within the next ten years. The research paper also outlines a few of the issues we would need to address before this will become a reality, however. Cryptocurrency ticks all… Keep Reading


Small Countries That Are Crypto-Powerhouses

Bigger is not always better. Sometimes, good things come in small packages. Despite the majority of cryptocurrency news revolving around large countries like the US and China, there are quite a few smaller countries that are surprisingly progressive when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency. The problem with bigger countries is that they often resort… Keep Reading


Are Cryptocurrencies Bad For the Environment?

Cryptocurrency mining can be profitable, depending on which token you are mining where you are located, and how much the electricity costs. Regardless of whether or not it is profitable, it is a known fact that cryptocurrency mining uses up a lot of energy. So much so, in fact, that the small country of Iceland… Keep Reading


Facebook Reverses Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads

After only five months, Facebook has begun to backtrack on its cryptocurrency advertisement ban which was put into effect back in January. The move by Facebook was quickly followed by similar bans imposed by Google and Twitter on their respective platforms. Now, however. it would seem that the social media giant is slowly but surely… Keep Reading

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