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what is ripple
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What Is Ripple?

The world of digital money is so diverse and changeable that it is hardly possible to physically embrace and illuminate all the cryptocurrencies that represent it. Often, you just notice somewhere in the depths of consciousness the emergence of a new representative of this large pleiad and safely forget about it, until you accidentally come… Keep Reading

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Ethereum Scalability

Can Ethereum Scale? The Ethereum platform was launched in 2015 in order to simplify the creation of decentralized online services, as well as to facilitate the process of implementing the blockchain technology. Unlike the Bitcoin network, Ethereum provides for the use of smart contracts – self-executing algorithms designed to enter into and maintain commercial contracts… Keep Reading

buy bitcoin
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Explained: How to Buy a Bitcoin

First of all, you need to register a wallet where you will store Bitcoins. After registration, you need to set up a security system for your wallet, linking mail and a phone number to it. In this case, even if someone steals your password, he most likely will not be able to get into the… Keep Reading

Centra Bitcoin Debit Card
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Centra Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Card Review: Centra Bitcoin Debit The debit card for Bitcoin is the trend of the last few years. Such means for storing cryptocurrencies are not very popular, but some users, nevertheless, prefer to keep their digital coins on their usual piece of plastic. In this article, we will talk about one exact bitcoin debit card… Keep Reading

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Shift Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Shift Review Shift is issued by Coinbase –an American cryptocurrency exchange firm. Since they are an exchange firm, they are always aware of the latest trends in the Cryptocurrency. This is a unique and helpful testament that you are in good hands. But this is not the only edge the company offers. There are various… Keep Reading

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The Ultimate Guide To Launching An ICO

The ultimate guide to launching an ICO The ICO industry today is full of various offers. Investors can sort out for a long time, but as a result, they invest their own money in “young” projects, ensuring profit for themselves and developers. Newcomers to the cryptocurrency world are inspired by the success of their experienced… Keep Reading

satoshi nakamoto
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A Brief Description of The Inventor of Bitcoin

Who is The Inventor of Bitcoin Who has invented Bitcoin? This question has become an urban myth into the blockchain circle. Though it true that the enigmatic developer of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto but only a few of them has learned about the true identity if he is one or more than one people. Satoshi… Keep Reading

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Are The Public and Permissioned Blockchains Same? chains?

Are The Public and Permissioned Blockchains Same? The blockchain technology can transform many industries and economies, allowing you to quickly transfer data (do transactions) so that, if necessary, you can check and track them. Since its inception, the blockchain concept has undergone tremendous changes. Now, thanks to constant research, technology can be used almost everywhere:… Keep Reading

Monaco Bitcoin Debit Card
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Monaco Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Card Review: Monaco Bitcoin Debit Monaco allows users to spend and transfer money around the world with the use of favorable interbank exchange rates, saving about 30-40 euros per 500 euros spent. The Monaco card will work in the VISA network, which will make it possible to use it in all parts of the world.… Keep Reading

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