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Crypto Wallet Security: Everything You Need To Know

Crypto Wallet Security: Everything You Need To Know Envision that you’re looking in your wallet and seeing no tokens and some transactions to unknown addresses– that possible method you’ve been hacked. Due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency ownership is identified by whoever holds the codes for it. What occurs if your wallet is hacked?… Keep Reading

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Guide To Bitcoin Cash Wallets

Bitcoin Cash Wallets You need a wallet for Bitcoin Cash before you can start trading or mining the token. Among them is your wallet’s public address which other users will utilize to send out BCH to you. If anyone gets hold of your private key, all the funds in your wallet will be taken. Online… Keep Reading

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What Is A Hardware Wallet?

What’s A Hardware Wallet? Among the best challenges that Cryptocurrency holders face is security. Although exchanges are favorite Crypto trading places and provide storage services, there is always a risk of losing funds whenever such sites are hacked. Authorities can also take them down, making it nearly challenging to recuperate such funds. A hardware wallet… Keep Reading

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What Is A Paper Wallet?

What Is A Paper Wallet? Digital assets can be stored in paper wallets, software wallets, or hardware wallets. Here’s a guide on the commonly misconstrued coin storage technique, paper wallet. Definition Of Paper Wallet A paper wallet can be defined as an offline cold storage system for saving or storing Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and… Keep Reading

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How a Lack of Trust Affects the Global Market Capitalisation of the Cryptocurrency Industry

Connecting Online Sentiment Towards the Cryptocurrency Industry with Global Market Capitalisation Recently, BlockchainDefender released a report examining the impact of online sentiment on the cryptocurrency industry, including how it affects the industry’s global market capitalisation. The report takes advantage of BlockchainDefender’s experience of analysing online sentiment.  Online Sentiment Affects Market Capitalisation The first study in… Keep Reading

What Are Online Wallets
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What Are Online Wallets?

What are online wallets? Online crypto wallets are designed to assist you in storing and sending cryptocurrencies online. These cryptocurrency wallets are easy to access from whatever location you are. However, your private keys are stored online and thus managed by a third party. That means these wallets might lack the privacy and safety that desktop… Keep Reading

Best Mobile Wallets
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The 5 Best Mobile Wallets

What are the best mobile wallets on the market? Discovering the ideal mobile wallet for your cryptocurrency can be complicated. You want a mobile wallet that is not only simple to find your way around but is also reliable. 1. Coinomi Mobile Wallet This multi-currency wallet works with Android and iOS phones and tablets. It… Keep Reading

What Are Mobile Wallets
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What Are Mobile Wallets?

What are mobile wallets? More people are buying into the cryptocurrency market. When you have a storage and transaction center in your hands, it’s very simple and convenient to manage your funds. Mobile wallets can help you enjoy the full benefits of cryptocurrencies. Much like their name indicates, mobile wallets are crypto storages and apps… Keep Reading

What Are Desktop Wallets
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What Are Desktop Wallets?

What are desktop wallets? Desktop wallets help you store your coins securely. However, they can also send and receive coins to and fro other addresses. Each cryptocurrency has a desktop wallet, which runs just like any other app on your laptop or PC. You’ll have to download and set up a desktop wallet that matches whatever… Keep Reading

Open Cryptocurrencies in Africa

The Need For Open Cryptocurrencies in Africa

CoinDesk recently featured an editorial highlighting the growing counternarrative from banks trying to catch up to the cryptocurrency phenomenon. Why the banks are scared Those of us who have been interested in cryptocurrency for a while know the benefits of digital coins. There is increased safety, no central authority, more anonymity, and greater convenience. Banks… Keep Reading

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