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How To Store XRP: A Guide To Ripple Wallets

How To Store XRP: A Guide To Ripple Wallets The imbalances in the purchase and selloff in XRP has made it obvious that the demand and popularity of RippleNet are on the rise. All of this to the advantage of the various crypto sellers who capitalizes on the shift in the demand for XRP and… Keep Reading

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How To Analyze ICOs

How To Analyze ICOs With the massive proliferation of blockchain technologies, startups have a new way to raise capital – initial coin offer (ICO). During ICO, companies offer a wide range of investors their own cryptocurrency (tokens) to finance a project. Site Evaluation The ICO face of any project is his site, so the assessment… Keep Reading

what is bitcoin
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What is Bitcoin: Understanding The Basics

The basic understanding of anything begins with a definition; so what is Bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin is the pioneer of cryptocurrencies. It is the most valuable and renowned one among the entire cryptocurrency world. Though there are some controversies which says that the only existing cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and others are the tokens called Altcoins. However,… Keep Reading

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A Guide To Bitcoin Cash Wallets (Updated 2019)

Bitcoin Cash Wallets Bitcoin cash is a new separate Blockchain and its currency code is BCH or BCC. The Bitcoin Cash is sent to a Bitcoin cash wallet address. Using the wrong wallet address may cause the loss of your Bitcoin Cash. It is compulsory that one has a wallet before one starts transactions that… Keep Reading

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What Are Ethereum Smart Contracts?

What Are Ethereum Smart Contracts? A smart contract is just a unit of functionality that you load into EVM. The term “distributed application” or dapp usually describes a front-end application with a graphical user interface that is available for the web or smartphones, which uses EVM as a backend. Unless this is a very simple… Keep Reading

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What are Blockchain’s Issues and Limitations?

What Problems Blockchain do Face? The blockchain is often spoken of as a completely revolutionary technology, and this is partly true. It has the potential to make significant changes in many sectors of the economy. However, it is hardly worth considering the blockchain as a panacea for all diseases of mankind. Before using this technology,… Keep Reading

bitcoin benefits
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8 Reasons to Choose Bitcoin

Any means of payment, be it gold or fiat money, simultaneously plays the role of a repository of values. In theory, money is what measures the value of a product in exchange. Bitcoin for many years has been the foremost cryptocurrency in the whole world, and it also has the status of a pioneer. But… Keep Reading

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How To Mine Bitcoin Cash

How To Mine Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin cash what is it? It is a completely independent cryptocurrency, which can be used for calculations and mining. Of course, it is currently inferior to Bitcoin in popularity, rate and capitalization. But if the creators say that the new crypt is more perfect, will it not become the main… Keep Reading

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ICO vs. IPO: What Is The Difference?

The big difference between IPO and ICO If you’ve ever been assigned to source for capital for a company or you’ve listened so much to the stories of young start-ups, you would realize that one of the toughest thing to do id to raise capital. The advancement in technology has grossly reduced the toils that… Keep Reading

What Is A Distributed Ledger
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What is a Distributed Ledger?

To understand distributed ledger, we will start by understanding a ledger. A ledger is a record in which commercial accounts are recorded, which can be considered the backbone of accounting.  Ledgers have existed in many forms, from when clay has been used to keep records, to stones, to the paper age and then this computer… Keep Reading

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