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Ended ICOs

ENVION – Off-Grid Blockchain Mining

At the advent of cryptocurrencies, they were mined by relatively small entities. Single persons, mining with just their personal computers, without any specialized hardware needed. As the networks grew, more and more processing power was required. Only high end PC’s could mine. And then, you needed a whole farm to make a profit. Therefore, it… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

ATFS LAB – Tokenized Food Revolution

Our world has a population of over 7.6 billion people. This figure is expected to grow as years go by. As there’s more of us, there are more mouths to be fed, needs to be fulfilled. Even at this point we have a problem with supplying food to everyone. We can expect it to get… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

SYNCFAB – Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Blockchain

If you want to get something manufactured, you’ll quickly run into problems. Unless, of course, you’re a large company, a giant in the field, with a ton of money and connections. The rest of the market doesn’t look as good. A significant number of buyers has trouble with finding the right manufacturing suppliers. Businesses lack… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

MY ODDZ BET – Sports Betting, Casino, P2P Betting

Online gambling and betting suffers from centralization and a lack of transparency. You can’t tell whether the games are rigged or not, to the benefit of the service owners. Here would come in the Blockchain, which provides a tamper-proof, honest, verifiable and auditable service. Trust would come first, at last. However, the current available solutions… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

CROWD MACHINE – We disrupt multi-trillion dollar industries

The IoT, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology booms are very lucrative. Some institutions, such as Maverick Research, believe that these solutions, in addition with Artificial Intelligence, will replace today’s centralized platforms and business models. Demand for such products is outpacing their production. Market for blockchain is expected to exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030. There isn’t enough… Keep Reading

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