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Ended ICOs

SKYFCHAIN – The First Business to Robot Operating Platform

SKYFchain Review Blockchain technology is set to change the way we do things. It started with the financial industry; you know Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Blockchain based platforms that are changing the way we store our money, move funds, and make transactions. Moving on to the latest victim of the Blockchain disruption, the Cargo Robot… Keep Reading

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Ended ICOs

REDBUX – Biggest Payment Revolution in Adult Fun Today!

Introduction RedBux is an online currency that is believed to be one of the major contributors in the world of adult entertainment. It has enabled some of the world largest firms such as IWantEmpire and Wicked Pictures to introduce this new platform into their system, coming up with over six thousand various types of points… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

ImmVRse – Content Sharing Platform for Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality came out a few years ago. Back then, most people didn’t take it seriously, many actually never thought of it as more than just a cool toy for children to play with. But VR technology has morphed into something else, and it’s now making inroads in the Blockchain. It’s a whole new level… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

OMNITUDE – A Blockchain Middleware Layer

Omnitude Initial Coin Offering and its ECOM token link the current eCommerce platforms and enterprise systems to the Blockchain technologies. One of the pressing demands in the technology space is the interoperability that exists between the Blockchain technology and the networks of disparate software systems. A number of software solutions operate in disparate information verticals.… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

KAIROS – Artificial Intelligence in Face Recognition

Over the years, the technology of facial recognition has continued to be applied in several cases. From the collection of consumer data to identification and security, this technology is estimated to hit an industry valuation $7.76 billion by 2022. The main aim of the Kairos ICO is to introduce their special facial identification methodology onto… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

DAV – Blockchain Transportation Platform

DAV is a transportation platform that works on the Blockchain technology. As an open-source software platform, DAV enables any individual to either purchase or sell services of autonomous transportation in a market that is fully decentralized. DAV has been designed to consolidate in any kind of autonomous vehicles such as a car, ship or even… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

GRAIN – The Backbone Of Modern Work Agreements

The main aim of Grain ICO is to create a solution that will enable organizations to manage work agreements that are on the Blockchain technology. This platform also creates a quick payment mechanism that can be used by these companies. assists firms save billions of money by offering middleman services that would, in turn,… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

COTI – Unlocking the Full Potential of Global Commerce

Coti strongly believes that in the near future, digital currencies will take the place that is currently taken up by cash, coins, cheques, and other payment cards. COTI’s main aim is to work as the Internet’s best digital currency that can be used by various customers across the universe. At the moment, several payment platforms… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

SWISSBORG – The New Era of Crypto Wealth Management

We as cryptocurrency enthusiasts know that the banking industry is far behind in technology and needs of consumers. It’s missing out on decentralized technologies, and powerful concepts such as the blockchain, which can certainly revolutionize the cryptocurrency landscape. At the same time, if you want to invest in or trade crypto, management of your assets can… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

VOXXO – New Promising Ico For Music

Artists are free souls. What guides them is their passion. They hate all limits, as limitations hinder their creativity and ultimately, the quality of the art they make. Our world ended up in a situation where artists are completely in the hands of financial behemoths – recording labels and streaming platforms such as Spotify or… Keep Reading

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