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Ended ICOs

ONLINE.IO – Better Browsing Review Internet browsing is constantly changing, and the days of only being able to surf using Internet Explorer are over. With a multitude of browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, users have a lot of choices. However, what all these browsers have in common is that they do not protect the anonymity of their users.… Keep Reading

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Ended ICOs

LOCALCOINSWAP – Transparent P2P Exchange

Local Coin Swap Review By now, cryptocurrency trading is nothing new. A huge number of exchanges have popped up around the globe, with varying degrees of popularity and transparency. As more and more countries begin to take steps towards regulating the exchanges, the number will undoubtedly be whittled down. Whilst the blockchain-based model of cryptocurrencies… Keep Reading

xyo network
Ended ICOs

XYO NETWORK – The GPS of the Future

XYO Network Review Being able to track the location of items and people has been invaluable since the invention of the first map. Being able to actually prove that something is where it is supposed to be, in real-time, has also proved extremely useful since the first radio-based navigation systems like LORAN. Modern-day Global Positioning… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

TRAXION – The End and/or Future of Banking?

Traxion Tech Review Ten years after the financial crash of 2008, and we are still facilitating the same financial system that led to the crash – and the crashes before it. But now financial experts have predicted that the banking system as we know it will not be around in 10-15 years. The emergence of… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

HOWDOO μDoo – Get Paid to See Ads

Howdoo Review Social media platforms like Facebook, which has over 2 billion users worldwide, are raking in a lot of money in advertisements for other companies. It seems like a good deal for everyone involved. Users have a social media platform where they can connect with their friends and family for free. Advertisers have access… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

PROJECT SHIVOM – The Future of Healthcare

The future of healthcare? Ever since the Human Genome Project, which for the first time allowed people to have their genomes sequenced, massive leaps have been made in healthcare. Hereditary diseases of all kinds have been combated more efficiently, improving and saving the lives of countless people around the world. Similarly, artificial intelligence has aided… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

ENTRY – Revolutionizing the Banking Industry

Entry Money Review The financial crisis of 2008 sent shockwaves throughout the world, and the effects of it can still be felt to this day. People were made homeless, others lost their jobs, and mistrust in the banking system was widespread. The financial crisis gave birth to movements like Occupy Wall Street. At the same time, another… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

QOMPASS – Revolutionising Financial Markets

Qompass Review Qompass is an ambitious project with an even more ambitious vision: to revolutionize how the financial markets operate. What is Qompass? Qompass is a system that aims to provide users with a new way of accessing financial markets. Qompass comprises of three things: it’s a blockchain platform, it’s a mobile app, and it’s a… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

LIX PLATFORM – Crowd Funding & Decentralized Assets Platform

Triple A studios no longer play as important of a role as they did in the 2000’s. With greater awareness and powerful creation tools, it’s easier than ever to start an indie gaming studio. A lot of these independent productions don’t stray away quality-wise from these large, corporate products. Still, what will perhaps never change… Keep Reading

Ended ICOs

CRYPTOBnB – Vacation Rentals Platform

Despite the recent plunge of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency still remains popular as ever. Economic and political uncertainties have steered the public towards Cryptocurrencies for private and secure exchanges, you know, instead of relying on traditional currencies. But the finance is not the only industry Cryptocurrencies are targeting; CryptoBnB is a Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency platform that seeks to… Keep Reading

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