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The Ultimate Guide To Bitcoin (Updated 2018)

This is ICOfriends Ultimate Guide To Bitcoin. We aim to make this guide the one-stop shop for everything related to BTC. You will know everything from the bare basics to the future of Bitcoin after reading the articles in the manual. Enjoy! Table of contents What is Bitcoin: Understanding The Basics Bitcoin Benefits Bitcoin Wallets:… Keep Reading

security token
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Security Token Exchanges

What is a security token? One of the main criticisms that skeptics have leveled against cryptocurrencies is that they lack intrinsic value. That led to the rise of stable coins, which are cryptocurrency tokens backed by something of value. That something could be gold, diamond, or even land. Security tokens are essentially stablecoins. Their value… Keep Reading

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The Best Bitcoin Debit Cards (Updated 2018)

What are Bitcoin debit cards? A Bitcoin debit card is quite simply a payment card that allows you to use your cryptocurrency tokens as if they were fiat money. It is a brilliant way to get around the fact that there are still only a very few places accept Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) as… Keep Reading

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The Ultimate Guide To Blockchain Events (Updated 2018)

The Ultimate Blockchain Event Calendar (Updated 2018) The number of blockchain events and conferences has exploded in 2018, and will most likely continue to grow in 2019. We’ve put together a blockchain event calendar for you, so you never miss out on any of these events. The blockchain event calendar is a work in progress,… Keep Reading

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The Ultimate Guide To Launching An ICO

The ultimate guide to launching an ICO The road to a successful ICO is long and hard. Fortunately, ICOfriends has done the heavy lifting for you and research everything you need to know about launching your own ICO. We’ve compiled a list of relevant articles to guide you every step of the way. We hope… Keep Reading

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The Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency Exchanges What is a cryptocurrency exchange? If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve thought about getting into cryptocurrency trading — or at least are curious about it. Cryptocurrency exchanges are the go-to places for buying and selling cryptocurrency tokens. We’ve written about quite a few of the exchanges, and have… Keep Reading

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