Blockchain Game Summit 2018

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Blockchain Game Summit 2018

Blockchain technology has without a doubt been a game changer for many different industries. One ICO after another brings with it a new promise to transform a new industry, whether that be real estate, betting, deliveries, fundraising, or trading.

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The gaming industry is one of the many fields that could benefit massively from blockchain technology. Many game developers have already adopted the technology and are working on fascinating online games that will be completely decentralized.

Blockchain Game Summit 2018 is the first ever blockchain conference that will focus on the gaming industry and how it will change with the blockchain technology.

How gaming can benefit from the blockchain

Online gaming is a rapidly expanding industry, and with that kind of growth comes a lot of issues. Security has long been a concern for the gaming community, and the use of the blockchain will be able to remedy this issue. Certain game developers will also be rewarding gamers with cryptocurrency to incentivize their engagement. This has also been seen in other industries and will revolutionize the way we think about consumption of online media.

Blockchain Game Summit will host speakers that will present their thoughts on these subjects and many more.


When and where will Blockchain Game Summit be held?

The event will take place in the Confluence Museum in Lyon, France, on September 25-26. Blockchain Game Summit will host thought leaders, investors, developers, blockchain experts, and many more interesting people in the gaming and blockchain industries.

What will happen during the Summit?

In addition to the talks by industry leaders, there will be panels and live demonstrations on stage. There will be ample opportunity to learn about new innovations and network with the many attendees. You can also participate in a roundtable discussion and playtest some of the developers latest innovations.

Who will be speaking at Summit?

The impressive line-up of speakers can be found HERE. The list includes Marguerite deCourcelle (CEO, Neon District), Daniel Kraft (CTO, Xaya), Nicolas Pouard (Blockchain Initiative Manager, Ubisoft), Alex Amsel (Head of Blockchain Strategy, Fig), and Ben Heidorn (CTO, Blockade Games).

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More about the Blockchain Game Summit

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Where can you get tickets?

You can buy your ticket for €650-€750 by going to the Eventbrite booking site HERE. You can get yourself a nice 20% discount if you use the code SteelmediaxBGS18.

Who is behind the Blockchain Game Summit?

The company behind this amazing event is the video game studio B2Expand, which has worked with Ubisoft’s startup program. Beyond the Void was their first game, and used a money system built on Ethereum’s blockchain. B2Expand has enlisted the help of Exoflow to organize the event, as they have created very successful events in the past.

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