Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland

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Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference

Smile-Expo has organized a second blockchain conference that will be held in Geneva at Grand Hotel Kempinski on October 9th, 2018.


The conference will bring together financial experts, cryptocurrency and blockchain visionaries, blockchain experts, crypto market gurus, entrepreneurs, software developers, and representatives of renowned payment systems providers from different parts of the globe.

More importantly, lawyers will be in attendance to discuss the legal aspects pertaining blockchain technology and their perspective about the industry.


Some of the main topics that will be discussed in the conference include:

  1. Cryptocurrency market analysis
  2. Blockchain and bitcoin prospects
  3. Business solutions within FinTech achievements
  4. Smart technology technical and advanced technology aspects
  5. Latest financial regulatory changes
  6. Bitcoin exchange and mining and much more

The conference will offer excellent opportunity for industry leaders to interact and share ideas on what should be done to secure sustainability and profitability of the industry. Investors who already own digital assets as well as those who intend to invest in this industry will get a deeper understanding of the various cryptos and blockchain projects.

This information will help them make informed investment decisions and reap maximum returns from them. Concisely, this is a large-scale blockchain even that will feature top international speakers and proponents of blockchain technology. Attend to learn more about bitcoin and blockchain.

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