Blockchain and Virtual Reality

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Blockchain And VR –What’s The Connection?

If we were to question the popularity of VR today, we will come across tons of articles, blogs and statistics in its support online. And they aren’t wrong. It has proven to be an up and coming pattern –all set to take over the world. Everywhere, more and more people are embracing its possibilities enabling it to gain significant market share worldwide.

There was a time, not long ago, when its growth was prevented due to lack of high-quality 3D images. VR designers used image repositories but they failed to deliver a high-quality image. Moreover, they were too overused.

But this is not the case today. 3D technology is improving by the day, making images exceptionally remarkable. As more and more image creation hardware is funded for, it will no longer remain a dream for Technocrats to see the world from a VR perspective.

Uses of VR Technology

VR is no longer just for games or gimmicks. Its extensive range of applications is used in multiple industries to give the world the access it lacked before.

For instance, it is used in training of workers in conditions that are too hazardous. Home hunters can walk through every room of the potential house without actually stepping out of their own. It also has the aptitude to battle irrational worries and allows people to combat their most frightening fears. There are several other describable scenarios but first, let’s find out what potential it holds for development.

VR’s Development Potential

Its potential for growth in the near future seems promising. Google statistics show that the lower-end market for VR is enormous.

But it still hasn’t equaled analysts’ predictions. This is the result of a shortage of innovation, investment and image production. It also craves more access to the marketplace and in the people’s minds.

Obstacles Averting Its Development

A number of challenges obstruct its development. For starters, the most exceptional hardware is pricy. Hardware for the recording of 3D images is a must too. Next, the quality and access to images is also a constraint. VR designers are forced to utilize poor quality images since those are free of cost or available at standard prices. Image depositories that do own high-quality images charge high. Instead of compensating developers accordingly, they benefit from their work.

What are the Available Options?

The first and foremost requirement for the VR technology to bloom is a 3D image depository. It will enable developers to both create and monetize images using peer-to-peer access. A company that offers exactly that is Cappasity.

The company’s vision is to develop a platform for VR developers to create, monetize, publish and promote their designs. Developers serve as sellers and companies wishing to buy their designs are buyers. Upon buying a design, the buyer has the full right to use and modify the designs.

The company is currently going through the SEC Compliance process to allow US residents to also take part in the sale.

Cappasity has also invested in a new image-capturing technology that will create eye-catching 3D images with ease. The images can be captured right from a phone

With promising chances of growth and development, companies like Cappasity assist in awareness and profitability both.

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