BitMEX Review (2019)

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What is BitMEX?

BitMEX Cryptocurrency Exchange is one of the leading platforms in terms of daily trading volume. Every day more than 3 billion dollars are traded here. The main audience of the founders of the exchange sees professional traders. It will be difficult for a newcomer to the cryptocurrency world to understand here. But after all, nothing is impossible! In this review, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of BitMEX, and also describe how to go through all the stages of work on the stock exchange.

The website of the exchange contains not only information about the team, but also many other useful information. There are instructions on margin trading, a guide to contracts, a section with frequently asked questions, a comparison of Bitmex with competitors. The OKCoin and Bitfinex platforms are listed as competitors. You can learn more about BitMEX and other news of the crypto world in this blog. Almost every day there are fresh recordings of various subjects. Pretty informative!


Supported Coins on BitMEX

Listing of this exchange is not the widest. Here you can sell and buy a total of 12 varieties of digital coins. The exchange does not support any fiat currency. For many traders, this is a significant drawback. Trading on the stock exchange is possible for a number of pairs, one of which you can choose in the top menu of the page. The relevant fields indicate the leverage and data on the contract. The user also sees the analytical and reference information, with a schedule of changes in price movements and a list of user orders. All settings are quite flexible and easy to change.

Transactions are carried out through smart contracts when trading is carried out not by the coins themselves, but by their derivatives. As mentioned above, BitMEX supports margin trading, but caution should be exercised with leverage…

Commission Fees on BitMEX

It is important to note that the input and output of funds to the Bitmex crypto-exchange is carried out only through one Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The term of transfer of funds to your balance depends on the degree of congestion of the PTS network, but usually, the funds arrive within 20-30 minutes. As for commissions, for each operation on the Bitmex exchange, certain commission fees are provided. Moreover, these payments differ depending on whether a participant is considered to be a baker or market maker. Another commission depends on the specific digital coins, which are traded. The exchange offers a completely unique instrument called “fair price”. As a result, when marking contracts, the last price is replaced by a fair price. This avoids unnecessary liquidations at high volatility of the course, not depending on the value of the index.


Security Measures

The preservation of currency on the account is the minimum that BitMEX can guarantee. Here, MultiSig cold wallet is used to store the crypt. This is a bitcoin wallet that stores coins offline and requires signatures of several individuals to access. Bitmex allows you to withdraw money from the deposit only after confirmation of this operation by two of the three partners. This is a guarantee that the account is not hacked and the money is not scammers. The resource also uses multi-deposits, Amazon Web Services to protect text messaging servers. For additional security, you can enable two-factor authentication using YubiKey or Google Authenticator.

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