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What is Bithumb?

Popular in the Asian region, the Korean stock exchange cryptocurrency Bithumb entered the market in 2015. The service is owned by BTC Co. Ltd based in Seoul. Cryptocurrency trading on the site is available to registered users.

Service in 2017 was attacked by hackers, resulting in a loss of several billion won. The criminals stole the personal data of 30,000 clients of the company, that is, 3% of the existing client base. The leak occurred as a result of hacking the employee computer exchange. The administration of the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb applied to the police and reimbursed the lost money to the clients. Due to this, the reputation did not suffer and after some time the platform became a leader in the world, demonstrating the largest trading volume per day.


From the published audit reports, it follows that as of December 31, 2017, customer accounts for $ 6 billion were stored in the accounts of the exchange, including bitcoins (Bitcoin) for 1 billion, Ripple (XRP / USD) for 1.6 billion, QTUM for 0.6 billion, EOS (EOS / USD) at 0.65 billion, ethers (ETH / USD) at 0.6 billion, Bitcoin Cash (EXANTE: Bitcoin.Cash) at 0.5 billion, Bitcoin Gold at 0.3 billion. Own funds amounted to 400 million dollars. Bithumb controls 75.7% of the South Korean bitcoin market and about 10% of the world one. At last count, the stock exchange accounts for half of all trade in the ether in the country.



Bithumb offers two types of accounts – regular and corporate. When registering, individuals are required to provide their name, email address and telephone number; companies must provide a legal address.

In March, Bithumb announced its intention to launch a new service that allows customers to pay for cryptocurrency in more than 6 thousand stores around the world.

In addition, Bithumb plans to place special terminals in restaurants and cafes in South Korea, giving its customers the opportunity to pay in cryptocurrencies. For this purpose, the exchange has signed agreements with three Korean terminal manufacturers – Uno Space, TROS Systems and IYU.

Registration and Verification

You can start using the functionality of the service and trade in tokens, you can go through the registration procedure. Initially, you will have to enter the necessary data in a special form and then confirm the phone number. Filling out the form, specify the following information:

  • email address;
  • telephone number;
  • first name;
  • password for account security.

Going through the registration procedure, you must indicate whether the client is a natural or legal person. You will need to enter information about the nationality and after authorization using a phone code, you must accept the conditions set by the administration. You will need to click buttons 10.2 and 10.1, where information about all the documentation is provided. You have to confirm your belonging to a race by solving a captcha that checks if you are using a computer program to enter.



While reviewing the Bithumb exchange, one cannot but mention commission fees charged by the site administration for opening deals. Regardless of the type of transaction, that is, sales or purchases, the service charge will be 0.15%. You can reduce this amount to 0.075% if you use the coupon, which gives the right to a discount. There are proposals that allow avoiding the payment of commission at the opening of trading positions on the site.

Reviews Bithumb

The feedback received by the Bithumb Exchange indicates that users from outside of South Korea have problems with verification. Also during the registration process, it is often difficult to obtain a phone code to confirm the phone number.

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