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The Best Bitcoin POS Terminals For Your Business

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Bitcoin POS terminals are a fast way to accept Bitcoin payments. If you’re a small company considering whether to accept Bitcoin, then this is for you. We’ve had a look at the best Bitcoin POS terminals so you can find out which one is the best one for your company.

bitcoin pos


BitXATM is, as their name suggests, best known for their Bitcoin ATMs. Now they’re branching out and have incorporated POS functions for their ATMs. It can accept any fiat currency and can dispense any cryptocurrency.


Coinify uses POS terminals for both online and physical stores. You can receive your payments in the initial Bitcoin format, or transformed into fiat cash. You’re also able to mix and match cryptocurrency and fiat payments if you want to. The terminal features an app for iOS and Android.

Revel Systems

Revel Systems is already a popular name in the POS market. Their POS terminals come bundled with an iPad, a scanner, and a cash register. Revel Systems have recently included the option of accepting Bitcoin payments.


XBTerminal is a more flexible POS terminal than the others. Clients can pay by scanning a QR code, however, can likewise pay using NFC or Bluetooth. Bitcoin can be converted into fiat cash instantly when a sale is made.


BitPay is a well-known name when it concerns processing payments for organizations and charities. In addition to using POS terminals for merchants, BitPay likewise has an API that can deal with any other terminal. You can also integrate it with QuickBooks for simple accounting.

bitcoin pos


If you’re not comfortable investing in a POS system, you can also experiment with CoinBox. It’s a Bitcoin wallet app explicitly created for merchants. CoinBox works very similar to regular mobile apps that can receive payments, like the PayPal Business app. Merely key in quantity to be paid, and the app creates a distinct QR code the client can scan to pay in Bitcoin.

Blockchain Merchant

Blockchain Merchant is an essential and user-friendly app for merchants who wish to accept Bitcoin. Their selling points include 0% transaction fees and immediate payments.


CoinKite provides a Bitcoin POS terminal that looks like the ones you’re used to. Their POS terminals look precisely like the credit card terminals you see in the shops. The terminal comes with a Bitcoin debit card (also by CoinKite), and doubles as a Bitcoin and Litecoin ATM. You can get your payments in the original Bitcoin format, or converted into fiat money.

Coin of Sale

Coin of Sale, taking their name from Point-of-Sale, is a new start-up that brings new technology. Merchants can register and get an Electrum wallet. The app creates distinct QR codes the customer scans and sends payments to your wallet address.


PayStand is another US-centric POS terminal provider that covers cards, cheques, and Bitcoin payments. The company likewise boasts a 0% transaction fee for merchants.


The cryptocurrency exchange likewise offers POS terminals for merchants in the United States. CoinBase is particularly proficient at working with e-commerce shops. They offer HTML codes for custom sites and incorporates with WordPress, WooCommerce, and similar apps.

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