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The Best Bitcoin POS Terminals For Your Business

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Best POS Treminals to Integrate Into Business

One way to integrate and popularize usage of cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions in physical stores of small businesses is POS Bitcoin terminals. In this article, we reviewed the top 10 bitcoin terminals that are available on the market for you to consider.

bitcoin pos


Most experienced traders know BitXATM very well from their ATMs and now the company behind those ATMs are entering POS terminal market. The machines do accept a very wide range of normal currencies and offer almost all coins.


The company Coinify creates terminals for the purchase of virtual currency. The terminal accepts not only familiar dollars, but as manufacturers say, it allows you to buy bitcoins for currency from more than 200 countries.

Revel Systems

At Revel Systems POS terminals, you can buy BTC, LTC, and DOGE or exchange them back for cash. They are also known to work with the help of iPads and a scanner. Lately, terminals of the company are becoming more popular in the western part of Europe.


XBTerminals are the best known for providing many options to make payment, users offered to scan a QR code or with the same terminal pay with NFC or Bluetooth. And it is very helpful for store owners since every paid coin may be instantly converted to fiat money.


Many organizations and charities prefer using BitPay terminals for their transactions for its reliability and convenience. BitPay also released API that can be integrated to any other terminal it does work with Quickbooks system as well.

bitcoin pos


Some store owners may not understand the whole system of cryptocurrencies or basically lack funds to invest in another terminal. For such situations, CoinBox offers a Bitcoin wallet that works the same as many other systems that can accept money transfer as payment like Paypal. CoinBox uses very popular QRcode system for the transaction.

Blockchain Merchant

This option is very like by most store owner for having no commission fee. The main aim of the Blockchain Merchant app is to be user-friendly for beginners.


CoinKite is known for its terminals that are designed in very similar ways as the terminals used in normal stores. The company produces Bitcoin terminals that remind normal credit card terminals. CoinKite has a well-developed system of ATMs, terminals and bitcoin debit cards that made integrating very easy and convenient. Payment is accepted in Bitcoins but can be transferred simultaneously to fiat money.

Coin of Sale

Coin of Sale does have name sounding very similar to Point of Sale (POS) and that is not a coincidence. It is a very young start-up company with innovative technology. Store owners can download the Electrum wallet app and use it for payments. It utilizes the same QR code system as many other terminals.


PayStand actually stands out with their 0% commission fee for the store owners for any transaction. The company normally produce credit cards terminals as well as bitcoin terminals.


CoinBase is well known US based cryptocurrency exchange, but the company behind the brand also offers POS bitcoin terminals for business owners. The company generally cooperate with e-commerce sites and provide them software codes that can be integrated into customers web site as well as many website building platforms like WordPress.

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