Reliable Bitcoin News Sources

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Reliable Bitcoin News Sources

If you are interested in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, then you just need this list. In it, we have collected the most reliable, proven over the years, media resources.

Publications on key cryptocurrency issues

ICOFriends – reviews, news, analytics and opinions of experts on cryptocurrency.

CryptMarketCap – capitalization of cryptocurrency and information about its change in percentage. The total amount of coins emitted.

CoinWarz – online calculators for calculating the profit of cryptocurrency.

Market Analytics

The flagship among the analytical resources was the project Bitcoin Wisdom. Users get access to a convenient price chart with the display in the form of Japanese candles. Parallel data collection from several exchanges is carried out, which allows analyzing the market in real time.


The latest news is published on the pages of authoritative information resources. Inside originates at the site of ICOFriends, used by other sites as a primary source.

Users who need technical data will find the ICOFriends project interesting. One of the first publishes important news site ICOFriends.

Financial and trading

Most useful information about any currency is about its value. And to learn everything about the financial aspect of cryptocurrencies we could recommend to look at special articles on our blog and also for more detailed information you can refer to:

  • Bitcoin-Qt is a client serving as the backbone of the network. It is characterized by a high degree of security, guarantees anonymity and functions without failures. The disadvantage is the lack of options.
  • Bitcoin Armory – is based on the previous wallet platform and has additional features: cold storage of information, data encryption, and file backup.
  • Electrum – based on the use of remote service data for processing complex operations. You can restore access to the system using a password.

The holy of holies of the world cryptocurrency – exchange for speculative operations. BTC China platform is in second place in terms of trading volumes and level of capitalization. The disadvantage is the Chinese interface.


The exchange of views between market participants takes place on forums, and the MMGP project has become a leader here. The site collects people interested in earnings on the Internet, and there is a large subsection on cryptocurrency. The forum has official pages in social networks.

There is an interesting forum on, here the whole site is dedicated to cryptocurrencies and has a clear structure:

  • news;
  • cryptocurrency courses;
  • useful articles.

The blockchain, along with Bitcoin, details the Bitnovosti resource. Clear structure, news feed, cryptocurrency courses, information about the nearest ICO. The creators post information about mining and tutorials in the form of films and books.

Check out Bitcoin news in different languages

Also make sure to look at our website in different languages if you are more comfortable with Japanese, Spanish or Portuguese instead of English. We are going to add many more localizations with time and integrate them into the web site. So it means more and more people with different language backgrounds will be able to reach the latest news and top quality materials.

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