Best Mobile Wallets

The 5 Best Mobile Wallets

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What are the best mobile wallets on the market? Discovering the ideal mobile wallet for your cryptocurrency can be complicated. You want a mobile wallet that is not only simple to find your way around but is also reliable.

1. Coinomi Mobile Wallet

This multi-currency wallet works with Android and iOS phones and tablets. It supports all the popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. You can integrate the Coinomi app with the Changelly and ShapeShift plugins. They are some of the most prominent crypto exchanges. Coinomi likewise gives you a “One-Time Backup” function. That function enables you to develop a backup that you can use to recover your private keys and regain access to your coins.

Best Mobile Wallets

2. Jaxx Mobile Wallet

This is another cool multi-cryptocurrency mobile wallet. The Jaxx Mobile Wallet works with both Android and iOS. You can incorporate Jaxx with ShapeShift, which means you can easily trade tokens directly from the wallet. In addition to it’s ease-of-use, Jaxx Mobile Wallet is excellent for people who often pay for products using cryptocurrencies. Just beware when you use WiFi networks. Your wallet can easily get hacked. If somebody steals your phone, it is very easy for them to access your wallet.

3. Bitcoin Mobile Wallet

This mobile wallet is easy to use and designed for new users. If you’re making your first steps into the cryptocurrency world, then this one is for you. What makes it appealing is that you don’t need to create an account first. The wallet only works for Bitcoin transactions, however. The wallet can be underwhelming if you’re looking to grow your portfolio. That means you’ll need other wallets for different coins. That said, it’s among the oldest and most popular mobile wallets on the market. It also still offers you a lot of great functions. Some of these include offline payments and NFC assistance.

Best Mobile Wallets

4. Airbitz

This is one of the most recent yet impressive cryptocurrency mobile wallets in the market. Airbitz is well known for its good level of security. It’s also popular because it protects your privacy. You can access your transaction history easily. Unlike other mobile wallets, your information isn’t disclosed to third parties. Unfortunately, Airbitz can only be used with Bitcoins. The mobile wallet does not require any additional costs for transactions. Finally, the wallet’s interface is very easy to use and accessible.

5. Infinito Wallet

This multi-currency mobile wallet is an excellent solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who wish to diversify their portfolio. Infinito Wallet is a universal mobile wallet that offers versatile storage mechanisms. It is also characterized by ideal security was given that none of your transactional data is kept. Infinito Wallet also uses outstanding customer assistance. Nonetheless, the wallet’s absence of SFA has drawn in substantial criticism.


There is no better method of managing your cryptocurrency investment portfolio than utilizing a mobile wallet. It is recommended to choose a wallet that accepts different coins given that this will assist you to diversify. You can check out more on the leading five mobile wallets and newest crypto news here.

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