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The 5 Best Mobile Wallets

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It is unsurprising that recently mobile wallets are now more and more popular. As opposed to hardware, which requires a computer, you can with mobile wallets access digital media from anywhere. ICOFriends selected the TOP five mobile cryptocurrency wallets for iOS and Android and prepared their comparative review.

1. Coinomi Mobile Wallet

Coinomi is of the most popular choices for Android and iOS users. It’s an excellent fusion of security and support for different coins. Wallet supports a large number of different cryptocurrency. BTC, ETH, LTC, and DASH are some of the most popular ones.  For sending money to the wallet, you have to tap in the address of the wallet when you send from an exchange or exchange service.

Best Mobile Wallets

2. Jaxx Mobile Wallet

Initially, it was an extension of Chrome, it has mobile applications for Android and iPhone, which make it possible to carry out any operations with funds on the wallet, just having a mobile device at hand and being in any country in the world. Also, the wallet supports a large number of cryptos. These include BTC, ETH, DASH and LTC, and tokens. These include QTUM and EOS, as well as and many others. In order to exchange some tokens for others, Jaxx users need not go out of their wallet and switch to services that allow them to acquire the necessary tokens because one of these popular ShapeShift services is already available to them directly from the application. Fast, easy and very convenient.

3. Bitcoin Mobile Wallet

Bitcoin Mobile Wallet offers a powerful solution to users for whom security and privacy are paramount in a wallet. The Bitcoin Mobile Wallet interface is intuitive: on the main screen of the application, user funds are displayed, and in its lower part there are buttons for requesting, sending coins and cryptocurrency exchange. At the moment, Bitcoin Mobile Wallet only supports Bitcoin currency, this can be considered the only drawback of this wallet. In our opinion, Bitcoin Mobile Wallet is suitable for users looking for security and anonymity, coupled with ease of use.

Best Mobile Wallets

4. Airbitz

“Young” service does not always mean “low-functional”, which once again proves the Airbitz mobile wallet. If you need a high level of bank security, then you should pay attention to the Airbitz online wallet. It is also mainly used for storing and managing bitcoins. Although the wallet allows you to work only with Bitcoin, the Airbitz can entice users with its easy-to-use interface and privacy. Users can also have multiple wallets in one application and account, which eliminates the need to store multiple sets of credentials.

5. Infinito Wallet

This is one of the newest mobile wallets with support for multiple digital currencies. Wallet Infinito Wallet can work with multiple platforms and offers strong customer support. It does not record your transaction data, as it provides flexible storage mechanisms to ensure the safety of the coins. The only drawback of the Infinito Wallet is the lack of two-factor authentication (2FA). If you pay special attention to the security of coins, then perhaps this wallet does not suit you. However, Infinito Wallet is one of the most convenient wallets that can be found on the market.


Today it is the 5 most reliable and quite convenient cryptocurrency mobile wallets in the world. To get the maximum benefit from them, you should definitely find out how they work, what are their pros and cons, and, of course, experiment with them. You can check out more on the leading five mobile wallets and newest crypto news here.

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