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SWISSBORG – The New Era of Crypto Wealth Management

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We as cryptocurrency enthusiasts know that the banking industry is far behind in technology and needs of consumers. It’s missing out on decentralized technologies, and powerful concepts such as the blockchain, which can certainly revolutionize the cryptocurrency landscape. At the same time, if you want to invest in or trade crypto, management of your assets can be difficult when there’s 20 different coins to keep track of. There are no professional instruments for such purpose available to the masses, and SwissBorg, an ICO company, is going to change that.

SwissBorg ICO, the Cyber Wealth Management Platform

This project attempts to create a platform for efficient management of digital assets, in a fair, accessible and transparent manner. In whitepaper, SwissBorg point out community as the most important link in the chain, thus the aim for a community-centric organisation. Starting off straight with the presentation of its extremely skilled members, you know the company means business. Whitepaper, website and other media provided by SwissBorg seem very professional, and not in a stiff, boring old business guy way. There’s a dash of humor in the presented writing, which makes their image highly likeable.

CSB Token will have its funds dynamically allocated, from 50% to 100% in Indexes Pocket, 0 to 50% in Opportunistic Pocket. The token itself will be distributed in 100% to the users, with no team allocation. No discounts on tokens provides fairness – you get as much as you put in. Unlike in other ICOs, where some investors get better returns because they invested in at a different time in the crowdsale. Many neat features are available for investors willing to take part in this project, but the list is lengthy, and I believe that they require some knowledge of the financial world to fully understand, thus I’ll send you off to read the whitepaper yourself.


The SwissBorg Team

A quite large team with impressive portfolios that doesn’t disappoint. SwissBorg is all about professionalism. The CEO seems like a genuinely cool person that inspires trust. He’s had contact with technology since childhood, and knew that technology would revolutionize modernity. If I were to judge the book by its cover, this one would get a great score. But regardless, Cyrus Fazel has great experience in quantitative investment, and a passion for P2P solutions. CSO, Anthony Lesoismier, has 7 years of experience working in finances at Market Securities LLP and an extensive portfolio. There’s much good to be written about this group, but there is no need, as their LinkedIn profiles speak for themselves.

Social Media Presence of SwissBorg, Summary

This department is another place where SwissBorg shine. Over 24 thousand likes on Facebook, posts with high engagement, and an active Twitter. It’s big, no need to say more. A lot of people in the crypto community seems to be on the lookout for a future with SwissBorg. Surely, a cryptocurrency portfolio manager will find itself an extremely useful tool in the hands of many altcoin trading aficionados and investors alike.


ATFS LAB – Tokenized Food Revolution

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Our world has a population of over 7.6 billion people. This figure is expected to grow as years go by. As there’s more of us, there are more mouths to be fed, needs to be fulfilled. Even at this point we have a problem with supplying food to everyone. We can expect it to get worse in the future. There is a solution, however. ATFS, an agricultural ICO, has some ideas on how we could fix this problem.

ATFS ICO Description

Three main points are made by this company. To create a Smart Farm 2.0, a Disruptive Decentralized Platform, and Plant-Based Meat. These are the components required to create the solution to the worldwide food shortage problem. ATFS plans to start in Asia, later moving on to the rest of the world. The Smart Farm would make use of IoT and Big Data to automatically control temperature, humidity, sunlight, carbon dioxide and water levels in the farm, greatly increasing farming output and ease of crop production.

Tokens (ATFS) will be distributed at the price of 5000 ATFS per ETH during the crowdsale. Aim is between 12500 ETH (soft cap) to 50000 ETH (hard cap). The sale will end once the hard cap is reached, or after the period of 30 days. Unsold tokens will be destroyed. You can purchase the ATFS token using BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies.

atfs ico

Team of ATFS

Mostly of Asian heritage, we can see a lot of talented faces here. What got my attention before looking at the resumes is the empty space with “Your Name Here” written underside it. It’s a nice touch that will certainly make investors feel like they’re a part of the project, not just some nameless shareholders. Onto the team itself, David Kim, CEO, is a businessman, first and foremost. He has over a decade of experience as a business strategist at Samsung. Working for so long at a giant company like this is certainly a sign of an experienced, seasoned worker. In addition to that, David is the CEO of his game development company, focusing on mobile RPG games, which enjoy quite a bit of popularity in China. COO Jay Choi worked at IBM as Senior Management Consultant. Austin Chung, CFO and co-founder, has 16 years of experience in the financial sector, being employed in various managerial positions before. Certainly, this is a well-built team. I have no doubts about competence of these people.

ATFS Social Media Presence

Not only the team is done right in this project. You could say their “social media game” is on point. Tons of likes and high engagement on Facebook, often retweets on Twitter. The usual ICO thread is only one page long, but it was just started on 19th December. CoinTelegraph also mentioned ATFS, in addition to other mid-sized cryptocurrency outlets. This ICO is certainly doing good.

Opportunities and Summary

ATFS wishes to solve a very important problem on a worldwide scale. At the same time, they don’t try to bite off more than they can chew; they want to start small and develop as they go, unlike some ICOs that want a multi million dollar budget from the get go, but don’t have the team to pull off such a project. I can see myself trusting and investing in the ATFS token.

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