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WEX Review

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wex review

What is WEX?

The exchange was officially released in September 2017. Nevertheless, many people claim that it resembles another defunct exchange called BTC-e. FBI seized this exchange for accusations that it engaged in loan laundering and other prohibited activities. These difficulties caused the closure of the exchange. BTC-e accepted American investors, WEX does not receive investors from the nation.

Wex Review

Considered that the exchange is based in Singapore, it is right to state that Wex coin was launched based upon the country’s law. Virtual currencies are considered as securities and get approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Additionally, the law requires the issuers of these currencies to run under the country’s Securities and Futures Act (SFA).

wex review

How to open an account on WEX

To register on WEX, you require to offer an e-mail and be prepared for two-factor authentication requirement. To prove your ID and house country after experiencing difficulties accessing your account, you might be needed to offer passport, utility expenses, a selfie with picture ID, and picture ID to name a few documents.

What can you trade on WEX?

WEX exchange supports both fiat and virtual currencies making it easy for individuals to get to the crypto space. The exchange accepts popular altcoins such as Bitcoin, Zcash, Peercoin, Bitcoin Cash, Novacoin, Dash, Ether, Litecoin, and Namecoin. The use of these fiat currencies has enhanced the gain access to of this exchange to more individuals worldwide. Despite credit cards being so popular, this exchange appears not to support transactions in this approach.

wex review

What are the fees on WEX?

Just as the majority of the other cryptocurrency exchanges, WEX depends on the costs it charges its customers to run and make earnings. The exchange does not charge for opening a brand-new account, whether private or corporate. It charges a minimum of $/ EUR20 as a deposit charge. The exchange charges a 0.2 percent commission for trading the numerous currency sets available on the site.

The WEX platform

WEX cryptocurrency exchange provides its customers with area trading. It is for that reason easy for beginners in the crypto sector to utilize. The exchange only has the sell and purchase fields for its customers. Due to the lack of essential functions like charts and analysis tools, the site may not be of much aid to experienced traders who need access to real-time data.

WEX security

Cryptocurrency exchanges mostly deal with coins worth even billions of dollars. Whether they remain in Japan or South Korea or any other nation, exchanges are a significant target for hackers searching for fast ways to make some money. In February this year, the exchange posted on its Facebook page that it had found over 100 tried hacks on its clients’ accounts in January the very same year.


WEX appears to be an improvement of its former variation. However, it has a long way to go to eliminate the preconception specifically among those who could not access their accounts. Although a lack of assistance on this platform may be frustrating, the exchange has enhanced its security by maintaining strict KYC/AML standards. The exchange might take some time before overtaking the other more established exchanges.

What is Blockchain Technology?

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What is blockchain technology? Since blockchain technology was conceived in 2008, it has slowly but surely evolved into something much more complicated. For many people, perhaps yourself included, the big question is what blockchain exactly is. It’s easy to assume that blockchain innovation and Bitcoin are synonymous with each other.

However, it’s important to understand that Bitcoin is a digital currency that is part of a much larger system.  The advantage of this innovation is that you don’t need to know how it works to utilize it. However, having a broad understanding of blockchain innovation will help you to understand why it is widely thought of as revolutionary. This thorough blockchain technology guide describes what blockchain technology is and how it came to be. Check out on for more information about blockchain innovation.

What is blockchain technology

What is blockchain technology?

In simple terms, blockchain innovation is an incorruptible digital ledger of proven economic transactions that can easily be configured to tape-record monetary transactions plus almost anything of worth. Blockchain technology provides a safe and secure and trustworthy method for untrusted celebrations to reach a consensus on common digital history. This conventional digital history is crucial given that digital possessions and transactions can quickly be duplicated or fabricated. Blockchain innovation solves this issue without the requirement of utilizing an intermediary — the “blocks” in blockchain technology contain data about transactions. They also store info about who is taking part in the trades and unique details that differentiate them from the other blocks.

What is blockchain technology

How did blockchain technology come about?

Blockchain innovation existed as a computer system science idea long before it found its way into the world of cryptocurrency. The concepts of information structures and cryptography form the basis for this technology. The earliest kind of blockchain was the hash tree which is likewise referred to as the Merkle Tree. The data structure run by confirming and managing information in between different computer system systems. In a typical peer-to-peer computer network, establishing data was crucial to ensure that absolutely nothing was changed during the transfer. Information verification and recognition also made sure that incorrect data wasn’t sent over the network.

The Merkle tree became the basis for “guaranteed chain of blocks” in the early 1990s. That led to the production of the very first blockchain. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto conceptualized the idea of a dispersed blockchain. The brand-new blockchain would be managed autonomously with no central authority. The blockchain would likewise contain a protected history of all exchanges, validate each transaction, and also utilize a peer-to-peer network to time stamp each exchange.

What is decentralization?

If you are a blockchain lover, you will hear a lot about the decentralization element of this technology. In reality, this is what makes it so attracting many individuals out there. Decentralization of blockchain indicates that technology is immune to tampering, censorship, and corruption. Given that it utilizes the peer-to-peer computer system network, copies of the ledger are generally saved in different places. Unless you handle to track down each of them, it is nearly impossible to damage it. This guide briefly responds to the concern; “what is blockchain innovation” and likewise describes the basis of it. It is also good to note that there are many users, developers, and lovers out there who genuinely believe that blockchain technology is the future. We hope this addresses your concern on what blockchain innovation is.


ZeroBank Review

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What is ZeroBank? started as a Chinese exchange. Now, however, it has moved its headquarters to Hong Kong. The move is due to the strict guidelines imposed by the federal government targeting all cryptocurrency-based entities. ZeroBank is one of the finest performing new exchanges regarding day-to-day trading volume. That’s according to stats from CoinMarketCap, ZeroBank unlike numerous exchanges based in the Far East accepts traders from all over the world. The platform is available in English, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic languages. There are other options available on the marketplace giving ZeroBank exchange a run for its cash, and so we have prepared this ZeroBank review for your factor to consider. Read to the end to see if it suits line with what you are searching for in a cryptocurrency exchange.


What can you trade on ZeroBank?

The exchange platform provides trading alternatives for both fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto trading pairs, and since its launch in 2017, it has reached be amongst the leading 20 exchanges in daily trading volume. It has an outstanding web-based trading platform that both novices and skilled traders discover easy to use. Traders have access to a variety of trading tools in addition to technical indicators for chart analysis. The chart is on the left of the platform with the order book discovered to them. ZeroBank merely is a cryptocurrency exchange, and traders can make cryptocurrency trades versus four crypto markets; Tether, ZB, Bitcoin, and QCash. The platform has an average of 40 cryptocurrencies. However, the number varies as new coins are added or removed from the platform. With that said, the platform provides rare underestimated coins, and this makes it easy for traders to earn profits on the platform.

What are the fees on ZeroBank?

The ZeroBank exchange does not charge for deposits although it costs a 0.2% commission on all trades, if you use ZB coins, you get as much as 50% discount rate. The discount rate is just accessible to users with at least 100 ZB tokens in their account. The withdrawal charges change from one cryptocurrency to another, and you should look for the cost before you make any transaction. The exchange has not set any transfer limits, but despite this, traders must negotiate greater amounts that will make it worth the transaction costs.


ZeroBank security

New exchanges in recent times have fought with the security protocols on their platform, but ZeroBank has not had any security concerns. The platform is yet to experience a substantial security breach, and they have some security functions for securing user accounts and funds. A majority of the funds are kept in offline multi-signature cold wallets. When developing your user account, guarantee that you validate your account. This needs you to publish a clear picture of your government-issued ID or passport. The verification procedure takes 2-3 organization days, which is the industry standard. Also, add your telephone number and enable 2-factor authentication. Above this, all information on the ZeroBank exchange is secured over the most recent SSL technology.


Despite being a somewhat new entrant into the market, ZeroBank has become one of the most preferred exchanges. The platform accepts the Chinese Yuan as the fiat currency, and this makes it much easier to transact utilizing cryptocurrencies. We hope that this ZeroBank evaluation was of usage. Ensure to discuss the FAQ section for more insight before trading. Find out more about this cryptocurrency exchange and more here.

CoinEgg Review

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What is CoinEgg?

Welcome to ICOIfriend’s CoinEgg review. This exchange is based in the UK. The platform offers numerous altcoins, and you can trade them for Bitcoin and Ethereum. In this short article, we evaluate CoinEgg with the aim to give you all the basic details you need to get started.


What can you trade on CoinEgg?

CoinEgg is a beginner-friendly exchange. It offers a couple of charting tools, although they have a lot of trading pairs. Some of the cryptocurrencies on CoinEgg have yet to be listed alongside the more traditional currencies. The altcoins are available on three markets, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and CoinEgg’s own USC token. Ethereum can only be exchanged for only five cryptocurrencies, and this makes Bitcoin, and the USC token has the most tradeable properties. The majority of users, however, feel that CoinEgg does not have depth and functions. An example is that the order book uses secure market orders instead of going for it and adding stop losses and limit orders.

What are the fees on CoinEgg?

The exchange does not have deposit charges, but you must be privy to the bank or credit card fees for making the transaction. When it comes to trading, CoinEgg charges comparable maker and taker charges of 0.1%.

What is CoinEgg’s customer service like?

You can reach the consumer support staff via email or the live chat option on the site. The platforms are available 24/7, but there have been grievances that it will take a while before your concern is sorted out. They likewise have restricted FAQs on their Support area of the site, and this makes their assistance in the requirement of a revamp.


CoinEgg security

The exchange is yet to be hacked, and it has maintained its integrity thus far however users require to proceed with care and take security matters into their own hands because it is an unregulated exchange. The site does not provide much info to support their claims that they utilize essential security. Nevertheless, you can use 2-factor authentication to protect your account and make sure to set a password for withdrawals. It will be a matter of time to see how the exchange performs on the security front.


The exchange has many things they require to improve on. However, they are quickly becoming the preferred exchange amongst newbie traders. This is because of their broad variety of unusual cryptocurrencies and ICOs. If you think that this is the site for you, develop an account and offer the needed documents for account confirmation to enhance your trading, withdrawal, and deposit limitations.

Gemini Review

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What is Gemini?

You might be tired of reading misleading Gemini reviews. Here is a precise review was written by a cryptocurrency professional. There have been many cryptocurrency platforms that have defrauded their users. Many have therefore increased the needed security steps to keep traders safe. There has been a great deal of interest surrounding Gemini. The cryptocurrency exchange released in 2005. However, there have been many different rumors about it. In this Gemini exchange review, we look at the functions and trading alternatives. We’ll also look at the associated charges, and address the concerns many have about the exchange.


How to use the Gemini exchange

The Gemini exchange is a controlled cryptocurrency exchange considering that it is one of the exchanges that has consented to the regulation terms set by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Traders also get charts, an order book, and more trading tools for analysis on the web interface. Gemini has two types of accounts, one for specific traders and another for institutional traders.

What can you trade on Gemini?

The exchange  is a web-based trading platform that likewise comes with a mobile app for users who want to trade on the go. Gemini’s primary digital properties are Ethereum and Bitcoin and the only fiat currency accepted on the platform is the US dollar.

What are the fees on Gemini?

If you want to make a deposit, then you can do so with USD, or the BTC and ETH tokens. Gemini does not charge a quantity for the deposits. However, bank and charge card charges might obtain the transaction. The maker and taker costs are set at 0.01%, but it undergoes alter, but always refer to the trading cost section of the website before making any trades. The trading fees differ depending upon the trading volume, so it is best to look out for them. Users are charged between 0.002 BTC and 0.001 ETH for cryptocurrencies withdrawals. There are deposit and withdrawal limits which depend on whether you are a private or institutional investor.



Gemini security

The exchange is bound to the banking, capital, and security reserve regulations and this guarantees that there are no deceitful practices. This also ensures users that the security protocols are up to requirement. The platform likewise 2-factor authenticator to secure user accounts and it likewise shops over 90 percent of the traders’ digital assets in cold wallets, and it also integrates an air-gapped storage system for additional security. With such levels of security, and taking into the account that they have not had significant security breaches since creation, we can vouch that it is a safe and secure platform.

How is Gemini’s customer service?

The exchange has 24/7 client support on the exchange for when you need assistance with your account, or you have faced troubles at any phase of the trading procedure. Many channels are consisting of Twitter, Facebook, email, live chat on the site, and an online aid desk on the support area of the site.


The exchange is among the few cryptocurrency exchanges based in the US catering to homeowners in Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, the UK, and South Korea. The platform only supports BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies, and the majority of people discover it too limiting. You are much better suited to utilizing a controlled exchange such as Gemini over unregulated exchanges. We hope that our Gemini evaluation helps you make the ideal choice and dream you absolutely nothing but success in the cryptocurrency market.

BitMEX Review

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What is BitMEX?

In recent times, BitMEX has gotten tremendous assistance among innovative cryptocurrency traders. The platform offers to take advantage of the contracts provided and bought in Bitcoin; if you trade in altcoins, your wins gains and losses will be in Bitcoin. BitMEX, which stands for Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange was launched in November 2014 in Hong Kong, and while all deposits and withdrawals are made in Bitcoin, the exchange also accepts altcoins and fiat currency; more on that later. BitMEX is indicated for high volume traders in addition to institutional financiers, and it has become the finest in its specific niche. Register today and become part of the greatest bitcoin exchanges today.


How to trade on BitMEX

The exchange’s interface can be overwhelming for very first time users, however, after a couple of tries, it gets simpler. The platform keeps a record of the order books and the carried out trades approximately date. You will discover all the essential trading tools of a world-class crypto exchange such as depth charts, candlestick, trading volume, and technical signs and more.

What can you trade on BitMEX?

BitMEX uses a wide range of alt coins all of which have utilized between 5x and 100x. The platform also accepts fiat currencies which include the Yuan and the Yen, and you can trade them for bitcoin.

What are the fees on BitMEX?

There are no fees levied on deposit and withdrawals. The minimum bitcoin network charge is set automatically based upon the blockchain load. BitMEX however, have maker fees of -0.0250% and taker fees of 0.0750% for all bitcoin trades. The (-) symbol on the maker fees indicates that you will refund on the costs. Of late, there has been confusion about the maker and taker costs. However, you can get more insight into the charges on the website. With that said, trading on leverage significantly increases the fees.


What is a futures contract?

A futures contract permits you to trade your underlying digital possessions at an agreed price at some point in the future. You can buy cryptocurrencies without having owned them previously.

What is a perpetual contract?

Of all the exchanges, BitMEX is the only one offering a perpetual contract, which trades like a futures contract except that it does not end. Here is an extensive take a look at some of the popular deals offered on BitMEX.


This is the world’s only Monero future that provides you approximately 25x take advantage of, and you can go long or shot with this contract.


This contract allows you as much as 33x utilize on Ethereum and its Classic futures.


This is a speculative bitcoin swap that uses up to 100x utilize. The contract has exceptionally low charges and does not end.


There is no set limit as to how much bitcoin you can withdraw or deposit from your account. BitMEX also has among the lowest deposits for trading in between contracts although it depends on the Initial Margin. You can get more information about the BitMEX on Twitter or by signing up with the conversation on Reddit.

What is EOS?

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What is EOS?

EOS is a platform that operates using blockchain technology. It has been compared to that of Ethereum by some experts. Lots of people think that it is far better than Ethereum, and will ultimately overtake their competitor. The platform is developed to enable for the production of dApps (decentralized applications). App developers will have the ability to utilize the EOS as an os for developing their dApps.


What does the EOS token do?

The purpose of the token is to enable designers to launch their dApps on the network. Token holders on the network vote on whether an app needs to be accepted onto the platform.

How to buy the token

Some cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance and Bitfinex, permit their users to trade in EOS tokens.

EOS wallets

Fans of the token have developed a series of wallets you can store tokens in. Among the most popular ones are the Greymass and Simpleos wallets. You have some community-created wallets to pick from when storing your tokens.

Why is EOS a problem to some people?

There’s an intense dispute about the platform going on in the crypto community. To start with, the ICO raised $4 billion and had left lots of investors unhappy with their returns. Second, critics of the system point to the Delegated Proof-of-Stake agreement as a massive defect. This technique of verification leaves only 21 Block Producers to validate all the transactions, which is not a decentralized system. No matter what one might consider the token and the platform, they’re here to stay.

What makes it different?

Scalability is a key selling point for the platform. The creators declare that the platform has the capacity for unlimited scalability. At the same time, it offers services such as cloud storage, server hosting, and user authentication.

1. Cloud storage

Among the functions that make the platform particularly beneficial is the cloud storage alternative. It enables developers unrestricted access to storage on a decentralized cloud network.

2. Server hosting

Bandwidth is likewise no longer an issue with this platform. Just like the cloud storage, developers can also utilize the pooled bandwidth provided by the EOS network.

3. User authentication

The system functions as a primary operating system for your Mac or Windows. That suggests you can produce multiple password-protected user accounts with different access advantages. Account healing is likewise a choice on the EOS network.


Can EOS scale?

Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum uses a consensus to verify their statements. This setup suggests that each node on the network will update their copy of the blockchain whenever it has been changed. Favorite, this system also eventually leads to scalability concerns. EOS, on the other hand, uses an agreement to validate the events on their blockchain. That means the system focuses on activities (such as transactions) instead of the state (such as blocks of deal records). This method is a bit slower, which means it takes longer to confirm transactions. However, it can process many more transactions in a smaller time-frame than older systems. The Bitcoin network can process around seven transfers of BTC per second. In comparison, EOS can manage one million deals per 2nd– for every node on the network. Imagine that being multiplied that by the number of computers on the EOS blockchain network, and you’ve got a much more efficient network.

What is Litecoin?

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Litecoin is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies around and released in October 2011 as a fork of Bitcoin It shares a variety of the very same characteristics as Bitcoin, however, aims to be lighter and faster and as an outcome, shows much shorter block generation times of roughly 2.5 minutes. This permits both more quick deal clearance and in turn, lower deal charges than Bitcoin.


Litecoin vs. Bitcoin

LTC has concentrated on being faster and more effective than Bitcoin. It has concentrated on being the coin of choice for suppliers and merchants. Litecoin uses the Lightning Network and Segregated Witness (SegWit) to ensure that users can depend on the network. LTC can manage a high volume of transactions at small costs and high speeds. Bitcoin is viewed as the excellent store of worth, and the total; supply of Bitcoin is capped at 21 million coins. LTC is topped at around 84 million coins, and its lower price makes it better to getting low-cost goods or services.

How valuable is Litecoin?

LTC is a bit behind BTC when it comes to popularity and adoption. In comparison, LTC only has a market cap of 3 billion USD and trades at one percent of Bitcoin’s rate.

Who made Litecoin?

LTC was established by Charlie Lee, a former Coinbase employee who gave up operating at the exchange in the summertime of 2017 to focus on LTC full-time. Lee pictured creating a currency that would be complementary to Bitcoin and work as digital silver to Bitcoin’s digital gold.

What is the Litecoin Foundation?

Lee also established the Litecoin Foundation, which is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore. The Litecoin Foundation strives to advance LTC for the good of society by developing and promoting sophisticated blockchain innovations.

Benefits of Litecoin

LTC operates on open-source software. That suggests it’s open to independent confirmation of binaries and their matching source code. LTC also seeks to execute technological advances that allow it to maintain its position as a leading cryptocurrency.


How does the Litecoin blockchain work?

The LTC blockchain is customized to handle a high volume of transactions when compared to Bitcoin. The LTC network supports high volume deals without needing to modify the software in the future. Using Script assists to help in the mining of LTC without using the ASIC-based mining hardware needed to mine coins utilizing the SHA-256 algorithm. The LTC network is has a cap of 84 million tokens. That’s four times the number of Bitcoins that will be produced.

Bibox Review

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What is Bibox?

Bibox is among the most recent cryptocurrency exchanges, and it is brought by part of the group behind HuoBi and OKCoin, which are two of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in China. Most individuals would be doubtful about trying new crypto exchanges provided that exchanges such as BitFinex, Binanace, CoinBase, and more are controlling the market. However what makes Bibox worth a try? In this article, we have created a full Bibox evaluation for you. If it is the best exchange for you, read on to the end and see. Just like any cryptocurrency exchange, the features that make the exchange simple to use for beginners, as well as professional traders, take center stage.


Trading fees on Bibox

Bibox gives users access to many coins, market, orders, and limit with a 0.1% trading fee that uses to all traders. When you pay with BIX when you trade the readily available tokens on the platform, you are responsible for getting a 50% discount on transaction charges. With that stated the withdrawal fees differ from one coin to another and you can get the complete cost structure here.

Bibox customer support

The site can be read in numerous languages including, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and English. With that stated, users get 24/7 customer support on the platform, and all you need to do is check out the FAQs or open a ticket on the Support section of the site. They also provide consumer support through social networks platforms consisting of Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.

What technology does Bibox use?

The exchange uses AI-based modules amongst other smart trading tools that assist in trade automation. The exchange also permits API integration with other trading services as well as offering Mac and PC desktop customer apps. They also have a mobile app that is available to both iOS and Android gadget users.


How well does Bibox work?

The exchange utilizes a web-based trading platform with a smooth and instinctive interface. It comes loaded with a broad variety of functions such as an order book, responsive charts, trading history. Users will likewise get to choose in between a full or fundamental screen depending on your trading expertise. Experienced traders will also find the technical analysis of the different coin sets valuable in making informed trading choices.

Bibox security

Features aside, the question is whether Bibox is a legitimate and safe cryptocurrency exchange. There have been no reports to suggest that the exchange has had security breaches given that its launch in 2017. The exchange uses 2-factor authentication for your account and set a different password for withdrawals. Other than this, the exchange has no trade hold-ups, no trading platform delays.


In spite of being a brand-new entrant in the cryptocurrency exchange, it is one of the most excellent platforms to make your trades. The platform caters to a global market and with the 24/7 client support, you can anticipate an exceptional user experience. We are confident that the information in this Bibox evaluation will help you make the ideal decision.

What is Cardano?

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What is Cardano?

Cardano is a project produced by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson. The description on their website checks out a bit like any other sort of cryptocurrency. The platform is home to the ADA cryptocurrency, which can be used to send out and receive digital funds. This digital cash represents the future of loan, making possible quickly, direct transfers that are guaranteed to be safe and secure through using cryptography. The platform is created to assist financial companies and governments to process monetary transactions. The platform is likewise open for developers to develop dApps.


Why was Cardano made?

The primary challenges facing the crypto-community is the scalability of the blockchains. Due to the decentralized nature, hard and soft forks have ended up being the norm. These solutions are now very sustainable in the long-term, nevertheless. There is likewise an issue with interoperability. Cardano aims to deal with these challenges with their brand-new platform. In a sense, Cardano is comparable to projects like EOS. In reality, they are available in at number 2 in the same area as EOS, which has been named the “Ethereum killer” due to its exceptional scalability.

What is proof-of-stake?

Numerous professionals think about proof-of-stake to be an exceptional system to the proof-of-work method made use of by Bitcoin. Proof-of-work needs miners to complete for processing power to process a block of transactions. Not only does that mean miners have to purchase beneficial computer systems, but also spend a great deal of money on energy costs.

Proof-of-stake, on the other hand, arbitrarily disperses blocks to be processed. Numerous developers have tried to create this algorithm in the past. However, the team behind Cardano has managed to do it.

What are ADA tokens?

The ADA token is the cryptocurrency native to the Cardano platform. Comparable to Bitcoin, there is a cap on the number of ADA tokens that Cardano has made offered.

How to mine ADA tokens

The mining process for Cardano is different from that of Bitcoin. The platform uses Ouroboros, which is a proof-of-stake algorithm. Ouroboros helps identify the agreement between the network nodes owned by the miners.


The Daedalus Wallet

The Daedalus wallet is a brand-new kind of portfolio for the cryptocurrency. The wallet covers multiple platforms and is hierarchical deterministic. In addition to satisfying the function as a wallet to store ADA tokens, you can also use the Daedalus wallet to look for deals. The Cardano Block Explorer is a way of tracing deals on the blockchain. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Current features of the Daedalus wallet

  1. Encrypted secrets
  2. Spending passwords
  3. Malware protection
  4. Freezer options
  5. ADA token redemption
  6. Transaction monitoring

Future features of the Daedalus wallet

  1. Support for Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic
  2. Wallet app for iOS and Android
  3. Staking as an option to earn ADA tokens
  4. App shop for community-developed apps
  5. cardano
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