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Alphan is a professional online content developer with more than 5 years’ experience. He has mastered the art of writing stellar content that conveys the intended message to the audience in the best way possible. Apart from writing, he is also cryptocurrency enthusiast and has multiple digital assets- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and much more. When he is not writing, he loves spending time with his family or outdoors hiking, swimming or camping.

World Blockchain Forum

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World Blockchain Forum – New York

The first international World Blockchain Forum was held on Match 26th and 27th, 2018 in London and it was a major success. Following the outcome of that event, the organizers have organized another forum that this time will be held in New York on November 8th and 9th 2018. 


The previous events have proven that World Blockchain Forum is a premier and worthy event to attend as evident from the huge attendance recorded. The organizers are well known and will use their influence to invite industry leaders who have years of experience testing and using blockchain technology. WBF has the potential to influence leaders in various fields such as media, business, academia, and government to embrace blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Some of the main topics that will be discussed include:

  • Token Economy, Stablecoin, and Cryptocurrencies
  • EOS Ecosystem
  • Application of Ethereum Technology
  • Blockchain Community Dynamic and Economy
  • Blockchain Application in Digital Payment and Fintech
  • The future of Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Blockchain Applications in Enterprise
  • Blockchain Investment

The speakers will include:

  1. Alex Mashinsky – Founder and CEO of Celsius Network
  2. Mahbod Moghadam – Chief Community Officer at Everipedia
  3. Tim Draper – Founder of Draper Associates, Draper University and DFJ
  4. Adi Sideman – Founder of YouNow
  5. Slava Rubin – Founder of
  6. Maja Vujinovic – CEO of OGroup

World Blockchain Forum New York will give thousands of people an opportunity to learn from industry leaders. It also offers great networking opportunities to investors and experts.

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Book your ticket today and commit yourself to attend this major blockchain and cryptocurrency event.

Coin Spectator Review

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Real-time Cryptocurrency news aggregator

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast and investors, it is imperative to have a reliable website that you can use to get the latest news about the industry that matter to you.

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Coin Spectator was developed to serve this purpose and has proven to be one of the most reliable sources of accurate and verifiable news related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

One of the highlights of Coin Spectator is that it’s 100% free and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. That is, you don’t need to pay a dollar to access the news articles published on the site. The site is also well designed to help you get the news you are looking for quickly and without breaking a sweat. There is a search feature on the homepage that you can use to lookup a news article using keywords or phrases related to the news. 

The news is also categorized based on the content to prevent any form of confusion. For example, if you are looking information about upcoming, active, and ended ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), you can click on ICOS on the left side menu. You can also leverage the Filters to find the information you are looking for quickly. You can subscribe using your email address to receive news straight to your email address as soon a new article is posted on the website.

The website also has a table that displays the values of various cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges.

Visit Coin Spectator for the accurate and latest news about cryptocurrencies. 

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference – Belarus

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Belarus Minsk – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2018

Belarus Blockchain & Bitcoin conference will be held in Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Pobediteley Avenue 9 on October 10, 2018.

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The conference is organized by Smile Expo, a global company that has a reputation of organizing similar events across the globe successfully. This will be second largest conference in Belarus to be organized by Smile EXPO.

One of the main objectives of the conference is to evaluate the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the country. The speakers will cover areas such as legalization of cryptocurrencies. The key topics will include:

  • Blockchain technology based solutions for businesses
  • 2018 Cryptocurrency forecasts
  • Legislation: future prospects of cryptocurrency business in Belarus
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for organizers and investors

The expected participants in this conference are investors, developers, law experts, blockchain entreperenuers, crypto enthusiasts and visionaries and the list is endless. The organizer aims to empower the participants with information about the potential and future of cryptocurrency as well as highlight the growth opportunities in the industry that are yet to be fully explored and exploited. Investors who are planning to launch an ICO will get first-hand information on how to do so without breaking the law.

The conference will be held from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM. You can’t afford to miss this informative Belarus blockchain & bitcoin conference. Buy your ticket today to avoid last minute rush.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference – Malta

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Malta Blockchain Conference 2018

BlockSmile Expo has organized a blockchain conference that will be held in Malta on 23th, October 2018.

The conference will bring together more than 300 exhibitors and sponsors, world-class speakers who are conversant with blockchain technology and the global cryptocurrency market. The organizer, Smile Expo, is an internationally accredited company that is well known for organizing similar events in more than 23 countries successfully. 

This will be the second blockchain conference in Malta this year and will feature crypto experts from ten countries. The key topics that will be discussed during the event include;

  1. How to avoid cyber-attacks on your blockchain network/solution
  2. Guide on how to successfully tokenize assets in your business
  3. How to hold an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) without contravening the stipulated laws
  4. Regulation of blockchain technology across the globe and impact of the technology on businesses

The primary objective of Malta Blockchain Conference is to explore how blockchain technology can be applied in the non-financial sectors relevant in Malta such as real property, aviation, sailing, travel, logistics, healthcare and education. No fiat currency, only cryptocurrencies and actual use of digital currencies and blockchain instead of theory will be used to discuss the topics.

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The official language for this conference is English. Don’t be left behind, buy your ticket for this event today. 

Blockchain Conference – Moscow

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Blockchain conference Moscow will be held on November 20, 2018 in Intercontinental, Tverskaya St, 22

The event will bring together hundreds if not thousands of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts from all parts of the globe.


The event will give the participants a chance to interact with industry leaders one-on-one. One of the main objectives of the conference is to shed light about the existing and new blockchain projects and cryptocurrency assets.

Two of the primary agendas of the campaign are:

  • Development and Marketing: This will cover all the technical aspects related to blockchain technology such as smart contracts. The speakers will also offer information and guides on how to successfully market blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies via media, social media, and search engines.
  • Fintech and Regulation: The speakers will discuss blockchain in both GovTech and Fintech. Initial Coin Offerings will be discussed from the organizer’s as well as investors’ perspective. The various regulations that govern trading of cryptocurrency will also be discussed.

This conference is ideal for lawyers, developers, investors, startup founders, marketers, media representatives, entrepreneurs, financial industry experts, blockchain enthusiasts, new and existing cryptocurrency investors.

moscow russia

The discussions will greatly help you to get a better understanding of the industry and make informed decisions. Book your slot by purchasing a ticket to this event today.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland

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Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference

Smile-Expo has organized a second blockchain conference that will be held in Geneva at Grand Hotel Kempinski on October 9th, 2018.


The conference will bring together financial experts, cryptocurrency and blockchain visionaries, blockchain experts, crypto market gurus, entrepreneurs, software developers, and representatives of renowned payment systems providers from different parts of the globe.

More importantly, lawyers will be in attendance to discuss the legal aspects pertaining blockchain technology and their perspective about the industry.


Some of the main topics that will be discussed in the conference include:

  1. Cryptocurrency market analysis
  2. Blockchain and bitcoin prospects
  3. Business solutions within FinTech achievements
  4. Smart technology technical and advanced technology aspects
  5. Latest financial regulatory changes
  6. Bitcoin exchange and mining and much more

The conference will offer excellent opportunity for industry leaders to interact and share ideas on what should be done to secure sustainability and profitability of the industry. Investors who already own digital assets as well as those who intend to invest in this industry will get a deeper understanding of the various cryptos and blockchain projects.

This information will help them make informed investment decisions and reap maximum returns from them. Concisely, this is a large-scale blockchain even that will feature top international speakers and proponents of blockchain technology. Attend to learn more about bitcoin and blockchain.

US Regulator Says Cryptocurrency Regulations Require “Do no Harm Approach”

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J. Christopher, the current chairperson of U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission has said that one of the main reasons why the internet thrived is because the government did not impose too stringent measures to control it. While speaking to CNBC in an interview, the chairperson said that there is need for a “do no harm approaches” approach when creating policies to control cryptocurrency in the United States and other parts of the world.


No Need to Inhibit Innovation

When creating policies to oversight cryptocurrencies, the regulator said that the government needs to be careful not to come up with measures that will inhibit future innovations. He also went ahead to state that the team should be cautious during the policy creation process to avoid manipulation.
As mentioned earlier, Christopher repeated the phrase that the internet only flourished because there was not much government interference. He is confident that such as approach could greater help the cryptocurrency industry to also flourish despite the various challenges that faces it on a daily basis.
The do harm approach means that the government should first appreciate the fact that cryptocurrencies cannot affect the economy negatively. With this in mind, they can come up with policies that are holistic and in line with the current market trends and interests of the industry leaders. Note that there are companies that have invested millions of dollars in this technology, and one wrong policy could result in a massive loss that could affect the economy at large negatively.
The chairperson also said that there is need for caution to avoid some form of manipulation and fraud that could flush down all the gains achieved by cryptocurrency markets. When asked about the specific risks associated with fraud, Christopher stated that during the policy making stages, slow and strategic steps should be taken to ensure that all the loopholes in the system are sealed.

Mandate of CFTC

CFTC is the main government body that is tasked to regulate cryptocurrency development and trading in the United States. It is also involved in monitoring of derivative markets as well as futures. Back in 2015, the organization stated that virtual currencies are indeed commodities that need to be regulated.
Securities and Exchange Commission and CFTC have warned the public about the fraud risks associated with virtual currency markets. When asked about the assumption that the government was taking too long to come up with robust policies for regulating cryptocurrencies, he said that it’s not the case. He used bitcoin futures being legalized in the U.S is a clear indication that the government is keen on evaluating the industry. - news

Closing Remarks

The “do no harm approach” recommended by CFTC will greatly help creation of policies that are in line with the market trends. The needs and expectations of all the leaders will be put into consideration during the policy creation process and this will greatly help to ensure that we have policies that no not affect any section of the industry negatively.

OTC Bitcoin Trading in Russia Gaining Traction, Like China

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Russia is one of the countries that have put in place strict measures that hinder cryptocurrency trading. China and India have also restricted crypto trading and this has resulted in a sharp increase in demand for over the counter investment in cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin.



As noted by CCN, the daily trading volume of digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin in Moscow reaches $50 million on some days. Well, this figure is small compared to trading activities in the large cryptocurrency exchange platforms, but given the stringent measures put in place by Russian government, the figures are commendable.
At the moment, it is not illegal to invest in cryptocurrencies based on the fact that the local laws categorize cryptocurrencies as properties. The only requirement is that the funds invested in the currencies have to come from a legal source. This means that residents of Russian who are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies can purchase and hold Bitcoin or any other altcoin of choice without worrying about being arrested by the government.

Uncertainty about Regulations

The growth of crypto market in Russia has stagnated compared to other countries that have embraced this new technology. One of the main causes of this stagnation is lack of proper framework and policies to regulate trading. While it is not illegal for people residing in Russia to own a cryptocurrency, it is not clear if companies are permitted by the government to run cryptocurrency trading platforms.
A few months ago, the government did draft three legislations that would govern cryptocurrencies. The three focused on legality of exchange operators and the trading platforms. Unfortunately, the three legislations are yet to be approved and have been postponed until December 2018. Therefore, we will not see any accredited cryptocurrency exchange platform in Russia until the legislations are signed and passed as law.
At the moment, the local OTC platforms are relying on the existing global cryptocurrency exchanges to get cryptocurrencies into the Russian market. On average, they charge 1.5 to 2 percent commission rate and manage to generate hundreds if not thousands of dollars in profit on a daily basis.

Similar Trend in China

Unlike Russia, China has very strict rules that prohibit any form of trading in bitcoin or any other currency. It is illegal for local residents to purchase or get involved in cryptocurrency business. Nonetheless, investors are still trading despite the ban by using VPNs and fintech platforms such as Alipay and OTC.


The government has made it impossible for investors to convert fiat currency into digital assets, but they are still able to invest millions of dollars in altcoins and trade them discreetly on a daily basis. This is proof that it is not possible for governments to take full control of the industry and this is a plus for the industry system it is meant to be decentralized and uncontrolled by the government and central banks.
Concisely, analysts project increased cryptocurrency trading activity in Russia, China, India and other countries thanks to technological advancements that helps investors to hide their online activity.

Morgan Stanley to Introduce a Bitcoin Swap Trading Product Soon

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morgan stanley

Morgan Stanley, one of the largest investment banks in the world is rumored to the in the process of creating a product that will allow its clients to swap fiat currency for bitcoin and vice versa. As noted by CCN, this sixth largest bank here in the United States in terms of assets is quietly developing a derivatives product that will benefit clients who are interested in investing in Bitcoin.

The report indicates that the U.S bank will provide smart contracts that will provide investors with the much-needed synthetic exposure to the trading of bitcoin on various exchange platforms. Another verified source also revealed that investors will be able to go long or short using price return swaps. The bank will charge a fee for each transaction to support the functionalism of the platform.
Note that CEO James Gorman had earlier indicated that the bank would not allow its clients to trade in cryptos directly using the bank. The sudden change of heart could have been informed by the sharp increase in value of the market as well as widespread adoption and creation of new digital currencies. The product is almost completely and currently waiting internal approval for it to be made available to the customers.
This bank joins an increasing number of financial institutions who are evaluating the best ways of incorporating cryptocurrencies into their financial operations. Citigroup and Goldman Sachs have also hinted about providing bitcoin derivatives products to their customers.

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) New Product

In other news related to cryptocurrency trading, Intercontinental Exchange is in the process of creating the first physically delivered bitcoin futures product. Note that ICE is the largest stock exchange platform in the world at the moment. Once this new product is launched, investors will be able to settle contracts using actual BTC instead of fiat currency such as the US dollar. In fact, most of the bitcoin futures products offered by platforms such as CBOE and Chicago based exchanges CME relying heavily on fiat currency.

Closing Remarks

The news that Morgan Stanley is in the final stages of launching a product that will cater for customers who are interested in cryptocurrency is good news for the industry. It shows that banks and governments have understood how blockchain technology works and are no longer afraid that trading in cryptocurrencies could affect the economy negatively.

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Continued development of similar products will help increase the number of people who invest in the currencies. It will also help spread the world about the power of having digital assets to countries that are yet to adopt this technology fully. Nonetheless, it is important for the banks and governments to work together to create policies that will promote the growth of the industry. These policies will ensure that all parties involved get value for money and don’t end up losing money on wrong deals. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is here to say and will continue to improve lives of millions of people from all across the globe.

AlphaPoint to Introduce Cryptocurrency Indexes & Tech to Support Creation of Smart Baskets

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AlphaPoint, one of the leading blockchain technology based companies in the world, has announced that it will soon launch cryptocurrency indexes and technology that will allow it to create smart baskets specifically for cryptocurrencies.

As noted by HPC Wire, the company is focused on giving companies the ability to digitize their assets and as well, as operate digital asset exchanges in any part of the world. The statistical performance of AlphaPoint Indexes will have a significant positive impact on the cryptocurrency markets.
The smart basket functionality extends to the company technology and is in line with its goal of digitizing and creating white label asset exchange platforms. Full implementation of these two developments will see the company become the premier provider of products that can be used to benchmark performance of digital assets.

AlphaPoint Leaders Index

AlphaPoint Leaders Index is made of between 8 and 15 tokens that cover approximately 805 of the global cryptocurrency market capitalization. It will give a clear picture of the highest valued crypto assets in the world.

AlphaPoint Fast Movers Index

AlphaPoint Fast Movers Index will be made up of 8-15 tokens in terms of trading volume. Unlike AlphaPoint Leaders Index, this one will give a clear picture of the liquid crypto assets in the market.
Apart from giving asset managers as well as individual industry leaders the ability to monitor performance of assets against the broad cryptocurrency market, the AlphaPoint indexes can also be licensed and used to create derivatives of multiple products.

AlphaPoint Exchange Product

By making full use of AlphaPoint Exchange product, the company will be able to reproduce the performance of the underlying indexes. More importantly, it will give exchange operators the ability to create additional products for their clientele without spending a fortune.

AlphaPoint Smart Baskets

AlphaPoint Smart Baskets framework is designed by professionals who have years of experience in this industry and are committed to ensure that it delivers the expected results. The framework has the ability to create a token that resonates with the performance of the foundation or underlying indexes. It achieves this goal by automating the simultaneous purchase sale and bid offers on the cryptocurrencies listed in the licensed index.
One of the main advantages that investors will get from AlphaPoint Smart Baskets is that they will now have the opportunity to take broader and confident positions in the cryptocurrency niche and at the same time be passively involved in re-balancing their portfolios.

When making this announcement, the company officials stated that they were excited to finally provide a transparent index that is based on rules and regulations. The company is also confident that the products will soon become the most trusted and reliable benchmark in the ever-growing cryptocurrency industry. The Chief Executive Officer also stated that just like the existing exchange technology and digitization, the data powered tools would give institutions the muscle they need to come up with new products in the cryptocurrency world.

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