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Store, Exchange, and Spend Cryptocurrencies in One Wallet

Looking for an intelligent and multi-functional crypto wallet? Amon is an ideal choice for you. This intelligent wallet is connected to next generation crypto debit card that you can carry in your physical wallet without raising any attention. 


Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence)

One of the highlights of this wallet is that it is powered by a powerful AI (artificial intelligence) system that is wired to ensure that you enjoy spending your digital assets as well as traditional assets efficiently. At the moment, Amon wallet supports Ethereum, AMN token and Bitcoin. However, the developers have plans to include more cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 in the near future.

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and knowing or predicting the performance of a particular cryptocurrency tomorrow is almost impossible. Thanks to AI system, Amon card users are given accurate information about the most performing cryptocurrencies that are supported by the wallet. This feature greatly helps users to efficiently spend their digital assets without having to spend hours online monitoring multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Easy Access and Use of Cryptocurrencies

One of the main objectives of Amon Tech team is to redefine the manner in which users utilize cryptocurrencies by provide accurate information about their values. The system is 100% secure so rest assured that your personal information will not be accessed by third parties without your consent or shared. 

Finally Amon card provides one of the most convenient and ways of buying cryptocurrencies using either MasterCard or Visa. The newly purchased cryptos will be transferred directly to your Amon wallet for safekeeping. Get more insights about this ingenious cryptocurrency wallet here. 

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