AlphaPoint to Introduce Cryptocurrency Indexes & Tech to Support Creation of Smart Baskets

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AlphaPoint, one of the leading blockchain technology based companies in the world, has announced that it will soon launch cryptocurrency indexes and technology that will allow it to create smart baskets specifically for cryptocurrencies.

As noted by HPC Wire, the company is focused on giving companies the ability to digitize their assets and as well, as operate digital asset exchanges in any part of the world. The statistical performance of AlphaPoint Indexes will have a significant positive impact on the cryptocurrency markets.
The smart basket functionality extends to the company technology and is in line with its goal of digitizing and creating white label asset exchange platforms. Full implementation of these two developments will see the company become the premier provider of products that can be used to benchmark performance of digital assets.

AlphaPoint Leaders Index

AlphaPoint Leaders Index is made of between 8 and 15 tokens that cover approximately 805 of the global cryptocurrency market capitalization. It will give a clear picture of the highest valued crypto assets in the world.

AlphaPoint Fast Movers Index

AlphaPoint Fast Movers Index will be made up of 8-15 tokens in terms of trading volume. Unlike AlphaPoint Leaders Index, this one will give a clear picture of the liquid crypto assets in the market.
Apart from giving asset managers as well as individual industry leaders the ability to monitor performance of assets against the broad cryptocurrency market, the AlphaPoint indexes can also be licensed and used to create derivatives of multiple products.

AlphaPoint Exchange Product

By making full use of AlphaPoint Exchange product, the company will be able to reproduce the performance of the underlying indexes. More importantly, it will give exchange operators the ability to create additional products for their clientele without spending a fortune.

AlphaPoint Smart Baskets

AlphaPoint Smart Baskets framework is designed by professionals who have years of experience in this industry and are committed to ensure that it delivers the expected results. The framework has the ability to create a token that resonates with the performance of the foundation or underlying indexes. It achieves this goal by automating the simultaneous purchase sale and bid offers on the cryptocurrencies listed in the licensed index.
One of the main advantages that investors will get from AlphaPoint Smart Baskets is that they will now have the opportunity to take broader and confident positions in the cryptocurrency niche and at the same time be passively involved in re-balancing their portfolios.

When making this announcement, the company officials stated that they were excited to finally provide a transparent index that is based on rules and regulations. The company is also confident that the products will soon become the most trusted and reliable benchmark in the ever-growing cryptocurrency industry. The Chief Executive Officer also stated that just like the existing exchange technology and digitization, the data powered tools would give institutions the muscle they need to come up with new products in the cryptocurrency world.

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