How To Create An ICO Website

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How To Create A Website For Your ICO

Having a dedicated website for your ICO is a must. All successful businesses have their website, and so should yours. Any potential investors will want to look at your ICO website before deciding if they’re going to fund your project. An ICO website is also an excellent way to keep all your information in one plane. Your site should include information about your project and the token you’re selling. An ICO website is also an opportunity to share the white paper and details about your team. Finally, you can link to your other social media channels like Telegram and Facebook.

Website languages

Most ICO websites will be in English, but many are also translated into Russian, Chinese, and Spanish to capture non-English speaking investors. Google Translate won’t cut it when you try to convey complex information, so having them translated manually is the best option if you want to go this route.


The homepage is the first thing visitors to your ICO website will see, so many it counts. The homepage should be treated as a landing page in the run-up to your ICO. Give visitors to your site a snapshot of what’s going on in your business. Include things like a boilerplate of your project and a countdown timer until the ICO launch. The homepage is your opportunity to grab the attention of visitors and make them want to read more. Make it as attractive as possible.

Describing your project

Your ICO website should have all the relevant details about your project. It should not be as technical as your white paper, but it should give visitors an idea of what you do and what they can expect. You should include the following:

  • Aims of the ICO
  • Technological innovations
  • Roadmap
  • Where you are now

ICO token

Your website should most importantly tell visitors about your ICO token and why they should buy it. Include as much relevant information as possible, including the following:

  • Name
  • Ticker
  • Utility
  • Price
  • Bonus
  • Bounties
  • Airdrops
  • Total supply
  • ICO start date
  • ICO end date
  • Hard cap
  • Soft cap


Your ICO website should have a section with all the relevant documentation for your ICO and token. The documents section needs to include your ICO white paper, your project roadmap, as well as any legal documents.

Social media

Social media account connected to your ICO should also be visible all over your website. Include Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Slack, and any other social media channels you use.

ICO team

The ICO team you’re working with should also be present on your website. Include names, photos, roles, backgrounds, and LinkedIn profiles for all team members.

How to tackle ICO website development

Hiring an ICO website developer is a good idea if you’re not comfortable coding the website yourself. You could use an ICO website template, but it will not make you look very professional. It’s better to invest in ICO website development services if you have the budget.

How do you create the best ICO website design?

To get a taste of what a great ICO website looks like, check out the examples below:

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