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Top 15 ICO Service Providers

Top 15 ICO Service Providers Launching an ICO can be overwhelming. In addition to developing the actual product you also have to think about marketing it and complying with the law. Fortunately, there are ICO development companies out there that can help. We’ve looked at 15 of them here. 1. Antier Solutions Antier Solutions has… Keep Reading


How To Get Your ICO Token Listed On Exchanges

Why do cryptocurrency exchanges matter? Once your ICO is over, it’s time to build up the value of your token. Not only will it give you more funds to work with, but it will also make your investors very happy. One of the factors that determine the value of your token is its utility. Having… Keep Reading


Singapore To Open Up Banking Services for Cryptocurrency Firms

Traditional financial institutions do not see eye to eye with cryptocurrency firms, but this is about to change. According to Ethereum World News, the Monetary Authority of Singapore is looking to bridge the gap by helping cryptocurrency firms set up accounts in local banks. The financial watchdog cited that digital currency firms are finding it… Keep Reading


ICO Marketing 101

ICO marketing 101 Marketing is another essential element of a successful ICO. If no one knows about your ICO, then no one will invest in it. This article will go through all the aspects of ICO marketing. ICO marketing strategy Before you begin, you should lay out an overall plan — and a budget. Determine… Keep Reading


How To Create An ICO Website

How To Create A Website For Your ICO Having a dedicated website for your ICO is a must. All successful businesses have their website, and so should yours. Any potential investors will want to look at your ICO website before deciding if they’re going to fund your project. An ICO website is also an excellent… Keep Reading


Coin Spectator Review

Real-time Cryptocurrency news aggregator As a cryptocurrency enthusiast and investors, it is imperative to have a reliable website that you can use to get the latest news about the industry that matter to you. Coin Spectator was developed to serve this purpose and has proven to be one of the most reliable sources of accurate… Keep Reading


How To Write An ICO White Paper

What is an ICO white paper? The white paper is the primary document that outlines your ICO project as a whole. It should clearly and concisely explain what your product is about, how your team is made up, and what your plans are. In essence, an excellent white paper consists of these parts: Marketing copy… Keep Reading

ico laws

ICO Law 101

ICO law 101 Looking at the legal aspect of launching your ICO is perhaps the least fun part, but important nonetheless. It would be a shame to put so much work into designing a product, putting together a team, and marketing the entire project just for it to fall afoul of the law. The laws… Keep Reading


How To Create An ICO Token

How To Create An ICO Token Creating a digital token for your ICO is an important step. It’s in the name: Initial Coin Offering. There are many platforms, like Ethereum and Stellar, that you can use to launch your own token. You can also build your own blockchain and use that to create a token.… Keep Reading

ico team

How To Build an ICO Team

How to build an ICO team Many hands make light work, and you will need a team behind you to launch a successful ICO. Let’s have a look at some of the aspects of building an ICO team you should pay attention to. What not to do There are a lot of bad ICOs out… Keep Reading

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