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Cryptocurrencies for Kids?

There was a time when children would read comic books.There was a time when children would save up spare change in their piggy banks. Both are things of the past now, it would seem. The comic books have been switched out with iPads, and the piggy banks have now also been digitized. Cryptos for kids?… Keep Reading

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Bitcoin Continues to Soar

In the last 48 hours, Bitcoin has seen an incredible rise in value of over $500. Not is this great news for investors in Bitcoin, but the good fortune seems to have rubbed off on other cryptocurrencies as well. Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash have all, perhaps as a result of the halo effect, risen… Keep Reading


Taobao (Alibaba Subsidiary) Bans Cryptocurrencies

Alibaba is perhaps best known for being the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world. The platform is mainly geared towards the bulk sale of items of all kinds. Many European businesses import goods from China by liaising directly with the manufacturers via Alibaba‚Äôs platform. For smaller Chinese businesses or individuals, there is Taobao. Set up… Keep Reading


IRS Questions Lack of Filing

One of the reasons given for the sudden surge in Bitcoin value, which only happened recently, was that many American investors were selling their coins ahead of tax collection. Whilst this may or may not have been the reason, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has now released data on exactly how many people have reported… Keep Reading


Is Bitcoin Making A Comeback?

It was only a few days ago that journalists covering the fall of Bitcoin could still claim that the cryptocurrency was at its lowest point since its all-time high in December 2017. Although the value of Bitcoin seemed to have stabilized in March, where it floated around $11,500 per coin, it plummeted further. This steady… Keep Reading

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New Regulations from Canada to Vietnam

The recent regulations rolled out across Western and Eastern countries do not seem to be letting up in the light of new issues. Canadian Banks Impose Bans Last month, the Canadian bank Toronto Dominion enacted a policy that would prevent their customers from buying cryptocurrencies using their services. Another Canadian bank, the Royal Bank of… Keep Reading


Eurasian Blockchain Association to Sue Internet Giants

As anyone in the cryptocurrency community will be painfully aware of, a string of Internet giants have banned (or proposed to ban) cryptocurrency advertisements on their platforms. Some of the most prominent of these companies include the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp, and Reddit. Facebook already put the ban on ICO adverts into effect… Keep Reading


George Soros – from Sceptic to Investor

The market for cryptocurrencies has matured, especially in the case of now well-established ones like Bitcoin, which has been in circulation since 2008. As a result, many of those who were once very sceptical about the concept of digital currencies are now slowly being won over. Some are even beginning to toy with the idea… Keep Reading


Asia Not Phased as Cryptocurrencies Plummet

Anyone following the news about cryptocurrencies will be aware that the market is extremely volatile at the moment – perhaps more than it has ever been before. This means many things. First of all, crypto-miners are having to revise their strategy (and energy bill) when it comes to the feasibility of their mining gig. Secondly,… Keep Reading

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Is the Crypto-Mining Rush Fading?

Mining cryptocurrencies has been a easy and profitable business or pastime for many people – but that may be changing now. For those in the know, mining cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, demands a lot of processing power from your computer, and will also very quickly rack up your electricity bill. Students are ‘dropping out’ For this… Keep Reading

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