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IDAX Adds a Listing for DasCoin

The Currency of Trust, DasCoin, is now listed on another public cryptocurrency exchange: IDAX. The announcement of this most recent listing took place on 16th August 2018, making IDAX the fifth public exchange to include DASC. This listing extends the reach of DasCoin, giving more people access to the coin itself and all the technologies… Keep Reading


OTC Bitcoin Trading in Russia Gaining Traction, Like China

Russia is one of the countries that have put in place strict measures that hinder cryptocurrency trading. China and India have also restricted crypto trading and this has resulted in a sharp increase in demand for over the counter investment in cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin.   As noted by CCN, the daily trading volume… Keep Reading

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How to Use Binance Exchange?

What is Binance? Binance is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges on the market right now. It was created by Changpeng Zao in China in 2017. Zao funded the launch of Binance by creating a very successful ICO that generated $15 million by allowing investors to purchase the native Binance Coin (BNB) tokens which… Keep Reading

morgan stanley

Morgan Stanley to Introduce a Bitcoin Swap Trading Product Soon

Morgan Stanley, one of the largest investment banks in the world is rumored to the in the process of creating a product that will allow its clients to swap fiat currency for bitcoin and vice versa. As noted by CCN, this sixth largest bank here in the United States in terms of assets is quietly… Keep Reading


Blockchain Venture Summit

The Blockchain Venture Summit The second Blockchain Venture Summit of the year will take place in London this November. Expectations for the event are high, given the first Blockchain Venture Summit held in Istanbul this March was such a roaring success. Although the London event is part of the same event series, the theme will… Keep Reading


67% of Cryptocurrency Investors Prefer Being Paid in Bitcoin

According to a new report done by ChronoBank and reported by CCN, a majority of cryptocurrency investor prefer being paid in bitcoins. The report also show reveals that most of them are disappointed that employers are not willing to pay their salaries in form of altcoins and bitcoins. Effect of Price Changes of Crypto Wage… Keep Reading


Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018

What is the Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018? The Blockchain Leadership Summit is a conference that draws all the top experts and prominent investors in the blockchain industry to one place where they discuss the present and future state of the market. The topics being presented and discussed will range from innovation to regulation. If you… Keep Reading

blockchain summit

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

The Largest International Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference of the Region As known, Netherlands-based banking giant ING published a customer report recently where it was declared that Turkey is the leading cryptocurrencies owner among all European countries. The fact that the people in Turkey are heading to more technological innovations and current economic circumstances serve as… Keep Reading

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