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Centra Bitcoin Debit Card
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Centra Bitcoin Debit Card Review

What Is Centra? Centra is the last Bitcoin debit card in our review series. The founders launched the company with the help of an ICO that raised over $5million in investment funds. The company has plans also to start a separate platform called Coin Bay. The platform is meant as an Amazon-style marketplace where users… Keep Reading

TokenCard Bitcoin Debit Card
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TokenCard Bitcoin Debit Card Review

What is TokenCard? The company behind TokenCard was one of the early movers in the Bitcoin debit card space. Then they went quiet for a while, however, and other card issuers became more prominent in the meantime. TokenCard is preparing for a relaunch and is currently not available. This review will take a preliminary look… Keep Reading

Monaco Bitcoin Debit Card
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Monaco Bitcoin Debit Card Review

What is Monaco? The fabled MCO Visa card has been a long time underway. Monaco launched an ICO earlier this year to raise funds for the Bitcoin debit card. They had a lot of interest and enjoyed the support from numerous investors. The MCO Visa card is a bit different from the others, as it’s… Keep Reading

shakepay bitcoin debit card
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Shakepay Bitcoin Debit Card Review

What is Shakepay? ShakePay is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, e-wallet provider and Bitcoin debit card issuer. The card itself is entirely new and was only rolled out in early 2016. It paid off to be slightly late to the party, however. Shakepay could not only offer Bitcoin debit cards to their customers but also a… Keep Reading

security token
Crypto 101/News

Security Token Exchanges

What is a security token? One of the main criticisms that skeptics have leveled against cryptocurrencies is that they lack intrinsic value. That led to the rise of stable coins, which are cryptocurrency tokens backed by something of value. That something could be gold, diamond, or even land. Security tokens are essentially stablecoins. Their value… Keep Reading

spectrocoin bitcoin debit card
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SpectroCoin Bitcoin Debit Card Review

What is SpectroCoin? SpectroCoin is a London-based company that was founded in 2013 by Vytautas Karalevicus, Justas Dobiliauskas, and Mantas Mockevicius. The three founders applied their respective backgrounds in software design, international business, and cryptography to create their Bitcoin card in 2015. Today we’re going to have a look at how their card stacks up… Keep Reading

anxpro bitcoin debit card
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ANXPRO Bitcoin Debit Card Review

What is ANXPRO? ANXPRO is a Bitcoin debit card issued by the blockchain company ANX International. The company is based in Hong Kong and launched in 2013. The main aim of the ANX International is to provide blockchain-based fintech solutions. ANXPRO started as a cryptocurrency exchange and still offers those services today. The company has… Keep Reading


TenX Bitcoin Debit Card Review

TenX Review TenX isn’t strictly a Bitcoin debit card, although it also supports BTC. Instead, the card is mainly known for being an Ethereum debit card, of which there aren’t many around. That already makes TenX an attractive solution for people who want to hold more than one cryptocurrency. TenX started as an ICO last… Keep Reading

bitwala bitcoin debit card

Bitwala Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Bitwala Review Bitwala was founded in Berlin in 2014 and is one of the first, if not the first, Bitcoin debit card that hit the market. The company boasts over 57,000 users and serves over 200 countries across the globe. Where many card issuers only support a few fiat currencies, Bitwala supports over 20. As… Keep Reading


CoinAdvice Conference 2019

The CoinAdvice conference 2019 edition will be in Pattaya Thailand between the 4th and 6th of March 2019. CoinAdvice organizes high-level professional business conferences with a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency events. The 2019 CoinAdvice conference will be the largest blockchain gathering in the world. Event Expectations According to their website, the CoinAdvice Conference 2019… Keep Reading

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