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Indian to Launch Government-Backed Cryptocurrency

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There is no denying the impact of cryptocurrencies in the modern financial sector. However, the problems facing the industry such as security and lack of a proper regulatory framework has caused most governments to shun cryptocurrency in their jurisdictions. India is one of the countries that were fighting cryptocurrencies, but according to News BTC, India might be warming up to cryptocurrencies. The country is laying down the framework for a government-backed cryptocurrency.

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India put together a board under the Finance Ministry in December 2017, and one of the sitting members in the board has confirmed the plans. At the time, the board was meant to recommend measures on how the government would direct cryptocurrencies. The board was mandated with investigating and it had to present its findings in July 2018. The official maintains that the board is in support of India developing its crypto coin. This is despite the fact that both the central bank and the government have tried to diminish the setup of cryptocurrency exchanges in the country.

Altcoins Remains Banned in India

However, it might be a while before we see India’s first cryptocurrency. A government official while commenting on the plans to create the cryptocurrency saying that it conflicted with the ideals that surround decentralized cryptocurrencies. In spite of this, the government still maintains its stand to ban cryptocurrencies even with their digital currency in circulation. Another official commenting on the issue said that anyone who would be found in possession of a different coin other than the government digital currency would be open to prosecution. 

The reports of the government launching its altcoins came after the RBI intensified their efforts to prohibit the use of bitcoin in India. The agency issued an order to all local banks to cut lose all firms that incorporate cryptocurrencies into their business model, including all individual traders and cryptocurrency exchanges.

This order banning cryptocurrency entities from accessing banking services infuriated the stakeholders, and they have taken the central bank to court. However, the case is likely to drag on for a while, and there seems to be no imminent end to the tussle. Other players in the Indian cryptocurrency circles have tried to navigate the order, but they have not found a sustainable plan of doing business. 

Lakshmi Token

Both the government and the RBI consider digital currencies too risky, with the fear of money laundering, fraud, and supporting criminal activity taking center stage. The only option left for cryptocurrencies to exist in India is if it is controlled, and this is where the plan of having a government-backed cryptocurrency comes in. 


The RBI has proposed to name the government-backed cryptocurrency after Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and riches. However, this is not the first government-backed altcoin. Venezuela is a notable case where they have the Petro, an altcoin backed by the nation’s oil reserves. The board convened to look into cryptocurrencies is expected to table its findings in towards the end of the year, and India might be a step closer to launching their Lakshmi token.

Crypto Exchange to Pump Random Coins

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Cryptocurrency exchanges are making headway in improving the penetration of digital currencies, but few have the popularity that Bitcoin enjoys. According to CCN, YoBit is looking to use unconventional methods to drive up the number of traders on their platform. The plan is to randomly pump coins with the intent of driving up their prices. The exchange based in Russia said that it would inject 10 BTC which is equivalent to $66,000 into ten random markets. 


In a tweet, YoBit plans to buy one random coin for 1BTC every 1-2 minutes, ten times. This is a drop in the ocean given that the global cryptocurrency market records $12 billion in daily trading volume. However, this will lead to a massive increase in prices of microcap altcoin markets that do not get much trading. 

While many Twitter users thought that the YoBit account might have been hacked, the report seems to be true. Their website has a countdown timer to the self-described pump, which means that they are serious about pumping up coins. 

Market Manipulation Ploy

Early on in the year, the US Securities Exchange Commission issued a customer advisory warning against such kind of pump-and-dump schemes and warned that they are illegal. While it remains to be seen if YoBit’s action is unlawful according to the SEC definition, the move is being heralded by many as a form of market manipulation. 

According to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission chairperson, J. Christopher Giancarlo, the CFTC is focused on combating fraudulent forces that seek to manipulate the cryptocurrency markets. In a Wall Street Journal report, CFTC has seen a significant increase in civil penalties in 2018. In the current fiscal year, CFTC has issued $900 million worth of penalties, which is larger than the amount levied in five out of eight years of the Obama administration combined. 

CoinMarketCap currently ranks YoBit as the 51st largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world as per their adjusted daily trading volume. By the time of writing this article, YoBit had processed $19 million across 482 markets in the past 24 hours and more than $198 million over the past one month. The news come after a vast majority of cryptocurrencies closed the market on Wednesday at a loss. It is estimated that the market lost an estimated $13 billion with bitcoin leading the pack. 

Pump and Dump Schemes

According to the Wall Street Journal, pump and dump schemes are on the rise and YoBit seems to be riding the wave too. The report by the WSJ claims that the operator of the scheme benefits the most and traders get anything from pump and dump schemes. It is thought that the allure of involvement keeps traders coming back. Big Pump Signal, a chat room with more than 74,000 followers on Telegram, initiated 26 pump operations that raised $222 million in December 2017.


YoBit announcement to randomly pump certain coins to increase their value borrows heavily from the pump and dump schemes model. A Business Insider investigation in November 2017 on pump and dump schemes revealed that there were traders conducting pump and dump schemes on YoBit via Telegram. It is not clear whether the YoBit team is aware of the activity on their platform, but their latest news does not help their cause.

Singapore To Open Up Banking Services for Cryptocurrency Firms

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Traditional financial institutions do not see eye to eye with cryptocurrency firms, but this is about to change. According to Ethereum World News, the Monetary Authority of Singapore is looking to bridge the gap by helping cryptocurrency firms set up accounts in local banks. The financial watchdog cited that digital currency firms are finding it hard to open bank accounts the world over, and this will only impair the growth of the financial services sector. Despite this, the agency vowed that it would not slacken its rules to favor and entice cryptocurrency firms. 


Crypto fintech firms in the Asian country have let their complaints known, and they continue to push the government to set up a regulatory framework that will allow them to open regular bank accounts. On the issue, Ravi Menon, the Monetary Authority of Singapore Managing Director, said that they are not trying to create lax regulations to attract the crypto business, but the aim is to bring cryptocurrency fintech startups and banks together to reach a common understanding. 

Cryptocurrency Firms and Banks Collaboration

Ravi adds that due to the obscure nature of cryptocurrencies, banks must establish robust methods of authentication. The fintech startups must also chip in to ensure a strong collaboration in good faith. Ravi adds that the Singaporean banks need to apply caution due to the obscurity associated with cryptocurrency business model.

The main agenda of the Monetary Authority of Singapore is to protect investors from fraud, and curbing money laundering especially when it comes to the cryptocurrency sector. The move to ease the tension between cryptocurrency fintech startups and banks is geared toward creating more jobs and spurring innovation. The country had placed stringent measures that sought to harbor the operations of cryptocurrency firms. 

Leading Cryptocurrency Adoption in South East Asia

Other than the lack of regulation, Singapore is the third largest ICO launch pad after US and Switzerland. For example, Line Corporation, which is Japan’s biggest instant messaging platform, launched its cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bitbox, in Singapore in July 2018. Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, also set up its camp in Singapore and promised a fiat-cryptocurrency exchange that would be operational by September 2018. 

Singapore is looking to go the Japan way and allow as many cryptocurrency trading and exchange platforms to operate in the country as long as they stick to the rules. Their approach to cryptocurrency regulation is more relaxed than in Japan, and this makes the country a testing ground for new technologies., a blockchain fintech startup with headquarters in Hong Kong, is looking to issue the first Asian cryptocurrency Visa debit card, and it is starting the rollout in Singapore. 

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Different Approach to Regulation 

Japan remains the ideal model for countries looking to regulate cryptocurrency firms, but Singapore in a bid to pave the way for cryptocurrency adoption is looking to a different supervisory model. They have three categories, utility tokens that pay for computing services and will hardly require any regulation. Digital tokens will be governed by the Securities and Futures Act and payment tokens which the Ravi and the Monetary Authority of Singapore do not have a problem with unless they are securities. Surprisingly, the country expressed interest in becoming the first country that will fully integrate DLTs and virtual currency.

Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology

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As bitcoins continues to create buzz across the world, let learn the basics of bitcoin.

Bitcoin is essentially a digital currency that unlike any fiat money is not owned by countries or central authorities. It is governed by the huge community if bitcoin users and is free from any corporate monopoly too. Its secure digital nature makes it easy to transfer  all over the world that too at a very low expense. More and more individuals and businesses are adopting and accepting bitcoin as transactions are secure, faster and anonymous.


A bitcoin user uses a digital wallet to store, spend and receive bitcoin. While installing a bitcoin wallet a private key also known as ‘seed’ is set up. It ensures the safety and security of a transaction while the wallet is used.

Bitcoin works on the blockchain technology that is basically a shared public ledger on which the entire Bitcoin network relies. Any confirmed transactions (including newly added bitcoins) are added into blockchains. The ledger is maintained by the public & anyone can use the ledger to match a transaction.

Bitcoin mining involves complex mathematical calculations for the Bitcoin network users, to confirm transactions and increase security. Those  who use their computers and resources for bitcoin mining are called miners.

When you make a Bitcoin transaction, your Bitcoin software uses your private key to signs the transaction cryptographically. Unlike normal transactions, here you don’t give our personal details. Only the wallet address is visible and this ensures anonymity & safety.

Bitcoin was made available to the public in 2009 by an anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto whose goal was to create “a new electronic cash system” that was “completely decentralized with no central power or authority.”  In the year 2010, a person sold 10,000 Bitcoins for the first time to purchase two pizzas. Now, Bitcoin is widely accepted all over the world in different fields, and its future is beyond the imagination.


  Our friends at developed an interesting infographic on Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology, please have a look at it, and share your thoughts.



IDAX Adds a Listing for DasCoin

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The Currency of Trust, DasCoin, is now listed on another public cryptocurrency exchange: IDAX. The announcement of this most recent listing took place on 16th August 2018, making IDAX the fifth public exchange to include DASC.

DasCoin IDAX

This listing extends the reach of DasCoin, giving more people access to the coin itself and all the technologies associated with it.

What to Know About IDAX

The exchange in this recent announcement, IDAX, is well-respected and a project that comes from the International Global Blockchain Research Centre in Mongolia. IDAX is among the top 50 exchanges, a fact that should significantly assist with the accessibility of DasCoin and its name recognition. IDAX already has a roster of coins and tokens that includes 40 different options, and continuously adds support for more.


DasCoin is among the most recent additions to the platform.
The fact that IDAX has support for four different languages and high trading volumes also makes it an excellent choice for listing DasCoin. This helps more users utilize the exchange and, therefore, access DASC without scalability concerns.

The Other Listings

Although IDAX is the fifth public crypto exchange to list DasCoin, it was not the only listing to be announced in August 2018. In the same month, DasCoin announced that CoinBene would be listing the coin. Prior to the CoinBene listing, DasCoin was already part of three public cryptocurrency exchanges, all of which it joined in April 2018 as part of the ‘DasCoin: The Evolution of Money’ event, which took place in London. This is when DasCoin announced it was listed on CoinFalcon, EUBX, and BTC-Alpha. Additionally, you can buy and sell DASC via the orderbook on DasExchange, the DasCoin platform’s exchange.

Not the Only Recent Milestone

The fact that DasCoin is now on five public crypto exchanges is certainly significant in terms of global reach, but it is not the only recent milestone that this project has achieved. DasCoin has halved the block time associated with its blockchain, bringing it from the already great 6 seconds down to 3 seconds, an industry-leading time. Blockfolio has also listed DasCoin, making it easy for users of this free cryptocurrency portfolio management application to track DasCoin and compare it to other coins.

France Seeking To Legitimize ICO Market Activities

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France ICO Markets

Paris, France. The l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the financial markets regulation body for the French government, is seeking to support the development of ICO markets in France’s capital markets. On March 15, the financial regulator initiated a process of drafting proposals to the National Assembly. A French news outlet Les Echos reported that the mission of the regulator is to develop ICO Markets in France. This step is a recognition of ICOs as an emerging approach to capital formation in the world’s fifth largest economy in nominal terms.

This process comes in the wake of March 14 hearings convened by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee of Finance Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities, and Investments – The equivalence of AMF. The U.S government is also seeking to enact laws and regulation to govern the ICO Markets in a bid to optimize the benefits that start-up technology firms can reap. The US hearings are primarily consultative and involve a considerable number of multi-disciplinary professionals ranging from the industry managers, financial law experts, and economists. It is widely believed that the US government will endorse ICO Markets and regulate them effectively.

In full support of the AMF, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance in the nation of 65 million people as at 2017 welcomed the move. The ministry lauded the move and called for hasty recognition of ICO Markets as a new channel for capital formation. The ministry officials advised the AMF to consult with all stakeholders such as in the US, to achieve a sound regulatory framework that will not be prohibitive to any market player. The officials, however, cautioned the AMF to approach the matter with caution, as ICO Markets are risky ventures: Not tested against time.

This recent development is surprising to the ICO Markets in France; this is because the AMF had banned some ICO Market’s websites and 15 Cryptocurrencies from operations on suspicion of fraud. Additionally, last week saw the Google ban on all Cryptocurrency adverts from its AdWords advertisement platform effective from June 2018. ICO Markets were skeptical as some countries like China had banned the Cryptocurrency activities, and France was believed to follow suit.

It is now becoming evident that the US and France governments have endorsed ICO Markets and Cryptocurrencies as investment opportunities for the future. With such development, the World Bank may revert its earlier caution on ICOs and instead partner with economies in developing ICOs and Cryptocurrencies.

The AMF expects that by the end of the deliberative process, a system for authorizing ICO Market activities will be in place. The investors of ICOs will also be protected, as the offers will be pegged on guarantees.

More countries are expected to develop frameworks for managing ICO Markets in the coming days. Nations like Russia, Venezuela, Bulgaria, and others have already put in place sound policies to regulate ICO Markets and cryptocurrencies. These success stories will have a significant impact on many governments’ stances to ICOs. With Korea rethinking her ICOs ban, we might see China also uplifting their prohibition.

Market Jitters amid U.S. Government Concerns on ICOs

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Initial Coin Offering Regulation Concerns

Following Google’s ban on Cryptocurrency’s advertisements effective June 2018, the Initial Coin Offerings are starting to experience bearish trends characterized by significant value shed offs on Cryptocurrencies, the unit of account in ICOs. These trends come in the wake of the U.S. lawmakers’ concerns about ICOs: Advocating for unexplained policy formulations to guide the ICOs. Washington, on 7th March 2018, raised these concerns about ICOs during the DC Block Chain summit presentation posing a set of concerns about the ICO offerings, currently on offer in many developed financial markets.

James Sullivan, the Deputy President Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration portfolio was the presenter at the summit. He demonstrated that the U.S government was in full support of Blockchains’ role in raising finances for start-up organizations in stock exchanges. He was, however, of the idea that all stakeholders should collaborate in streamlining the trade. His allusions were premised on the U.S. Securities and exchange commission report “Statement on Potentially Unlawful Online Platforms for Trading Digital Assets” that warns investors of fraudster platforms characterized by unregulated activity.

In the summit themed “Examining Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets,” Republican Bill Huizenga and Democrat Brad Sherman, in a rare show of unity, raised concerns on lack of concrete policies and regulations on ICOs. Unlike the IPOs that were guided by a series of market regulations, requirements and restrictions, ICOs were just operating on self-regulation. Brad Sharman pointed out that ICOs will enable terrorists and outlaws to launder money across borders and affect national securities of America and various nations. On enforcing this sentiment, Bill Huzeinga called for intensive oversight on ICOs and the entire Cryptocurrencies operation.

Reading Between The Lines

The markets did not react to these concerns. Instead, the Cryptocurrency markets were bullish amid increased activity in ICO offering across the globe. Pundits were of the opinion that the Washington concerns had evoked growing investor confidence in ICOs as a real investment option solely by the U.S. government’s recognition. They forecasted that the future trends are likely to be bullish as investors anticipate a highly lucrative and regulated market in the foreseeable future.

Additionally, the Pundits pointed out that the U.S administration was exhibiting clear commitment in collaborating with the market players in policy formulation. The effort was evident as Jihan Wu, Co-Founder of Bitcoin, made a presentation that neutralized the anti-ICOs atmosphere following SEC report of possible fraud. Jihan’s acknowledgment that ICOs were crucial in creating capital for startups and mid-level firms whose money was in the form of Cryptocurrencies resonated with James Sullivan’s assortment that the entire Blockchain has to be improved through concerted efforts.

What to expect

The ICOs will be regulated in the near feature as the U.S. has recognized the role they play in business capital creation. The financial markets will react positively to policies that will be formulated by the administration to streamline and regulate the operations. More investors will be interested in ICOS. The summit will result in a series of discussions that will see U.S. institutions that regulate the financial sectors and legal spheres develop a set of regulations. Most importantly, it is evident that the Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets will not be declared illegal as the U.S. government is exhibiting positive intentions of regulating and developing these ventures.

Improvement In Cryptocurrency Share Prices Assure ICO Investors Of Better Days To Come

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The dominant Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, registered signs of improvement in the financial markets on Thursday’s, 15th March 2018, afternoon trading session. Interestingly, this improvement is not precipitated by Google or Facebook withdrawing their ban notices on ICO trades: They have not withdrawn the ban. As Thursday’s trade session nears closure, the Bitcoin is trading at $8,241.52 having achieved a high of $8,788.00 and a low of $7,682.00 in the second half session. Other Cryptocurrencies such as Ether, Bitcoin, Zcash, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, etc. just to mention a few are following suit and registering improvements in the second session: Having shed-off value in the morning session following damaging publicity earlier this week.

What This Means For Initial Coin Offerings

From the Investors perspective, 15th March 2018 afternoon trading session recovery is a promising indicator of future surges in Cryptocurrency coins and token prices. Appreciation of Cryptocurrency values signals investors to participate in ICO trade in financial markets, as the value of tokens/coins will increase leading to higher returns on investment.

Firms who are offering initial coin offering are skeptical about the future of their biddings. With the growing descent from quotas criticizing all Cryptocurrency related activities and many governments deliberating on the way forward in regards to policy formulation, the market is likely to experience more shocks. However, the resilience of the market is quite evident and more firms will consider this factor. Firms like Basic attention, Aragon, and Status Um have raised around $35 million; $30 million and 270 million in record times will inspire more firms to seek funds on ICOs. Most notably, FileCoin, a startup company raised $200 million through an ICO and similar success stores will encourage most forms to issue ICOs.

Additionally, the markets will experience more significant precautionary measure as investors become more aggressive in interrogating the firms’ business ventures to determine their viability. Investors will not only be attracted to the possibilities of Cryptocurrency price surges in the future but also the businesses’ structures. Internal organization, goals, mission, vision, budgets, location, targeted markets, and legal factors will complement the expectations in interest payouts as a factor to consider when investing in ICOs.

The firms will streamline their mode of operations to appeal to prospective investors. Just like the firms that bid their stocks in stock exchanges, these firms offering ICOs will formulate a code of conduct for themselves in anticipation of enactment of regulation laws by governments. These firms will be readily accessible to the public, and they will adopt a culture of openness.

What This Price Increase Means To Regulation Authorities, Google, Facebook, And The Service Industry

The matter of fact is that Google and Facebook services are dominant across regions and have billions of users globally subscribing to them. ICO market analysts had allayed fears that with the damaging bans, the prices of the crypto coins would crash leading to the collapse of ICOs. Investors, Business entities, business developers and financial analyst can now conclude that it is only the policymakers in governments who can directly determine the performance of ICOs in the coming days. Pundits purport that it is difficult to foresee the level of increase in trade volumes in ICO Markets, following intense public outcry for regulations, but one outcome is expected-increased activities albeit depressed.

South Korea On The Verge Of Announcing An ICO Ban Reversal

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South Korea ICO

According to a new report, South Korea is contemplating reversing a ban on Initial Coin Offering in the coming months. The Korean time’s reports of a plan by the authorities to allow ICO and digital token based fundraising and make it possible for domestic investors to make advancements in Blockchain based technologies

The media company, which is one of South Korea’s most popular newspaper accounts of an ongoing discussion, between South Korea’s tax agency, the justice ministry and other concerned government offices, acknowledges possible talks on plans and conditions for a possible revitalization of ICOs in the country.

September’s Decision

If the discussions bear fruit and everything goes as planned, the country could witness a major reversal of the ban announced last September.

Financial regulators had previously banned raising money via any form of virtual currency including initial coin offerings and recommended regulation over the same. The decision in September by the South Korean authorities was attributed to the fact that there existed risks and possibilities of financial scamming. The announcement by China in the previous weeks may also have influenced South Korea’s decision.

Even after announcing the ban, the administration was reluctant to implement the ICO rule and was yet to impose any company into returning ICO funds. But this did not stop the migration of local blockchain startups into crypto-friendly countries and environments like Estonia and Switzerland. However, South Korean citizens remained free to invest in foreign ICOs.

According to Kang Young Soo, an official overseeing Cryptocurrency trading policies, the decision was yet to be made on whether to reverse the decision made in September or not. He, however, acknowledges that they were considering a third party view on the same. Mr. Kang had admitted in a recent industry forum, of plans to advance the blockchain technologies while regulating crypto trading.

Other sources familiar to the country’s tax code confirmed the rumors and expect a U-turn of September’s decision soon as the nation resolved and fixed the legal groundwork regarding crypto trading.

What To Expect?

Well, various sources have given a hint on what to expect. One, the source advised ICO-enthusiasts to expect an imposition of capital gains tax, VAT or both. The source also admits of a possibility of levying corporate tax from crypto exchanges and regulation by issuing of licenses. He, however, acknowledges that the matter was still in discussion and various agencies, including banks and tax agencies, were being brought to the table for transparency. In any case, the government cannot implement the policy on its own without tracking capital inflows into ICO.

ICOs make sense for startups because of their little paperwork and the fact that they let companies solicit money directly from the investors. The ban that didn’t limit trade oversees still worked for the startups, as they were able to raise funds overseas.

Even as the ban was implemented, investors with interest in ICOs grew significantly. This forced the government to rethink its decision. The proposed policy changes are a great deal for investors when it comes to transparency.

OMNITUDE – A Blockchain Middleware Layer

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Omnitude Initial Coin Offering and its ECOM token link the current eCommerce platforms and enterprise systems to the Blockchain technologies. One of the pressing demands in the technology space is the interoperability that exists between the Blockchain technology and the networks of disparate software systems. A number of software solutions operate in disparate information verticals.

eCommerce websites and other enterprises can easily apply the use of Omnitude without changing the existing system to create a data ecosystem that is more transparent and efficient. As an open-source project, Omnitude has solid solutions that can also be used by a myriad of application developers.

The Value Proposition of Omnitude

Omnitude has been designed around standard APIs and a series of connectors that assists in shuttling data between various Blockchains and software platforms.

It gives the users an opportunity to develop data flows and integrations as a script or just an application.

The eCommerce industry is the main target market for Omnitude even though the use cases of ERP are in limitless in theory.

Omnitude has been created to help in the eradication of the several issues that are faced in the world of eCommerce. These include supply chain inefficiencies, customer onboarding by individual traders, and both seller and buyer fraud.


Omnitude had created three mechanisms that will assist the traders to lower identity theft, and these are the Omnitude Proof-of-Interaction, Single Reputation, and the Omnitude’s Single Identity. Omnitude has plans of launching the ECOM token on its upcoming Omnilayer platform.

Functions of the ECOM Token

The ECOM Token {ERC20} is basically a method of settlement that various parties can apply to access an ecosystem resource. Here are the main functions of the token.

ECOM gives the traders an opportunity to make payments in the ecosystem and subsequently access features such as:
• Omnitude ID
• Delivery Cycle Data
• Shared Product Data and a host of other needs.


It also makes it easy to make payments using Cryptocurrencies, FIAT, or the ECOM token. They can also be rewarded by other ECOM tokens when they take part in loyalty programs and other reviews.

Omnitude works as an incentive for merchants in this space to operate and secure the ecosystem. Its Blockchain has been fully secured by a peer-to-peer, and distributed network of validating nodes that manage the client application of the Omnibus Core. The nodes that will be able to apply the consensus algorithm will be able to get a share of the ECOM block.

The Team

The current CEO of Omnitude is its founder, Chris Painter. Before joining Omnitude, Mr Painter had earlier spent nine years as the managing director for Pixel by Pixel. The senior advisor is one of its co-founders, Robert Belgrave, who also founded Wirehive, a cloud services company.

The Department of Operations is headed by Ben Bennet who has worked in six various firms as the Sales Director.

The Final Verdict

The Omnitude ICO comes with a creative approach that tends to address some of the major problems faced in the world of enterprise system management. It brings some of the most innovative implementations that are needed in this industry.

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