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Understanding Market Capitalization

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How do you determine the value of a cryptocurrency token? The value of tokens has been a constant subject of debate in the industry since the emergence of cryptocurrency. To traders and investors, it might seem pretty straightforward.

To the layperson, however, it might seem complicated due to all the business jargon being thrown around to explain the market fluctuations. What we do know is that the price of a given product does not necessarily translate into actual value. Two cars can be of the same quality, but with different price tags despite offering the same value. So what determines the value of a cryptocurrency? The price seems to jump up and down on a regular basis. Experts and journalists have tried to explain this phenomenon by pointing to positive and negative news stories, investor temperament, and other factors that could influence people’s perception of a given cryptocurrency. But as an investor, you would benefit more from paying attention to the market capitalization.

What is market capitalization?

On the stock market, market capitalization is used by investors to help them make informed decisions on their investments. Determining the market capitalization (or market cap, for short) of a public company is quite simple. First, you find out what the price of one share is, and then you multiply the price with the number of shares in existence. So if the price of a company share is $1 and there are 1000 shares in existence, then the company’s market cap is $1,000.


The exact same method is used to determine the market cap of a cryptocurrency. If a cryptocurrency is being sold for $1 and there are 1000 tokens in circulation, the cryptocurrency has a market cap of $1,000. This means that two cryptocurrencies with different price tags can still have the same market cap. If Cryptocurrency A has 1000 tokens in circulation at price of $1 each, the market cap is $1,000. If Cryptocurrency B has 2000 tokens in circulation at the price of $0,50 each, the market cap is also $1,000.

How to use the market cap to inform your investment decisions

When investors look at which companies to invest in, they typically categorize them as small, medium, or large cap. The market cap category tells you something about the size of the company, its stability, and its growth potential. Large corporations like Apple and Microsoft are categorized as large cap. This means that they are stable companies and a safe bet for investors. However, it also means there is not a lot of growth potential, which means that whatever yields gained from trading in their shares will be minimal. Small startup companies, on the other hand, will typically be categorized as small cap. This means that there is a certain amount of risk that the company will fail, the shares will lose their value, and your investment will be lost. On the other hand, it also means that there is a huge potential for growth and that you will make a large return on your investment if the company succeeds.

How does this translate into the cryptocurrency market?

Using the information above, we can now look at how to use market capitalization to inform your investment decisions in the cryptocurrency market. If you take Bitcoin, for example, you are looking at a market cap of around $136,000,000,000, as there are approximately 17,000,000 Bitcoins in circulation valued at around $8,000 each. Bitcoin is the first and to this date most popular cryptocurrency, and as such are classed as having a large market cap. This becomes even more apparent when you look at competing cryptocurrency tokens. The top 100 cryptocurrency tokens all have a market cap of around $55,000,000. You can see how Bitcoin has a market cap many times the size of even the most popular cryptocurrencies. As an investor, this means that while Bitcoin is more stable than these other coins, you a less likely to make a huge profit from trading in it. You can gain far more from trading in the tokens with a smaller market cap, but also risk losing your investment if those coins fail.

UNIVERSAL RECOGNITION TOKEN – Online Auction for Corporate Gifts

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Universal Recognition Token ICO Review

Giving gifts can be difficult, especially if you do not know the person very well. In large families, this often results in Christmas presents politely being put aside until after the holidays, where they are promptly exchanged for something the person actually wants. In a corporate setting, it is easy to see how this problem would be amplified even more.

Companies want to motivate their employees to work harder and reward them for their efforts. This is often done with corporate gifts, and often with the same result as the Christmas present scenario described above. Small companies might know each individual employee and give them something they actually want. But in a corporation that employs hundreds or thousands of people, the likelihood of the HR department correctly guessing what each individual employee would like is slim to none. This means that, as with the Christmas presents, corporate gifts are often left unused or traded for something else. Studies have shown that over $90 billion is spent each year on corporate gifts in the United States alone.

What is the Universal Recognition Token?

The Universal Recognition Token (URT) is essentially an online marketplace where recipients of corporate gifts can auction their gifts off to the general public. Once a gift has successfully been auctioned off, the seller receives the value of the gift in cryptocurrency tokens. The seller can then choose to purchase something else with these tokens, trade them for other cryptocurrency tokens or fiat money, or simply save them for a larger purchase or investment. The value of the URT tokens will never expire, even if the person holding them changes employer at a later date.

What is the URT token?

The URT platform is using the Ethereum blockchain, which means that the URT token is utility tokens that comply with ERC20. The value of the URT token is based on the total value of the items being auctioned off on the URT platform. The URT tokens can be traded for other cryptocurrency tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

Who is behind the URT?

The head of this project is Brendan Ward, who is functioning as the CEO of URT. Ward is a seasoned veteran entrepreneur and has worked with AGS Studios, which have products in the app stores for Apple and Google devices. Working alongside Ward will be a team of professionals and experts in the field of cryptocurrencies and online marketplaces.


The rationale behind URT seems perfectly sensible, and the team has definitely identified a gap in the market. The concept itself is pretty straightforward, which will make it easy for anyone to understand and subsequently invest in. The interesting part will be to see how much the value of the token goes up as more and more people auction items off on the platform. Sellers of corporate gifts could potentially make much more than the value of the item they have sold, as the value of the URT token goes up.

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SOUNDEON – The Complete Music Platform

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Soundeon ICO Review

It has been said that the golden age of the music industry is over. Ever since access to the Internet became a staple in every household, and the subsequent emergence of download and streaming services, record sales have taken a substantial hit. Although it has hit every aspect of the music industry, from engineers to artists, record label executives have been quick to think up ways to retain most of their income.

soundeo icofriends

Often, this means shorting the other links in the supply chain: the aforementioned engineers and artists. Artists, for example, are often duped by opaque royalty schemes and hidden clauses in their contracts. Royalty payments to artists are often delayed, in order to retain the money for longer and earn interest. Before any royalties reach the artist’s account, however, various expenses covered by the label are deducted. Whilst this is ordinarily fair, the labels do not make the exact terms and conditions for these deductions clear. Although many artists are taking the independent route, the major record labels still control large parts of the market. 70% of the market is controlled by Warner Brothers and Sony alone. For all their power, many artists do not consider the labels particularly helpful. Concert tickets are still being touted and resold on the black market at inflated prices. They are also failing to form a meaningful connection with the audience they are supposed to cater to. On top of all the problems, there is also the general lack of organization in the music industry to consider. The challenges of making a living out of music as an artist are many. Fortunately, the team behind Soundeon aims to address them with their new ICO.

What is Soundeon?

Soundeon is a blockchain-based decentralized music platform that aims to cover all aspects of the music industry in one place. In other words, Soundeon will be an ecosystem, in which artist have full transparency and control over their music, their rights, their royalties, their ticket sales, and their funding. Through the platform, artists can issue tickets, music fans can purchase them, and all transactions are recorded and kept secure on the digital ledger. The entire process is made very much easier by the use of smart contracts, which are essentially self-executing contracts working on the if/then principle — a vending machine system, in other words. All transactions on the Soundeon platform are made using the native Soundeon Tokens.

What are the main features of Soundeon?

One of the key perks of the Soundeon platform is that musicians can create their own token sales in order to fund their music projects. The Soundeon platform will also include a cryptocurrency exchange, on which artists can trade their own royalty programs in exchange for either Soundeon tokens, fiat money, or other cryptocurrencies.


The ‘Soundeon Monitor’ is a feature that allows the music artists to monitor how many sales they have many, and how many royalties they have accrued. The use of smart contracts, which are referred to as Creative Smart Contracts (CSC) on the Soundeon platform, allows artists to submit time-stamped documents to copyright authorities. Very much like ICOs in general, Soundeon will allow artists to launch their own music ICOs, where fans can purchase artist cryptocurrency tokens to fund that artist’s project. Once the music project is released, the owners of the artist tokens will get a slice of the royalties from the music project. Finally, the Soundeon Player is an internal music player, where fans can stream and download the music created by the artists on the platform. Definitely, an exciting ICO to watch out for!

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Bitcoin Casino Top 10

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BTC Casino Top 10 Review

Online casinos have been around since the 90’s, when bookmakers discovered the wonders of the Internet. The introduction of online casinos was revolutionary in the world of betting. Today, cryptocurrency casinos are the next natural step. Here, we take a look at the top 10 best Bitcoin casinos out there.

Bitcoin Casino US Review

Bitcoin Casino US is relatively new casino of its kind, having only been launched in 2015. It has quickly gained steam, and offers a large number of games to play. Due to the wide variety betting options, it has quickly become popular. Bitcoin Casino US creates a smooth experience of its users by letting them withdraw their money almost instantly.


Their customer support is also very responsive and helpful. Live chat is also an option. As with other online casinos, new users receive a bonus on their first three deposits — up to 2 BTC the second and third time.

Fortune Jack Review

Fortune Jack offers a variety of games supplied to the platform by nine different game developers. As opposed to other sites, the games are here sorted by developer rather than genre. The site focuses a lot on traditional casino games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette. That said, there are also a host of slot machine games available. In addition to a welcome bonus and deposit bonus, Fortune Jack offers users weekly rake race bonuses as well. Worth noting is that all prices and prizes on Fortune Jack are listed in Bitcoin, as the site focuses exclusively on this cryptocurrency.

7BitCasino Review

7BitCasino is aware that not all BTC casinos are created equal, which is why its very reassuring as a player that they have a Certificate of Trust. The games they provide are very diverse, and are delivered by well-known developers such as SoftSwiss, Microgaming Quickfire, and Betsoft. Ezugi has also provided 7BitCasino with a live dealer room, which is quite exciting.


All games can be played in an instant-play interface, which makes it a much more enjoyable experience. One of the reasons the game quality is so high here is that they are regularly tested by third parties. Both BTC and fiat money are accepted.

mBit Casino Review

As with 7BitCasino, mBit Casino also has an instant play feature, as well as a live dealer room. But this is far from everything this casino has to offer. Users will be free to choose between over a thousand different games to play. One of the convenient features of mBit Casino is that they also offer mobile games. This means you can always have the casino with you in your pocket. The games have all undergone rigorous testing to ensure the fairness. Their customer service has received a lot of praise from users, and it is easy to see why. They stand at the ready 24/7 should you experience any difficulties.

Bitcoin Penguin Review

Bitcoin Penguin has been around for quite along time, considering that Bitcoin was only launched just under a decade ago. Having been in the game for a while (pardon the pun), Bitcoin Penguin has positioned themselves as one of the best BTC casinos around. Their poker games are particularly popular, due to the variety. Their gaming library also include everything from lottery to slot machines. The developers supplying Bitcoin Penguin include Booming Games, Betsoft Gaming, SoftSwiss, Endorphina, and Belatra. In addition to Bitcoin, you can also use Litecoin and Dogecoin here as well. Review

Another BTC casino that has been around for a while is, having been established in 2013. One of the striking features of is the simplicity of the site. This is particularly good if you are new to Bitcoin casinos, or online casinos in general. Their games library is huge, and they have worked with the likes of Betsoft Gaming, Aristocrat, Novomatic, and Xin Gaming to deliver a range of excellent games. Poker players will be thrilled to find out that their poker room is part of the rapidly growing Winning Poker Network (WPN).

BetChain Review

For players who are serious about making a profit and then withdraw their winnings, BetChain is a good casino to use. Flexibility is one of the words that define BetChain. In terms of deposits, players are able to deposit less than 20 Euros. You can make a deposit using your cryptocurrency wallet, whether it is in Euros or cryptocurrency. In addition to Bitcoin, BetChain also allows for other cryptocurrencies to be used. Winners are able to withdraw their money within an hour after the pending period is over. A very serious casino!


BitCasino Review

BitCasino is, as the name implies, a casino that focuses exclusively on Bitcoin as a method of payment. Launched in 2014, BitCasino is a bit younger than the other casinos on our list, but this has not stopped them from gaining serious popularity. With game developers such as Betgames, Endorphiona, Takisto, Betsoft, Ezugi, and Play’n’Go, players will not be limited in terms of gaming options. As with other casinos, newcomers are offered a 100% welcome bonus to get them off to a good start.

Cloudbet Review

When it comes to sportsbooks, there are few that can rival that of Cloudbet. It could easily rival that of more mainstream bookmakers, and so can the website’s design. Cloudbet has been around since 2013, and have nicely settled into their sports niche. They offer the higher number of betting markets of any sportsbook on the market. On top of the many sports games you can bet on, there is also a hefty welcome bonus to be made. There is also a huge selection of live betting options.

btc casino us

Das Ist Casino Review

Das Ist Casino is potentially the BTC casino with the most game developers in their library. It includes games from Microgaming, GameArt, Endorphina, Belatra, NextGen Gaming, Betsoft, NetEnt, Habanero, and the list goes on. In other words, you will never have to leave. The site has an open live casino, and you can also access the games on your mobile phone. Das Ist Casino also has one of the highest maximum cash out limits, so you can withdraw several thousands every week.

Bank of Canada proposes Centralized Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin emerged as an alternative currency in 2009 out of the ashes of the financial crisis the year before. The now-famous cryptocurrency boasted a series of benefits that the traditional financial system did not have. Among these were security, transparency, and, most importantly, decentralization.

The decentralization would ensure that records of financial transactions were kept safe from manipulation and fraud. Therefore, it is quite understandable that a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are wary of anyone bringing up the subject of centralizing cryptocurrency. After all, decentralization is, pardon the pun, central to the entire concept of cryptocurrency. This has not stopped the Bank of Canada from floating about the idea of a centralized cryptocurrency.

Bank of Canada releases a working paper

The Bank of Canada has recently released a working paper in which they argue for the incorporation of a centralized cryptocurrency vouched for by the banks. The authors behind the paper acknowledge that cryptocurrencies will inevitably be part of our economic future. Therefore, they write, it would be wise for the existing financial institutions to embrace the concept, rather than trying to fight it. The cryptocurrency industry is quite simply too lucrative for banks to be able to afford to stay out of it. Furthermore, the Bank of Canada’s research reveals that the overall economy could benefit substantially from utilizing cryptocurrency.

Central bank digital currency could boost the economy

One of the main authors of the paper, Mohammad Davoodalhosseini, explains the economic benefits of introducing what he calls a central bank digital currency (CBDC). His forecast shows that consumption in Canada would go up 0.64% with the introduction of CBDC. The benefits would be even more tangible in the United States, where the introduction of CBDC would lead to an increase of 1.6% in consumption. Davoodalhosseini goes on to note that too many banks are currently wasting time considering their options. One of the reasons they are apprehensive is because they do not see a way for fiat money and cryptocurrencies to coexist.

Can fiat money and cryptocurrencies co-exist?

The concerns of the banks are unfounded, according to the paper published by the Bank of Canada. In fact, the paper argues that the reality is quite the opposite. Not only does fiat money and cryptocurrencies already coexist, but there could be wider societal benefits if the banks embraced both forms of currency. One of the key arguments is that by implementing CBDC, banks will be able to stay competitive in the future financial market. Another argument put forward is that the implementation of CBDC would not even be very expensive. Finally, the economic welfare of the country using CBDC would improve considerably.

The future lies with CBDC

Davoodalhosseini concludes the paper with some suggestions for how banks can best implement CBDC, and why it is important. If only fiat money or CBDC is available, it automatically places restrictions on people’s ability to conduct business. This, in turn, would have a negative impact on the general economy. With CDBC, the central banks would be able to accommodate the wishes of their clients to trade in cryptocurrencies. Whether or not the paper will sway the current financial institutions remains to be seen.

Steven Bannon to launch his own cryptocurrency

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Steve Bannon is an innovative, albeit controversial, man. He’s had a diverse career that includes serving in the Marines, working for Goldman Sachs, making documentaries, heading the Breitbart news outlet, and, most recently, working as the White House Chief Strategist. He no longer works for President Donal Trump, nor is he working with Breitbart. But that does not mean that he is slowing down. His latest project involves marrying populist politics with a cryptocurrency. The token will be used as a tool to empower the disenfranchised working class in the United States. Bannon, however, also has plans for his European counterparts.

Deplorables Coin

Bannon has been very enthusiastic about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general and has stated that he believes they are the future of the economy. He has for a long time been toying with the idea of launching his own ‘deplorables’ coin, which is a reference to Hillary Clinton’s description of Trump supporters during the 2016 presidential election campaign. Although Bannon himself has not gone into much details about the cryptocurrency token, his new partner Jeffrey Wernick has shed some light on the project.

Who is Jeffrey Wernick?

Bannon’s new partner is a seasoned trader, entrepreneur, and investor. Wernick has worked for the investment bank Salomon Brothers, invested in startups like Uber and Airbnb, and, more recently, is an evangelist for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Last year, he joined the advisory board of Qtum, which is a Chinese blockchain firm. Wernick and Bannon have a shared interest in helping online users protect their data from being exploited by the big tech companies. The transparency and security offered by blockchain technology seem a natural fit for this goal.

A utility token for political activists

What will the ‘deplorables’ coin do? According to Wernick, it will have multiple functions. First and foremost, it will help provide users with an alternative to the current financial system which is run by the central banks. Secondly, it will be used to incentivize people to engage in political activism. Although Bannon’s political leanings are clear, his token will not be biased towards any particular party. Rather, the aim is for political activists to be able to support smaller parties and break the two-party system of Democrats and Republicans.

From the United States to Europe

Bannon has recently begun to involve himself more in European politics. In particular, he is in support of the Five Star Movement and the League in Italy, Alternative for Germany in Germany, National Rally in France, and UKIP in the United Kingdom. He sees the emerging populist parties in Europe as an opportunity to form a coalition he calls ‘The Movement’.

As he is opposed to the European Union and the European Central Bank, he will encourage EU member states to launch their own cryptocurrencies. This will, according to Bannon, help them break free of what he views as an oppressive bureaucracy.

What do you think about the ‘deplorables’ coin? Would it be good to incentivize political activism with money in this way? Leave your comments in the section below!

The 7 Kinds of Cryptoassets

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There is much confusion about what constitutes a cryptocurrency, and no wonder. With so many different combinations of cryptoassets, they can easily get mixed up. Here, we have a look at the seven most common cryptoassets, and outline what makes each of them unique.


Cryptocurrencies are by far the most known form of cryptoasset. This category includes the godfather of cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin. It is money in its purest form, and can be used to purchase products and services from vendors who accept cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies can be traded for other tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. They have been criticised by banks like JPMorgan and Bank of America, mainly because they are a new form of competition challenging the status quo. Conversely, firms like Goldman Sachs and Shorcan are embracing the new developments and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Platform tokens

Platform tokens are a form of cryptoasset that are unique to a specific platform. A good example of this is Ether tokens, which are unique to the Ethereum platform. Ethereum is a particularly interesting example, as it is now widely used in ICOs. Many development teams launching their own ICOs use Ethereum’s platform, and create their own customized versions of the Ether tokens to go with the ICO. ICOs are a hugely popular method of fundraising. Over $7 billion dollars have been raised through the method of ICOs, and 70% of these ICOs use the Ethereum platform.

Utility tokens

Utility tokens are a bit different from platform tokens, in the sense that they work with a specific application rather than an entire platform. A good example of utility tokens are those used on Golem, which is an application that aims to connect all the processing power of smartphones into a collective processor. This collective processor can then be used in exchange for Golem’s utility tokens. It could be compared to Amazon’s offering of Amazon Web Services. Amazon is the platform, and Amazon Web Services is the app.

Security tokens

There has been much debate about whether or not Ethereum is a cryptocurrency or a security. The outcome of this debate will determine which regulations would be applied to the token. Security tokens are what could be considered bonds and equities. Traditionally, these kinds of transactions have to go through a number of intermediaries. In the world of blockchain, however, the costs and time required to complete this kind of trade is greatly reduced.

Natural asset tokens

This kind of cryptoasset is perhaps what will make cryptocurrencies go mainstream. They are tokens that represent the value of a real material good. This can range from traditional ones like oil and gold, to trees in a forest. A good example of natural asset tokens is Chicago Mercantile’s exchange’s Royal Mint Gold, which is backed by gold bullion.


Much like regular collectibles, cryptocollectibles are just that: collectibles, but based on blockchain technology. An example of cryptocollectibles is the CryptoKitties, which is the blockchain version of Tamagochi. Owners of CryptoKitties can raise, feed, and breed virtual kittens. These collectibles accrue value over time, much like stamps or action figures.

Crypto-fiat currencies

As with natural asset tokens, crypto-fiat currencies could well be the concept that makes cryptocurrency payments a mainstream phenomenon. It is essentially a cryptocurrency token backed by the fiat money and/or natural resources of a given country. A good example of this is the Petro, which was launched by the Venezuelan government last year. The Petro is backed by Venezuela’s large oil reserves, which makes it more stable than other kinds of tokens.

DESTREAM – Cryptocurrency for Streamers

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DeStream ICO Review

As data becomes cheaper, streaming becomes more and more popular. From Facebook to YouTube to Switch, the platforms are numerous — and so are the streamers. Some kinds of streaming are more popular than others. Gaming has for a long time been a favorite in the streaming world, and the audience keeps growing every day.

The industry has become so profitable that it is now a legitimate occupation to be a full-time streamer. Some accept donations from their fans, others are sponsored by corporations. Needless to say, streaming eats up a lot of data. As a matter of fact, two thirds of all Internet traffic is down to streaming services. Due to the rapid growth of the industry, it is an ever-changing space. Whilst many have enjoyed great success from their streaming, others have been left disappointed with the platforms themselves. YouTube, for example, recently changed the eligibility criteria for streamers who want to earn ad revenue from their streams. Streamers who previously were able to make some money from ads discovered that they were no longer eligible. In addition, YouTube tends to censor certain content that is not in line with their own political leanings. This has caused many streamers and content creators to look for other platforms. Fortunately, there are alternatives to making an income. Patreon is a very popular website where content creators and streamers can accept regular donations from their audience. YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms also allow livestream chats to be pushed to the top in exchange for a donation. The only problem is the cut the platforms take from the donations. Patreon takes 10%, and the other platforms also impose heavy fees.

What is DeStream?

DeStream is a project that aims to address all the issues outlined above. While many streamers have digital wallets where they can accept cryptocurrency donations to, there is not yet a dedicated streaming platform that facilitates crypto-payments. DeStreams wants to be that platform, and it will not only allow for a decentralized streaming platform where cryptocurrency donations are possible, it will also make it completely free from censorship. Best of all is that the platform will drastically reduce the fees charged on donations, so streamers will see more of their fan donations in their bank accounts.

What is the DST token?

The DST tokens are the native currency on the DeStream platform, and will have several uses. They will obviously be used by fans to make donations to their favourite streamers. They will also be used to pay for the transactions, and purchasing digital goods on the platform and its affiliate partners. When streamers take on advertisers, they will also be paid in DST tokens. The tokens can also be used by streamers to access big data analytics. Finally, streamers will also be able to pay for marketing on the platform using DST tokens.

IAT – Revolutionizing Real Estate

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iat ico

IAT ICO Review

Few industries are as profitable as real estate. Transfer of ownership is far from an easy process, however. Stacks of legal paperwork has to be read and signed, and numerous intermediaries want a slice of the pie. It takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money to trade in real estate. Fortunately, there are a number of interesting blockchain projects dedicated to simplifying this process. One of these is the IAT project.

iat ico review

What is IAT?

IAT is a team of people who want to revolutionise the real estate market, starting with the Philippines. One of the attractive features of this ICO is that IAT already has a functional management company in place. They are now seeking funding to develop their blockchain platform.

What problems will IAT solve?

The team behind IAT cite several issues with the current real estate market. The main aim is to cut down on all round transactional costs. The real estate market is currently inflated due to agents, taxes, brokers, and developers all adding to the transactional costs. In the Philippines, the cost of buying or selling a property is almost a quarter of the total property value. IAT wants that cost brought down to half. Another issue IAT wants to address is that of security. Because many properties on the market are of such high value, the buyers and sellers are often the target of hackers. The current system, albeit relatively secure, is not sufficient to protect all the parties involved in a real estate transaction. IAT wants to utilise blockchain technology to safely store the data of the buyers and sellers. There is also the risk of fraud and ownership disputes, which often results from a lack of transparency. IAT also wants to create this much-needed transparency, and thus eliminate these risks.

How does IAT work?

As mentioned, IAT wants to utilise the blockchain to secure client data. Because the data will be stored on a digital ledger that is decentralised, it will mean that it cannot be changed or manipulated in anyway by one single source. This will not only protect the data, but also save everyone money on much more expensive (and less effective) security measures. Another benefit of storing the data on a digital ledger is that it is there for everyone to see, thus creating the transparency that will prevent ownership disputes and fraudulent activity. Finally, the platform will be using the Ethereum platform, which means that smart contracts can be used as agreements between buyer and seller. This will further reduce the costs of the transaction, as a number of intermediaries will be cut out of the process.

What are the benefits of IAT?

The real estate market is very profitable, which means there is a high likelihood that the IAT tokens will rise in value. Because the market is ever expanding, the IAT project also has a lot of growth potential. The team behind the ICO already has a management company in place, and already has a lot of interest from investors.

Who is behind IAT?

The CEO is Lim Kim Hwee (AKA Raymond), the director is Chiew Zi Kai (AKA Bryan), the marketing director is Jovelle De Guzman, the PR manager is MJ Pojida, the events manager is Leo Salonga, and the operations manager is Marelyn Cubian.

iat icox

Token distribution

45% of the tokens will be available during the official token sale. 33% of the tokens will be kept as a reserve. 13% of the tokens will be spent on operational costs, such as marketing, bonuses, and bounty programs. The final 9% of tokens will be allocated to the team members, their advisors, as well as the legal consultants.

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BLACKBOX – Boosting Capitalism

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blackbox ico

Blackbox ICO Review

Blackbox is an ICO that wants to completely transform the way in which we work. Well, perhaps not completely. But radically — in a positive way. Whilst the team behind the project level a few criticisms against the capitalist system we all live under, they do not disavow it. Rather, they seek to create a ‘boosted capitalism’, in which employees find a deeper meaning in their work.

Blackbox Background

The Blackbox team describes how the current incarnation of capitalism places profit above everything else. This system leads people to seek out work that pays well, but is not necessarily personally rewarding. In most cases, the work feels like a chore, something to be over and done with, and preferably as fast as possible. This kind of mentality leads to huge waste in the workplace. The Blackbox team cites a Gallup poll which revealed that 70% of all workers do not put in a lot of effort at work. On top of not enjoying their job, the same employees find themselves in a never-ending debt spiral despite sacrificing their time and energy on chasing money for money’s sake. The vision for this ICO is to follow the cultural trend of the Millennial and Generation Z generations, where work is no longer considered a necessary evil, but rather a positive contribution based on personal characteristics. The team mention a shift in our collective consciousness that leads our society in the direction of pursuing personal fulfilment rather than mere profits. After all, what is the point of having money if we cannot use it to become personally fulfilled and happy with life?

What is Blackbox Operating System?

Where does the ICO enter into all of this? They begin by challenging the current concept of an organisation. Businesses today are hierarchical and centralised. This is part of the problem Blackox is trying to solve. As you may have guessed, the decentralised nature of blockchain technology will thus play a huge part in the operating system Blackbox wants to build. The operating system will essentially be a platform on which a number of individuals can collaborate on work projects. As opposed to traditional corporate structures, the organisation of these individuals will be flat and decentralised. With this system in place, all workers can influence their own schedule, and only contribute to projects in ways that they find personally fulfilling. The influence these workers hold over a project is determined by a reputation system — not dissimilar to reviews on Trustpilot and other websites.

How does Blackbox work?

The Blackbox creators make no attempt to hide that this is a gig economy system. However, they stress that it is much more than that. Rather, one of the key aims of the Blackbox system will be for people to work together towards a common good. When assembling the team for a project, the members of the team will be selected based on their reputation and their capabilities.

Connecting them all will be the Blackbox system, which will also ensure that everyone gets paid promptly. Once a given project has been completed by the team, each member will receive 80% of the project revenue. The remaining 20% will be spent on operational costs. Workers are paid in the native BBOS token, which are backed by a fiat money reserve. The first step for Blackbox is to start their project with professionals in AI, data science, blockchain technology, machine learning, and other technical fields. The system will, however, eventually expand to all possible fields of work and expertise.

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