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I’m a freelance writer and full-time curious person. My main interests are philosophy, politics, art, culture, science, and how they’re all interlinked. When I’m not writing, I’m fronting a band, producing records, and making videos. I’m also currently working on launching a YouTube channel that will focus on culture and politics. I think blockchain technology is fascinating because of the huge potential it has to revolutionise not only the financial sector, but society as a whole.

Asia Not Phased as Cryptocurrencies Plummet

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Anyone following the news about cryptocurrencies will be aware that the market is extremely volatile at the moment – perhaps more than it has ever been before.

This means many things. First of all, crypto-miners are having to revise their strategy (and energy bill) when it comes to the feasibility of their mining gig.

Secondly, day-traders are losing both money and interest in the market, as trading Bitcoins and other currencies are no longer as profitable as it used to be.

Conversely, long-term investors are now losing their scepticism and are showing a renewed interest in cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment.

Overall, many once-promising Bitcoin millionaires are now left with a bleak outlook on an uncertain future as the market is seemingly all over the place.

But this only holds true for the West. In the East, cryptocurrencies are perhaps as strong as ever.

Eastern Promises

For companies like BitPay, who, despite the massive drop in cryptocurrency value of the last few month, have somehow managed to secure over $70 in funds, the East shows a lot of promise in terms of expansion.

As a matter of fact, Asia is BitPay’s fastest growing market.

Not only are Asian business thrilled by the prospect of being able to have their invoices paid in one day, as opposed to the long process of traditional banking systems, but Asian consumers are increasingly using Bitcoin to pay for goods and services.

On top of the fast transactions, Asian businesses trading internationally are also happy to see a reduction of transaction fees down to a meagre 1% – much less than would be the case with regular bank transfers.

From China to Japan

In China, the all-around versatile app WeChat has now launched WeChat Pay, which is essentially a QR code that can be used as payment in almost any restaurant or retailer.

In Japan, Bitcoin has been accepted as legal tender for over a year now, and Japanese banks are in the process of developing their very own cryptocurrency called J-Coin.

One of the reasons why investors and entrepreneurs alike see an opening in Asia is that credit cards are not being used as widely there as it is here in the West.

This means that there is ample opportunity to start spreading the use of cryptocurrencies as an alternative form of payment.

Challenges ahead

There are of course challenges to be dealt with as well as opportunities to be seized.

One of the challenges is the fluctuating value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Although the Asian market seems more enthusiastic about the technology, they are, like any other markets, not immune to the volatile nature.

Another challenge is whether or not technological advancement can keep up with the demand for cryptocurrencies – if there’s only a few places to pay with Bitcoin, it will lose some of its appeal.

What do you think of the Asian approach to cryptocurrencies? Do you feel like the West could learn a thing or two about the Eastern mentality? And what about the challenges? Will Asian investors and entrepreneurs face the same issues as Western ones?

Leave your comments below!

Is the Crypto-Mining Rush Fading?

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Bitcoin mining

Mining cryptocurrencies has been a easy and profitable business or pastime for many people – but that may be changing now.

For those in the know, mining cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, demands a lot of processing power from your computer, and will also very quickly rack up your electricity bill.

Students are ‘dropping out’

For this reason, university students in the US have been at an advantage, because their electricity bill is often included in the rent for their dorm rooms.

This hasn’t changed, but what has changed is the increase in mining costs, combined with a fall in many of the cryptocurrencies being mined.

Crypto-miners are not alone in facing these issues – it affects avid gamers too. The rising cost is linked to the graphics cards used in computers, and these graphic cards alone can easily cost as much as the average person spends on a whole laptop.


Is mining still feasible?

Whereas university students were making quite a lot of money off of mining in the past, these days it can yield as little as $100 per month – which, if they paid for the electricity themselves, would not be a feasible business for the students.

One student reported that he last year managed to mine .00027 Bitcoins daily, but that it cost him 24 kilowatt of electricity to mine. With the soaring price in Bitcoin back then, it seemed like a great idea – these days, it’s a less attractive option.

The simple reason why crypto-mining is becoming more expensive is due to the fact that currencies like Bitcoin are inflation-proof: the system is set up in a way that there is a limit to how many Bitcoins can be in circulation at any one time.

This means that mining Bitcoin, for example, becomes more difficult as time passes. The equation computers need to solve to yield Bitcoins become harder the more Bitcoins are in circulation.

As the amount of Bitcoins comes closer to the limit, mining will only be possible for those with the most sophisticated computers – and those who can afford the incredibly expensive energy bill.

Mining costs around the world

The price of mining Bitcoins varies depending on where you are in the world. In South Korea, for example, the price of mining a Bitcoin is double of what Bitcoins are currently worth. Anyone mining in South Korea would therefore have to be very confident that the value of Bitcoin will go up.

In Venezuela, conversely, the government subsidizes the energy, and so the price for mining one Bitcoin is only around $500 – around 1/20th of the current value of Bitcoins.

The US falls somewhere in the middle – depending on which state you’re in, mining a Bitcoin will cost you around $3,000-4,000. So for the US citizens, mining is still a profitable business.

For those considering to begin mining Bitcoins, there are some good news on the horizon, however. Intel is currently working on a solution that will lower the power consumption of computers used for mining.

Have you been affected by the rising cost in mining? Leave your comments below!

What is Stablecoin?

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There are many ways to describe the market for cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but “stable” is not one of them. One only needs to glance over any news relating to the popular currencies to see that the coin values go up and down, round and round.

New types of cryptos constantly emerge, and some only last a few months before they fade back into obscurity. Investors bite their fingernails and tear their hair out, as they watch their once-promising investments plummet in a split second – just before they rise in value again.

No, the market for cryptocurrencies is anything but stable.

Why many are still reluctant about investing

Compared to traditional markets, the market for cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile. On the stock exchange, you can maybe see stocks move up or down one percent. On the cryptocurrency market, that number is five times as high.

This alone is one of the reasons why many are still choosing to stay far away from cryptocurrencies. Players in traditional markets know better: the bigger you are, the harder you fall. Investing in a market as unstable as cryptocurrencies means taking too many risks, at too high a cost.

Another reason many stay away is that cryptocurrencies are not tied to anything physical, anything tangible, outside the digital world.

Is Stablecoin the solution?

Enter Stablecoin. A cryptocurrency that comes with the promise of solving this issue. Two of the main players in this space are DAI and Tether. The latter of the two, for example, is tied to the US dollar. That means that every Tether coin is, in effect, worth around $1.

Tether supports this by having one actual real dollar for every Tether coin issued. This concept is much more palatable for those who are used to having the reassurance that they stocks can be redeemed for something physical, that there is a guarantee their currencies will be worth something down the line.

But tying cryptocurrencies to a national currency is far from the only option on offer when it comes to stablecoin. Others are offering, or will be offering in the near future, cryptocurrencies tied to traditional assets like gold and oil.

What this also means is that it is possible to exploit the volatility of cryptocurrencies that are not tied to anything. So if you sell a coin like Ripple (worth $100, for example) for 100 Tethers, and Ripple then falls to $20, you can buy five Ripples back. In this way, many investors are making big bucks.


But is Stablecoin safe?

However, not everyone are equally optimistic about stablecoin. Tether as a company has been the subject of some controversy, and many claim there is a conflict of interest between Tether and Bitfenix– they have the same founder.

Doubt has also started to spread as to whether there are any actual US dollars to backup the enormous amount of Tether coins being issued.

Finally, Tether has, as a company, been reluctant to release their accounts, which has raised further suspicion about their legitimacy as a company.

What do you think about Stablecoin? Are they the solution or just another scam? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


LIX PLATFORM – Crowd Funding & Decentralized Assets Platform

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Triple A studios no longer play as important of a role as they did in the 2000’s. With greater awareness and powerful creation tools, it’s easier than ever to start an indie gaming studio. A lot of these independent productions don’t stray away quality-wise from these large, corporate products. Still, what will perhaps never change is that game production is an extremely high effort task that is very time-consuming. Great amounts of money are required to develop a game, and a lack of visible community support can be discouraging. LIX knows a solution to these ails, and wants to provide a decentralized platform where everyone can crowdfund their game.

lix platform

LIXCOIN Description

In addition to being a platform for game crowdfunding, the coin is supposed to be an in-game micro-transaction currency. The company claims to be composed of avid gamers, but as an avid gamer myself, I can’t help but hate the whole concept of micro-transactions as they shallow out the gaming industry. Not only games are more expensive than ever, with a $100 price tag for a brand new title at times, we’re required to pay for DLC and in-game content! A cheap way for dishonest devs to make a ton of money. But I digress. Game development on LIX will be easier than ever, as LIX will provide a decentralized platform for management and creation of gaming assets. Actually, this sounds like the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace to me, but decentralized. Though, later on in the whitepaper we find out that they rather mean in-game assets, such as weapons and collectibles, instead of assets to produce the game. What strikes me is that despite being colorful and having a professional look, the whitepaper doesn’t read professional at all. And the idea feels like a money grab. I remain sceptical to this project.

Regarding the ICO, unlike most other ICO’s, this is not an ERC20 token, but a standalone cryptocurrency, which I presume is somehow based on Ethereum. Usual 100,000,000 coin supply, name LIX, 69% of funds go to the ICO, rest gets distributed to the team/platform costs, et cetera.

LIX Team

I’d say that I’m not surprised by the composition of this group. For this money-grabby idea with little subtlety, there isn’t a single face that stands out. The Co-Founder has a sociology degree, which, to be frank, doesn’t have a positive connotation in my mind when we’re speaking about a gaming project. Other members have linguistics and psychology degrees. There is very little development or financial education on board. This fortifies my perception of LIX being a money grab, or even downright scam. I sense no shred of serious competence in this project.

lix platform ico

LIX Social Media, Summary

Quite good for an ICO like this, LIX has over 1.5k likes on Facebook, and high post engagement. Yet, a short post history, dating only to 12th December of 2017. Comments are littered with semi-gibberish like “nice project”, “good project”, “awesome project”, giving me the impression that the team bought the likes and comments. Yikes! Twitter has over 3.5k followers, but only 122 likes. Seems like bots don’t like content on this platform. With all of this in mind, I’d stay away from this ICO. It could possibly be a scam.

CRYPTOBnB – Vacation Rentals Platform

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Despite the recent plunge of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency still remains popular as ever. Economic and political uncertainties have steered the public towards Cryptocurrencies for private and secure exchanges, you know, instead of relying on traditional currencies. But the finance is not the only industry Cryptocurrencies are targeting; CryptoBnB is a Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency platform that seeks to revolutionize the hospitality industry.

CryptoBnB is a hospitality marketplace that matches travelers looking for accommodation to available short-term rentals wherever they are. CryptoBnB uses technologies such as Big Data and AI in Blockchain as well as smart contract system to help travelers search for proper accommodation efficiently. CryptoBnB doesn’t want to introduce new accommodation spaces; the platform will be using the existing options but will provide better flexibility, lower overall fees, and more efficiency when searching.

CryptoBnB Main Goal

CryptoBnB is basically a hospitality app, but cheaper and more efficient. One of the biggest problems with Air BnB and other hospitality apps is that their services are too expensive. Travelers looking for short-term rentals, say a week or just a couple of days, end up paying the highest accommodation fees. Additionally, with these apps, some tenants end up trashing the host’s place and get away with it for just a small fee even when the damage is big.


CryptoBnB’s main aim is to put an end to some of these problems by improving trust between the host and the tenant. When there’s trust between the two, fees will go down and tenants will be more careful not to destroy anything in the house. Simply put, CryptoBnB uses its smart contract system to increase responsibility on both sides, the host, and the tenant, and incentivize them to work together. Tenants can enjoy better, cheaper services. The hosts, on the other hand, get faster asset turnaround and increased ROI.


CryptoBnB Components

CryptoBnB has a lot of features that are designed to improve service delivery for tenants. Some of the major components of the CryptoBnB Blockchain are its Crypto DNA Smart Wallet, AI-powered peer-to-peer marketing, and an enhanced search engine, these are the features that make CryptoBnB stand out. The smart wallet is CryptoBnB’s best feature; it’s the driving force behind the platform’s enhanced search engines and smart contracts.

The Blockchain also uses AI data to improve the hosts’ ROI and provide a more targeted market campaign with its peer-to-peer mechanism. CryptoBnB is the only blockchain-driven platform to use AI and Big Data to enhance the capabilities of its search engine. CryptoBnB ensures that travelers are matched to their ideal listings with its combination of search data, user preferences, and transaction history.


CryptoBnB is the first hospitality marketplace platform that’s supported by Blockchain, big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and advanced tokens. CryptoBnB was designed to be efficient, practical, and simple to use. It gives hosts and users an opportunity to work together and develop a market that’s safe, affordable, and easily accessible for all.

SKYFCHAIN – The First Business to Robot Operating Platform

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SKYFchain Review

Blockchain technology is set to change the way we do things. It started with the financial industry; you know Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Blockchain based platforms that are changing the way we store our money, move funds, and make transactions. Moving on to the latest victim of the Blockchain disruption, the Cargo Robot sector. SKYFchain is the first global Blockchain-based B2R (Business-to-Robot) platform that applies to all cargo robotic sectors.

SKYFchain is owned by SKYF, the first ever-heavy industrial freight drone that can take off and land vertically. The SKYF heavy cargo drone has many use cases, but the most common ones are emergency relief distribution, logistics, and agriculture. SKYFchain seeks to create a platform where all the data relating to drone operation can be stored, verified, and shared. The platform, launched with ICO, will be used to finance the cargo robot industry.

SKYFchain Goals

The SKYFchain Blockchain has a number of objectives, but most importantly, the platform will be targeting the integration of all critical information for all players in the market. This platform will have distributed records shared on the platform and will be the source of verified data relating to drone operations. Some the drone data that will be available on the SKYFchain platform include drone routes, mission plans, operation license info, pilot data, maintenance history, and drone specs.


The ledger will also be used to verify details such as the route and the permissions to operate the drone before it takes off to ensure safety compliance. Therefore, the SKYFchain platform will also be used to make the drone cargo industry safer, that qualifies as one of the company’s objectives too. When it comes to SKYF drones, SKYFchain reserves the rights for operations and support, verification, and mission planning.


SKYFchain Components

The SKYFchain platform uses the SKYFT token, the platform’s inbuilt Cryptocurrency, for all transactions within the network. The amount of SKYFT tokens is fixed, and all token holders are entitled to 70 percent of the earnings made on the platform. SKYFchain uses a smart contracts system to provide comprehensive information and substantive control over the assets to users i.e. people and institutions.

One of SKYFchain’s most important component is Blockchain. The Blockchain provides an inbuilt smart contract system that provides necessary data and gives the users a reasonable level of control of their investment. The platform wants to create a new airborne cargo drone industry and after that, introduce seaborne and ground-borne cargo robots into the platform. If successful, the SKYFchain platform will eliminate man as the intermediary in drone cargo industry.


SKYFchain looks promising. It will revolutionize the airborne drone cargo industry and open it up for everyone. There are a lot of reasons for investing in this blockchain. For starters, it’s unique. One of a kind. The SKYF drone is already making it big in the industry, and it can only get bigger.

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The U.S. Examines Cryptocurrencies And ICO Markets

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According to emerging news, on 14th March 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee of Finance Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities and investments initiated a process of formulating regulations for the Cryptocurrencies and ICO Markets. Official reports confirm that this is the first among a series of hearings that the U.S. is holding to deliberate on policy formulation to regulate, reorient and realign the market that is taking the world by storm from October 2017.

This meeting was a culmination of the summit held in early March 2018. James Sullivan, the Deputy President Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration portfolio was the presenter at the summit. He had called for concerted efforts from all quotas in policy formulation to regulate and streamline the already robust ICO Markets and the cryptocurrencies growing popularity. The sitting aims to formulate a set of laws and regulations dubbed “The ICO White Paper.” The white paper will address the following issues affecting the cryptocurrencies and the ICO Markets:
• Current regulatory frameworks that regulate these ventures
• Economic efficiencies of ICO Markets as a source of capital for startups
• Approaches to protecting investors’ interests in ICO ventures.

Submissions To The Session

The sitting received testimonial submissions from various experts on economic and financial matters. These professionals are advising the session on factors to consider in managing the cryptocurrency and ICOs markets.

Chris Brummer testimonial. He is a professor of securities law and international trade regulation at Georgetown University Law Centre. The professor of the law pointed out fraud and misrepresentation as the main shortcoming bedeviling the ICO markets. The solution to this problem is disclosure. The professor presented a list of resolutions to curb non-disclosure and align the ICO and Cryptocurrency markets into law-abiding and financially secure investment ventures. According to him, these disclosures have to focus on:
•Promoter’s Location and Contact Information
• Industry Risk Factors
• Problem and Proposed
• Description of Token Technology Solution
• Problem and Proposed Description of Token
• Qualifications of Technical Team
• Promoter’s Location and Contact Information
The professor, further recommends that it should be mandatory for firms offering ICOs to file all the disclosure with the SEC

Mike Lempress testimonial. He is the Chief Legal and Risk officer at Coinbase Inc. His testimonial acknowledged the importance of the cryptocurrencies and ICOs market on the U.S. economy and the world at large. Mike testified that the Federal government has institutions in place that could streamline the errant markets. The testimonial pointed out disharmony among the federal regulatory institutions as the primary challenge following the exercise. According to the affidavit, the U.S. was advised to support this artistic innovation as a new investment tool in the capital markets. Summarily, this testimonial called for the SEC, CFTC, IRS, and FinCEN regulatory bodies to harmonize their approach towards ICOs markets and provide clear regulations.

Peter Van Valkenburg, a director at Coin base, presented a testimonial from a public policy and research on blockchains perspective. This testimonial called for a change of attitude on the policymakers’ part of emerging technologies. According to the findings of his work, the issue at hand has everything to do with the federal regulators applying old laws and assumptions on entirely new technology. The testimonial encouraged the regulators to remodify the understanding of ICO markets and Blockchains to eliminate the confusion in the markets.

REDBUX – Biggest Payment Revolution in Adult Fun Today!

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redbux ico


RedBux is an online currency that is believed to be one of the major contributors in the world of adult entertainment. It has enabled some of the world largest firms such as IWantEmpire and Wicked Pictures to introduce this new platform into their system, coming up with over six thousand various types of points of payments.

More About RedBux ICO

The public token pre-sale of the RedBux ICO began on the 22nd day of March 2018.
Individuals will be able to take part in this pre-sale period are only the users who are whitelisted.

They will be awarded a bonus of 35% of their amount for signing up in advance. The RedBux token has been created on the ERC20 utility token and would be applied for the purposes of guaranteeing all kinds of payments in the ecosystem.

The token is known as RedBux and is believed to possess more than six thousand points of payment for a number of adult-rated websites. The tokens will be able to make payments much faster and provide an avenue of working out any kinds of technical hitches on the spot.


The Team at RedBux

There is a team that consists of a dozen members working tirelessly to ensure that RedBux provides the services it is designed to offer, and in the best manner possible.

This team is headed by Tobias Platte, who is also the current Chief Executive Officer of the company. In addition to the dozen-member team, there are also a number of advisors that work under the leadership of Mr. Platte. One of the largest industry sectors in the entire globe is porn, and the introduction of RedBux is a step towards advancing operations in this space.


With the Virtual Reality technology receiving positive adoption around the globe, there is a promising future for this new service provider.

This is how RedBux Operates

The main idea behind the creation of RedBux platform is to introduce an engine booster that will enhance the development of the most responsive and advanced Virtual Reality that has ever been witnessed in the world of porn.

This is the latest technology that integrates the use of Virtual Reality in collaboration with AI {Artificial Intelligence} Avatars. Their main intention is to come up with the most interactive experience in the world of porn.

It will be comprised of some of the most renowned names in the world of porn, and it will run on the RedBux token.

In summary

RedBux is the perfect bet for anyone who is in search of an investment that is fully guaranteed. It is one of the best investments that are on the market as of now. It has been anchored on the idea of connecting users to their best porn actors and actress in a virtual reality experience.

The experience, according to those who have used the services, is not only attractive but also very lifelike. RedBux has a very promising future, and in the next couple of years, it could become the few mega billion-dollar companies dealing in the world of porn.

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Huawei In Talks With Sirin Lab (SRN) To Develop A Blockchain Enabled Smartphone

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Huawei Blockchain Smartphone

Sources privy to Huawei Technologies have disclosed that there are ongoing talks with Sirin Lab (SRN) to develop a Blockchain enabled smartphone. The representatives of the two firms have also confirmed the meeting but failed to disclose further details.

Based in Shenzhen, China, the Tech giant is the world’s third-largest handset manufacturer. The smartphone will have a market niche and is expected to go a long way in spreading the adaption of the Blockchain Technology.

About Sirin Lab

The sources, who sought anonymity, confirmed that Huawei is trying to develop Blockchain enabled smartphones by licensing and using Sirin Lab’s operating system Sirin OS. Sirin Lab is specialized in creating open source solutions that connect blockchains with the markets directly.

The Sirin OS is highly specialized to host complex Blockchain application applications such as secure exchange access, crypto wallet, peer-to-peer resource sharing for applications and payments and, encrypted communications. Most interestingly, the OS supports a cold storage crypto wallet feature. This feature allows the smartphone users to be active in multiple blockchains as they can convert fiat money from one Cryptocurrency to another for use in the Blockchains. Additionally, the Sirin OS can support advanced security features that identify smartphone users based on their behavioral cues and personal biometrics.

The generic OS has already been tested and applied in the Finney Devices – the Cyber Secure Blockchain enabled SRN phones. The Finney devices are priced at $1000 on, and there are 25000 pre-orders as per the firm’s spokesperson, Nimrod May.

The Blockchain Enabled Huawei Smartphone

If the plans are successful, the Huawei smartphone will be the first Blockchain enabled smartphone in the world and the second Blockchain-enabled phone to be developed. The phone will operate on the Sirin OS alongside Android OS. Phone users will, therefore, be able to download or acquire blockchain applications and run them just like any other conventional Android application.

With the Cryptocurrency market currently worth $350 billion and limited mass participation, it is expected that the Blockchains will be available to the masses just like search engines and social media sites. Most of the Blockchain transactions are limited to computers with advanced processing power.

This super smartphone is expected to be ultra-powerful in enabling Blockchain transactions as Huawei Technologies has advanced cloud computing and cloud security technologies, which will complement the Sirin OS specs.

Summarily, in regards to Blockchains, the smartphone users will be able to trade in ICO Markets, and trade Cryptocurrencies on peer-to-peer networks. The smartphone will also be able to support multiple Blockchain applications simultaneously without affecting the performance of the Android-powered applications.

The Timeline for Talks

According to Sirin Labs’ Telegram hat group, it is evident that Sirin Labs and Huawei Technologies have been holding discussions for about two months. Despite the fact that the sources have indicated the talks were preliminary, it is correct to speculate that some deals are in the pipeline or closed already. However, time will tell.

What to Expect

With the information of the meetings out in the public domain, we expect other smartphone developers and manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Wiko, and Blackberry to follow suit and develop Mobile operating systems that support Blockchain applications. On the other hand, we expect Huawei and Sirin Lab to close the deal, as it is quite apparent that the talks have been going on for some time and the discussions are in advanced stages.

ImmVRse – Content Sharing Platform for Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality came out a few years ago. Back then, most people didn’t take it seriously, many actually never thought of it as more than just a cool toy for children to play with. But VR technology has morphed into something else, and it’s now making inroads in the Blockchain. It’s a whole new level of content creation, and the demand for 360˚ Virtual Reality content has skyrocketed. ImmVRse wants to fill the gap left by the massive lack of high-quality VR content in the advertising, gaming, viewing markets.

VRImmVRse is a Blockchain-driven VR platform where advertisers, viewers, and content creators can share, trade, and distribute VR content using the IMV token. There are several blockchain-based VR platforms at the moment, but none of them can measure up to what ImmVRse is promising to deliver for Virtual Reality Content creators. All the available platforms provide content in 2D/180, and that doesn’t do much to stimulate or encourage growth in the industry. ImmVRse wants to create a whole new ecosystem for VR consumers as well as content creators.

ImmVRse Goal

ImmVRse seeks to solve some of the biggest problems associated with VR industry at the moment. For instance, there’s general lack of high-quality content in the Virtual Reality World. Tech companies such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. have gone ahead to create some quality VR devices but these gadgets remain underutilized since there is not enough quality content to match their capabilities. In fact, most of these devices are only restricted to a few gaming platforms.

ImmVRse intends to solve this problem by creating a platform for Virtual Reality content creators to market and trade their handiwork. All transactions will be made via the IMV token, and content creators can collaborate to create good quality content. The platform is decentralized, meaning that brands, advertisers, and creators will all be allowed to share VR content. ImmVRse is the marketplace for the trading of VR content and is also the distribution platform for content creators. There are no geographical or regulatory limitations in the ImmVRse platform, which makes cross-border transactions easier and a lot cheaper.

ImmVRse Features

ImmVRse is a distributed, decentralized VR platform that allows advertisers, brands, and content creators in different parts of the globe to come together and create the best quality VR content. It’s the first of its kind, at the moment; no other VR platform offers these features. This platform is scalable and as such, allows other types of media production such as 3D animation. However, the platform’s primary focus is Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality /Mixed reality. ImmVRse users will use the blockchain inbuilt Cryptocurrency known as IVR to facilitate transactions.



Two of the most disruptive technologies of the 21st century are Blockchains and Virtual Reality. ImmVRse combines these two technologies to facilitate the creation and distribution high-quality VR media productions and at the same time, creates direct employment of a large number of content creators. ImmVRse platform users really get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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