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I’m a freelance writer and full-time curious person. My main interests are philosophy, politics, art, culture, science, and how they’re all interlinked. When I’m not writing, I’m fronting a band, producing records, and making videos. I’m also currently working on launching a YouTube channel that will focus on culture and politics. I think blockchain technology is fascinating because of the huge potential it has to revolutionise not only the financial sector, but society as a whole.

NEXTPAKK – Crowdsourced Parcel Delivery

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NextPakk Review

NextPakk is the next generation of parcel delivery services. Too often, customers who order products online miss their deliveries, because the parcel delivery services are unable to deliver at a time that is convenient for the customer. Most people have a nine to five job, and are only able to receive deliveries during the evenings and weekends. The drivers, however, are also working nine to five, and so there is an obvious challenge to overcome. NextPakk creates an online marketplace where local businesses, drivers, and customers can connect to solve this issue. The businesses utilise their extra space to store the parcels, the drivers utilise their extra time and vehicles to deliver them, and the customers receive their parcel at a time that is convenient for them.


What is NextPakk?

NextPakk is a blockchain startup company based in Minneapolis, USA. The vision of the company is to integrate blockchain technology and last-mile logistics with the modern supply chain. From the point where a product is created to the point where it is delivered to the address of the buyer, it goes through a long supply chain. The last-mile logistics is where it tends to go wrong, as many deliveries are made to customers during the day when they are at work. This results in a lot of failed deliveries, and ultimately requires the buyer to pick up the delivery themselves at a delivery office. According to research carried out by NextPakk, over one billion failed deliver attempts of this kind happens every year. Needless to say, this results in a lot of wasted time, work hours, and fuel, on the part of the delivery company, and a bad customer experience for the buyer. NextPakk aims to remedy this problem with their delivery system. Instead of having their purchases delivered with a regular company, who might not be able to accommodate night-time deliveries, buyers can have their purchases shipped to NextPakk. NextPakk will then store the client’s parcel in a secure warehouse, which will have 24 hour surveillance. Once delivered to their warehouse, the buyer can then request the parcel to be delivered to them at a time that is convenient for them. Since NextPakk works from 6pm-midnight seven days a week, this offers customers with a nine to five work schedule very good flexibility. As soon as the parcel has been safely received by NextPakk, the customer will be notified. From here, they simply enter their address, phone number, and the date and time for the desired delivery. Customers can choose to pay for a single delivery, or they can sign up for a subscription service in case they receive a lot of deliveries on a regular basis. All the drivers working for NextPakk are background-checked. NextPakk’s guarantee is that the parcel will be delivered successfully the first time, thus taking the hassle out of receiving parcels.

nextpakk ICO

How does NextPakk work?

NextPakk has designed a scalable sharing economy by combining blockchain technology with sharing prosperity. As opposed to most other ICOs, NextPakk does not use the Ethereum network. The Pakka blockchain is instead built on the Stellar fork, which is meant to make the system more scalable and provide a higher output. The Pakka token itself will be the native currency with which buyers pay for their delivery services, and drivers get paid. The drivers themselves can utilise their personal vehicles and spare time to deliver parcels to the buyers. Local businesses can also utilise their extra space to store the parcels and get paid in Pakka tokens. All drivers are background-checked and all parcels are tracked online. As an extra layer of security, NextPakk will also have an escrow system implemented in order to cover for any unexpected damages to the parcels.

What are the key features of NextPakk?

By utilising local businesses and warehouses as their delivery points, NextPakk will have many more places than the average post office or delivery service. This means that deliveries can be carried out much faster, as the parcels will be stores local to the buyer. Because of this close proximity, the distance the driver has to travel to deliver the parcel will also be reduced, thus cutting costs for time and fuel. The delivery points will typically be less than five miles from the address the parcels are to be delivered to. In addition to cutting the distance, the system will also allow for minimising traffic jams. Finally, both the package delivery points and the drivers will be monetarily incentivised to let the buyers control the time of delivery so that there are no failed attempts or chance for the parcel to be stolen because it it left unattended.

What are the benefit of Nextpakk’s ecosystem?

The checks and balances of the NextPakk ecosystem is perhaps the best part of this ICO. The retailers sending the parcels will see an increase in profits, as the number of returned, failed, or stolen deliveries go down. The local businesses who utilise their extra space to store parcels will benefit from an extra income stream. The drivers will also earn an extra income by using their extra time and their own vehicles. Finally, the customers will have a much better experience, as they are in control of the delivery and do not risk their parcel being stolen or returned to the retailer.

nextpakk ico review

What is the Roadmap for NextPakk?

According to NextPakk’s website, the roadmap for their project is as follows:

  • Q1 2016 Seed planted for NextPakk
  • Q3 2016 V1 of NextPakk as a physical solution
  • Q1 2017 Collected feedback from users on V1 and revisited the solution
  • Q2 2017 V2 of NextPakk solution based on shared ecosystem MVP Conducted over 700 customer interviews
  • Q3 2017 Ran a pilot program involving 10+ apartment complexes
  • Q4 2017 Started work on building the platform based on blockchain
  • Q1 2018 Web app launch
  • Q2 2018 Private Tokensale
  • Q3 2018 ICO and token distribution
  • Q4 2018 Market reach in 3 US major cities
  • Q2 2019 Pakka Dapps launch UK/AU/DE markets
  • Q4 2019 Expansion into 10 US major cities R&D using AI in Logistics
  • Q4 2020 Expansion into sub-Saharan countries
  • Q4 2021 Continued worldwide integration with the globas supply chain

How will the Pakka tokens be distributed?

The total supply of Pakka tokens will be 1,000,000,000. Of this supply, 8% will be sold during a private pre-sale, 12% will be sold during the pre-ICO, and a further 30% will be sold during the actual ICO. The team behind NextPakk will have 10% of the tokens made available to them, and their advisors will have 8% to look forward to. 8% of the tokens will be reserved for user rewards and airdrop, and 3% will be earmarked for bounty. The drivers delivering the parcels will have 8% of the tokens in store as rewards for going the extra mile (so to speak), and the local businesses functioning as the package delivery points will have 5% of the tokens assigned to them as rewards. Finally, there will be another 8% of the tokens kept as a company reserve.

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All Exchanges Trading with ICOs Need to Register with SEC

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SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, has affirmed its pervious directive that all ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are indeed categorized and securities. Therefore, all companies that are currently running an active ICO or planning to launch one need to get in touch with the regulator and register. As noted in an article posted on CNBC, one of the directors working with the regulator stated that the firm is surprised by the companies’ lack of self-reporting.


In an interview that was held on Wednesday this week, SEC Commissioner Jay Clayton clarified that all digital assets and tokens that are using in an initial coin offering are securities. This is based on the fact that the assets are meant to act as seed money to facilitate development and expansion of the new digital currency been created.

SEC has also stated that they expected to see an increase in number of ICOs who submit their registration papers to get the go ahead to hold the ICOs. One of the main reasons why the government through SEC wants all companies offering ICOs to register is to protect investors from fraudsters who offer fake ICOs. In the same interview, Clayton stated that it is the duty of SEC to regulate both the provision of the tokens through the ICO as well as trading of the token after completion of the sale.

When asked why he believes that digital assets are securities, he cited a Supreme Court case that was heard and determined in 1946. In the case, a security was defined as an investment of money into a common enterprise that an investor expects to get a profit after a given period of time. This definition is widely referred to as Howey Test not only here in the United States but also in other parts of the world.

The Howey Test has proven to be effective in helping financial regulators to compare and contrast the characteristics of an investment to determine if should be categorized as a security. Redfearn, one of the SEC Commissioners, also stated that not all digital assets could be easily categorized as securities as each has unique characteristics and functions.

Securities and Exchange Commission will continue to use all its resources and personnel to evaluate all ICOs and clarify issues related with classification of the tokens securities. It is also expected that the commission will publish more reports and findings in a bid to empower the ever-growing digital world about the classification process.

Redfearn was also asked he considered the premier and popular cryptocurrencies such as XRP, Bitcoin, and Ethereum as securities. He however declined to give a direct answer to this question and instead opted to state that the agency would release statements on the said digital currencies in the near future.


Most of the crypto companies such as Ripple have been adamant that their currency does not qualify to be listed as securities due to its utility use. The bottom line is that, clear guidelines about the classification process and the characteristics of a security will help to improve and streamline the industry

U RUN IT – Letting Users Control Online Casinos

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U Run It Review

The market for online casinos is one of the few industries that sees a rapid and consistent growth. Based on the growth of the industry from 2017 to now, the market capacity is expected to have doubled in just five years by 2022. Whilst the gambling industry has come a long way from cards to slot machines, to online casinos, one thing remains unchanged. The house always wins in the end. But with such a saturated market, many online casinos are struggling to compete. This has led many of them to use a lot of gimmicks, bonuses, offers, and other ways to attract clients. The result of this practice has decreased customer loyalty, as clients are always looking for the next deal. U Run It is a blockchain-based platform that aims to change this trend and completely flip the online gambling world on its head.

What is U Run It

As with many other ICOs, U Run It seeks to break with some of the established norms of their industry. One of the main aims of the project is to hand over the control to the casino players, thereby turning the tables in both literal and metaphorical sense. Rather than simply being a run-of-the-mill online casino, U Run It will create a “white label” platform that other casino operators can make use of to service their clientele. By taking this new and innovative approach to gambling, the team behind U Run It aims to usher in the next phase of the gambling industry. They also want to ensure that all investors who contribute to the ICO are rewarded for their efforts by increasing the value of the tokens. In addition to making a profit from this increase in the value of the tokens, token holders will also be eligible to participate in regular jackpot drawings.

How does U Run It work?

By using blockchain technology, U Run It will be a decentralized platform that keeps all user data secure. As it utilizes the Ethereum network, smart contracts will be the driving mechanism that ensures the distribution of the URUN tokens after the ICO has ended. The jackpot drawings available to token holders will take place every day, every week, and every month. The prizes will be made up of 70% of all the collected URUN tokens on the platform. Because there are strict regulations when it concerns the gambling industry, the U Run It team has enlisted a number of finance attorneys with a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency space. One of the factors that will contribute to the value of the token is that it is a utility token, rather than a security. This means that it will be listed on international cryptocurrency exchanges very soon after the ICO has come to an end. One thing that sets U Run It apart from many other ICOs is that the URUN tokens will slowly be phased out of circulation. This will be done by gradually decreasing the number of tokens being used for each transaction made on the platform. For holders of the URUN tokens, this, of course, means that the value of each token is guaranteed to increase as time goes by. Not only will there be fewer tokens, but the demand will increase as more players and casino operators join the platform.

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Cryptocurrency Trading Terms to Learn (Part 1)

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If you have only recently become interested in the world of cryptocurrency, you will probably have come across a few terminologies that seem unfamiliar to you. If you have experience in trading on the stock market or foreign exchange, you will recognize some of them. However, it is always good to refresh one’s memory when it concerns the lingo being bandied around in the crypto-space. Have a look at some of these terms below.

Trading Related Terms Exchange

These exchanges are also commonly referred to as ‘cryptocurrency exchanges’, and are the places where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency tokens.

Fiat money

Fiat is currency issued by the government, or what the average person considers to be ‘real’ money.

Market order / market buy / market sell

This is the most straightforward method with which you can buy or sell cryptocurrency tokens on an exchange. This is an instant trade, as opposed to limit orders.

Limit order / limit buy / limit sell

When you trade on the cryptocurrency exchanges, you can place these kinds of orders in order to buy or sell tokens once a specific price point is met.

Sell wall / buy wall

Think of this as a depth chart where you as a cryptocurrency trader can see the current price points for buying and selling.


A whale is someone who has been incredibly successful in the cryptocurrency space, and as a result of their success has a huge amount of cryptocurrency.

Margin trading

If you are an experienced trader, and you would like to become a whale one day, then you can experiment with margin trading. Margin trading is very risky, but the pay-off can be proportionately rewarding.

Going long

If you have decided to margin trade and profit when the price increases, then you are going long.

Going short

Similar to going long, this means that you have made a profit from the price decreasing when margin trading.


If you are bullish, then it means you expect the price to increase. When the majority of traders in the market have this expectation, it is called a bull market.


Similar to bullish, but with the expectation that the price will be decreasing. When the majority of traders in the market have this expectation, it is called a bear market.


This is an acronym for All-Time High, and refers to the point at which a given cryptocurrency reaches the highest value it has ever been. A god example of this is the Bitcoin peak in December 2017.


Altcoin is short for alternative coin, and is generally any of the newer cryptocurrencies that came after Bitcoin. Opinions are divided on whether or not Ethereum is considered an altcoin.


This is an acronym for Initial Coin Offering, and refers to the crowdfunding phase of a new blockchain project. Most ICOs use Ethereum’s network, but there are some exceptions.


ICOs will offer potential investors tokens, which are the native cryptocurrency used on any given ICO’s platform. These tokens are cryptocurrencies that can be used on the platform, or be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

QURREX – First Hybrid Crypto Exchange

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Qurrex Review

For those of you who are already investing and trading in various cryptocurrencies, exchanges are not a new phenomenon. However, few cryptocurrency exchanges have a built-in hybrid system that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat and vice versa. Qurrex is an ICO that promises to change the landscape for cryptocurrency exchanges by allowing for this exact thing to happen. In this review we will take a look at exactly what Qurrex is, the team behind it, and how you can get involved.

What is Qurrex?

The concept behind Qurrex is quite simple. The team is developing a trading platform which, in addition to having all the capabilities of a regular cryptocurrency exchange, also will have some added benefits to it. As with other ICOs, the platform will be using blockchain technology to deliver a decentralized and secure means of trading in cryptocurrencies and fiat money. This will make it very advantageous to traders on regular stock exchanges, as well as foreign exchanges. Because of the way it is set up, intermediaries and middlemen will be all but eliminated, which will result in a much more efficient and cost-effective experience for users of the platform. The team behind Qurrex aims to set a new standard in the crypto-economy landscape, by creating the world’s first universal cryptocurrency exchange. The technology underlying the platform is derived from that of existing worldwide exchanges, which means that the architecture of Qurrex will produce a very high-performing platform. Finally, it will be able to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency traders and stock exchange traders, and perhaps contribute to bringing the two worlds together.

What are the features of Qurrex?

The key features of Qurrex is what makes this ICO truly unique. The high-performance architecture not only ensures that all data is kept confidential and safe, but it is also subject to regular audits by tech experts. The team behind Qurrex also promises maximum transparency, and this will also be maintained by having regular audits carried out by an independent agency. As with all companies, financial accounts will be published for all to see. By using APIs, users can customize the interface to suit their needs, offering a good amount of flexibility. Finally, there will be a customer service team standing ready 24/7 to assist users with any issues and requests they might have.

How does Qurrex work?

The platform is designed to handle 70,000 transactions per second, with a latency of only 650 us. All trading being carried out on the platform will be subject to rigorous trading standards to ensure compliance with the law. By contributing to the platform with their knowledge, experienced traders will also be rewarded for sharing information that can benefit other users. The platform also comes complete with analytical tools and charts that traders can take advantage of.

Who is behind Qurrex?

Mathhijs Johan LEK is the founder and head of the company behind Qurrex. Having dealt in investment banking and business development for over two decades, he is leading a team of equally experienced traders who are specialized in different fields. Investors can rest assured that the team has a wide range of knowledge when it comes to trading robots, strategies, and algorithms.

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EIPlatform – Connecting Brands and E-Sport Fans

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EIPlatform Review

E-sports is a huge global phenomenon, and it is growing faster than any other sport. For that reason, many global brands are keeping an eye on the market for e-sports, as the huge audience is a potential customer base for them. However, up until now, the major brands have run largely ineffective marketing campaigns, which has proven to be an expensive endeavor. The main reason for this is that the brands tend only to engage with the major tournaments and the top team. Meanwhile, the smaller local streamers do not get this attention despite being a perfectly adequate customer base. Another problem facing the brands is that the agencies they use as intermediaries between themselves and the audience do not always know what the audience truly wants. The fact that the marketing agencies eat up a lot of the marketing budget makes this even more unreasonable. This is where EIPlatform enters the picture.

EIp ico

What is EIPlatform?

The platform proposed in this ICO is an effective method with which brands can connect with audiences without having to go through other intermediaries. The team behind EIPlatform will be using artificial intelligence to conduct a data analysis on all the participants in the e-sports space. This will show which Twitch streamers fans enjoy watching the most. These streamers can then be contacted by brands and sponsored so that their fans can be targeted by the marketing. The native currency of the EIPlatform is the EMI token, which brands can use to gain access to the identified top streamers. Naturally, the platform will be using blockchain technology, which means that all data will be securely handled and safely stored on the decentralized blockchain. EIPlatform will be a great way for brands to gain audience insight, as it will also allow them to incentivize viewers to watch their sponsored streamers, as well as reward the viewers for offering their insight and feedback.

How does it work?

The platform itself will deal with both brands, promoters, streamers and viewers. A brand can endorse a streamer by allocating a number of EMI tokens to the streamer. When a brand has endorsed a streamer on the platform, viewers will then earn these EMI tokens for watching that particular stream. This method of direct advertising completely circumvents the marketing agencies, and thus the brands avoid paying their fees. The money saved on marketing agencies can then be allocated to the marketing budget. From the point of view of the e-sports fans themselves, this is a great incentive to watch a particular streamer as they get monetary rewards for doing so. Brands will also be able to directly get in touch with the potential customer base, which will provide them with further insights. The team behind EIPlatform is also planning on allowing betting companies to participate on the platform in the future. In short, EIPlatform will be a very valuable resource for companies looking to gain data insight and stretch their marketing budget further than they are currently doing.

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All Of Cryptocurrency Trading App Taylor’s Funds Have Been Stolen

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There is an influx of ICOs with startups raising millions of dollars to start or expand their operations. However, funds theft is a common problem affecting many of the startups in the cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. The latest victim is Taylor where the attacker stole all of the money raised in their ICO.

btc ico reviews

Taylor is a startup company using a blockchain in an effort to link cryptocurrency exchanges with mobile technology, and issued an ICO to fund their design and launch of a dedicated trading app. Dubbed Taylor Smart, the app is an easy to use cryptocurrency trading assistant.
In a blog post, the Taylor team said that the attacker drained all their balance, 2,578.98 ETH, as well as the TAY tokens allocated to the team and the bounty program, bringing the amount of funds stolen to approximately $1.5 million. The only funds left untouched were those locked by a smart contract allocated to the founders and advisers. According to ongoing investigations, the attack seems to be perpetrated by the same attacker who robbed off CypheriumChain.

Failed Security Measures

The Taylor team maintains that they had security measures in place to avoid such an attack, which eventually failed, and they confessed to have been negligent in attending to various security details. After seeing an attempt on IDEX, the Taylor team opted to delist from the platform. While they may never recover the stolen funds, they believe that there is still a future for the Taylor app and are calling on their community to help them overcome the setback and grow bigger and better.
The Taylor team sent an open letter to their supporters, where they revealed that they only have $25,000 left, and they are currently rethinking their future. In a statement give to ZDNET, Taylor’s CEO and co-founder, Fabio Seixas, said that they are thinking about rebranding and issuing an emergency token sale to raise more funds for their operations. Seixas also notes that they are working with various angel investors to inject cash into the project, but it would take months before a deal goes through.
Taylor’s goal with the two funding options is to raise enough to have a sizeable team to work for 12 months as well as paying for pertinent infrastructure and operational costs. The timeline according to Seixas is enough to launch the app, gain its first users, get traction, and start generating revenue.

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Growing Skepticism

When a cryptocurrency and blockchain related startups or ICOs claims that they have become cyberattack victims, there is skepticism surrounding it. Most of them disappear with the investor funds while conducting exit scam. Taylor was on the verge of releasing their app in a matter of weeks when the attack happened and they are calling on investors to participate in their emergency token sale.
They have not revealed further information, only that the attack was a highly coordinated and advanced attack. However, before you invest into any token sale, you had better do your due diligence to ensure the security protocols are sound.

Blockchain Can Save the Environment When Cryptocurrencies Go Green

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btc ico

Technology is at the center of the modern world, and people are living longer thanks to technology, and do things that were impossible a decade ago. Despite the advanced technology, of which we will see more to come in the future, it does come with a price. One of the greatest technological advancements known to man has to be the invention of electricity, and it powers over 95% of appliances in homes and offices across the world. Few people are willing to give up the luxury provided by electricity, but most of the electricity consumed in the world comes from non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels and water.
As more people connect to the grid, the environmental degradation increases, and the future looks bleak. In this light, the big question has to be what we ought to do if the current and energy demand of the future is not environmentally sustainable. Thanks to blockchain technology, businesses such as GEAR are seeking to promote a sustainable energy cycle leading to a greener world.


Cleaning Up the Cryptocurrency Mining Space

The rising interest in digital assets that is gradually shifting focus from the old-fashioned currencies is driven by blockchain technology. Mining cryptocurrencies requires a significant amount of energy only, which traditionally generated electricity, can provide. With the springing up of mining farms, there is need for them to consider shifting to a closed loop green energy and a renewable network that invest in green energy farms that generate clean energy. The goal is to have a situation where blockchain technology is allowed to scale up with reduced and eventual cease of affecting the environment.
Fact is we need more energy to fuel our lives, with most of it going to power technology. However, the world can continue on the advancing technology but without the detrimental effects, it already has on the environment, especially the water and air. The responsibility of cleaning up the cryptocurrency mining space lies with the creators of blockchain and cryptocurrency project creators.


GEAR’s Mission

Production of green energy is of most concern to GEAR, a green startup company. The founders have dedicated the company to growing the production of green energy for the overall environmental well-being. According to Vik Pathak, GEAR’s vice president, their theme is ‘From Resources to Regenerative’ and what this means is that they are taking on a dirty industry notorious for extracting things from the earth and innovate it into something that gives back to the earth.
When speaking to Forbes, Pathak, added that mining GEAR’s cryptocurrency would be curved back into the creation of green energy assets, including biomass, wind, solar, and tidal. It is calling on all other cryptocurrencies to go green and invest part of their profits into the research and development of renewable energy and green initiatives. According to Larry King, one of the members of GEAR’s advisory board notes that the GEAR token will nurture and incubate the cryptocurrency sector by pushing for the shift of focus from fossil fuels to the use of green energy and renewables.
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the current movers and shakers of the industrial revolution and its best survival tactic has to be in ensuring that they play their role in environmental conservation. With the initiative started by GEAR, we can only hope that more cryptocurrencies will step up to disrupt the way people consume energy and pave the way for greener and renewable energy.

EQUI CAPITAL – Cryptocurrency Venture Capital

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EQUI Capital Review

Venture capital fundraising has traditionally been the domain of a small select group of influential firms and individuals. This could very easily be about to change with the introduction of cryptocurrency, however. EQUI Capital is essentially trying to tokenize the traditional venture capital model by creating a platform where investors can fund projects with cryptocurrency. What makes this ICO stand out is the high profile team behind it, which has resulted in a lot of coverage by traditional media like newspapers and TV. Given that the ICO is spearheaded by two of the most influential businesspeople in the UK, who bring over three decades worth of experience with them, it is definitely one to put on the watch list.

What is EQUI Capital?

The concept behind EQUI Capital is quite simple. The team aims to create a platform where regular investors like you and I can utilize a cryptocurrency token to invest in innovative technology startup companies. Rather than doing fundraising rounds like they have done traditionally, the developers will receive investment funds in the form of the platform’s native EQUI token. As the startup progresses and begins to make a profit, this will be shared with the investors in the form of Ethereum’s Ether tokens.

equi capital

How EQUI Capital it work?

For those of us who spend a long time reading various ICO white papers, the one produced by EQUI Capital is refreshingly professional. It does help, of course, that the concept is very simple to grasp. The EQUI Capital platform will be tethered to the Ethereum blockchain using a suite called Dapps. Dapps will be used to manage the smart contracts used as agreements between the investors and the startup firms. The platform’s users will be divided into three categories. The first one is traders, who are owners of EQUI tokens and hope to trade them on the exchange for other cryptocurrencies as the EQUI Capital platform becomes more successful. Similar to traders will be the holders, who hold the EQUI tokens on the platform itself. As opposed to traders, they will be rewarded by keeping their tokens on the platform as liquid assets. The last category is the investors. As opposed to traders and holders, investors use their EQUI tokens to fund the startups on the platform. Needless to say, investors will be the group of users benefitting most from the tokens, as the platform itself will reward them for keeping their tokens on the platform, and they will also be rewarded when the startups they fund become profitable.

Who is behind EQUI Capital?

One of the big draws when it comes to the EQUI Capital project is the people behind it. Although quite a few ICOs are created by individuals with extensive experience in the cryptography and software development space, EQUI Capital has the added benefit of celebrities. The founders themselves are high profilers, Doug Barrowman and Baroness Michelle Mone. For UK readers, these people need little introduction. Barrowman is a Scottish billionaire who has been in the capital venture space for over 30 years. Mone is a television personality and successful businesswoman. On their team, we find three groups of people. The project group consists of developers, marketers and project managers. The second group is a board of investment directors who come from the legal and finance sectors. The third group is an advisory board made up of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, as well as a wide range of entrepreneurs.

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SWISS ALPS MINING – Combining Mining Industries

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Swiss Alps Mining ICO Review

Anyone in the cryptocurrency community is probably familiar with how mining for coins and tokens work. You invest in an expensive mining rig and prepare yourself for the largest energy bill you have ever seen. Depending on which cryptocurrency you are mining for, you might make some profit. Meanwhile, actual mining for raw materials is also an expensive endeavor that consumes a lot of power. Both kinds of mining can potentially be very harmful to the environment. Swiss Alps Mining is an ICO by the company Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE), and it proposed a solution to the problems with both real mining and cryptocurrency mining. The team has made a plan that includes putting unused buildings in the Swiss Alps to good use, and base their mining operations there. The aim is to reduce energy usage by half, and in this way, help maintain the environment.

What is Swiss Alps Mining?

Swiss Alps Energy AG is the company behind this ICO, and they are the first company to use mining stones that are supported by renewable energy, as well as the waste heat from the mining equipment. This will cut electricity costs down to half of that other mining companies use. One of the aims of the company is to make mining more profitable, save energy, protect the environment, and help maintain the cultural heritage of Switzerland. The funds collected from this ICO will be spent on developing the mining facilities.

How does it work?

Swiss Alps Energy AG is all about cutting costs, and so the distribution-based ledger energy supplier and an operator  utilizing a string of unused buildings in the Swiss Alps. This is a win-win situation for the company and the government. The company gets a base of operations where they can work uninterrupted, and in return, they help maintain the buildings.

swiss alps

Who is behind it?

The team behind the company and the ICO come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Some are experts on blockchain technology, others are cryptocurrency miners and yet others are hyper ledger specialists. Blockchain expertise is not enough for this kind of project, however, so the Swiss Alps Energy AG team also includes civil and infrastructure engineers, as well as energy experts.

How did the project come about?

One of the rationales behind this ICO is the extremely high energy costs associated with cryptocurrency mining. Depending on where you are in the world, the costs of mining for coins and tokens can be so high that it is not financially feasible. At the same time, the massive energy consumption is not doing any favors for the environment, given that fossil fuels are still being used to power most of our electricity. With many unused buildings standing, well, unused, the team decided to develop a project that could utilize environmentally friendly mining processes and base their operations in the unused buildings.

What about the tokens?

The native currency for this ICO will be the SAM tokens, which will be using the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contract technology. This means that the SAM tokens will be exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat money.

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