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Cryptocurrency Markets Bearish Following Google Ban

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Google bans crypto ads

Cryptocurrency Markets Bearish

On Thursday Morning, the Cryptocurrency markets plunged to new lows, or below $8000, in a delayed reaction to negative publicity from Google. This publicity is raising skepticism in the already volatile markets where investors have been experiencing short-term shocks since 2013 when China started discouraging her nationals from participating in the trade.

The market leader Bitcoin’s lost 13.25% of its value in the wake of the ban; this loss has cumulatively seen Bitcoin shed off a mind-boggling approximate of 43% of share value from January 2018. According to market data, the Bitcoin Market was trading at $14,111.98 as the year began. On the other hand, Ethereum and Ripple currencies’ values are down by 14.54% and 16.58% to trade at %593.6 and $0.66 respectively. Summarily, according to Coin Market Cap report, all but two Cryptocurrencies’ stocks are trading in lows ranging between 11% to 26%.

Google Follows Facebook Move And Bans Gambling Advertisements

Google, a US-based global leading search engine, and advertisement firm issued a statement in March 2018, prohibiting “bad advertisements” effective from June 2018 on the AdWords platform. Google’s, in a document released to the media, stated that Cryptocurrencies’ information which includes; Cryptocurrency exchanges, Cryptocurrency trade reviews, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and crypto wallets are “bad” advertisements as they are speculative and largely lack policy regulations. Google further stated that cryptocurrencies are emerging threats to Google services users and they have a “moral and ethical obligation” to protect Google users from “deceptive and misleading promotions.”

Google has followed in the footsteps of the arch-business rival, Facebook. Similarly, Facebook had, in January this year, banned all Cryptocurrency advertisements in a move that was geared to restore Facebook to its intended purpose of enhancing social relationships in the world; these social relationships had systematically being replaced by advertisements, which were unwarranted.

Financial Analysts Forecasts

Market analysts are sharply divided on the impact of the negative publicity from Google and Facebook. On one side, the market analysts state that Facebook, which is a vital advertising platform in the world, with almost similar market influence to Google, initiated the ban and the markets only experienced short-term bearish trends before reverting to bullish growth. Following this analogy, these market analysts predict that Cryptocurrency markets will regain their bullish patterns that will see more ICO traded in the coming months. However, they cannot predict when the markets will recover. Will it be a matter of days, weeks, months or years? Amongst them, it is suspected that some investors are propagating these sentiments to lower the value of the significant cryptocurrencies in anticipation of massive ICO buyouts.

On the other hand, some market analysts allude that this recent negative publicity is one too many and the Cryptocurrency markets will never recover. Their perspective premised on Google’s prominent social standing globally. It is widely believed that Google has nailed the last nail and investors will be rushing to sell off their shares anticipating further losses.

GRAIN – The Backbone Of Modern Work Agreements

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The main aim of Grain ICO is to create a solution that will enable organizations to manage work agreements that are on the Blockchain technology. This platform also creates a quick payment mechanism that can be used by these companies. assists firms save billions of money by offering middleman services that would, in turn, lower the processing costs of the payments that are remitted. is basically a backend solution that enables freelancer platforms and labor management systems to consolidate financial transactions and smart contract on the Blockchain. GRAIN has been able to reinvent how organizations work and give the workers an opportunity of sharing their work success on the main platform.

How Works

Apart from easing the labor contracts, GRAIN also helps in other ways. The GRAIN ecosystem, at the same time, also introduces prompt, compliant, as well as a mechanism of fair payment; all these by ensuring that full security is maintained.

It has also incorporated the introduction of an online saving account that workers can use for any contract across the system. This service can also be used to pay for shorter-term needs or even pay into the pension. As a way of offering a feasible solution for enabling work agreements in various organizations across the globe, GRAIN will comply with any kind of regulation that is connected to labor.


In an effort of safeguarding both sides of the entire transaction, the protocol used by GRAIN also involves a special technique that can be used to handle the volatility faced by the digital currencies.

By applying the Blockchain, a number of possibilities are opened. These are possibilities that can be used by Human Resource developers, payrollers, staffing agencies, accounting software as well as a host of other options.

In brief, the main duty of GRAIN is to give the hundred-billion-euro payroll industry not only a secure but also a free and transparent ecosystem by advancing the current system to one that entirely works by sharing principle.


The Benefits of Using the Platform

It saves organizations huge sums of funds. GRAIN provides companies with a cheap alternative that would reduce the amount they use in labor. When they opt to use Grain for organizing their work agreements, they can save massive funds they would have used in acquiring expensive intermediaries and payroll services.

A Share of the Transaction Fees

With each transaction, the transaction partners will stand a chance of getting up to 50% of the fee that is imposed on the customers.

No More Late Payment

With GRAIN, workers will never have to complain about late payments. All will be better off with this platform, and they would always share in the success.

The Team

The is headed by Onno Hektor, who earlier worked with Microsoft as the director. Mr. Hektor is the president of the board and is closely assisted by André Bonvanie and Erik Koster, who are both board members. Jeroen van Megchelen works for GRAIN as the blockchain expert. The other senior officials that make up the team are Lucas Huizinga, Artem Gorev, Philippe Vanderhoydonck; and Hans Hoogerveen & Steen Deurloo, who are both members of the advisory board.

VOXXO – New Promising Ico For Music

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Artists are free souls. What guides them is their passion. They hate all limits, as limitations hinder their creativity and ultimately, the quality of the art they make. Our world ended up in a situation where artists are completely in the hands of financial behemoths – recording labels and streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music. Ultimately, it is up to these entities whether their compositions get published and whether they gain any recognition. Musicians are chained by the regulations of these companies. Fees can be high, cutting a lot of profit from musicians. For an up and coming artist, this can make the road to stardom very tough. VOXXO is an ICO that wishes to release artists from these restrictions.

The Goals of VOXXO

VOXXO attempts to integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to the music world. It aims to halt filtering of content, so that every artist can become heard, not just the ones with large label support. The ERC20 token will grant extra bonuses to its users on the VOXXO platform. There will be options to pay with other cryptocurrencies, but without the extras. If you do not want to pay, you will still be able to listen to music freely, but with ads every two songs. Otherwise, there will be no limitations, unlike Spotify, which doesn’t let you play specific songs as a free user when your trial time runs out, only compositions from random playlists, hopefully based around your interests.


Payments would be based on as many hours as you want to listen, without any monthly subscriptions. There will be chances to win free concert tickets and the option to listen to live gigs. For musicians, there are licensing options, which require no complex paperwork. Artists would earn funds when users listen to their songs with VOXXO. Thanks to collaboration with organizations like ASCAP, BMI and PRS, a cryptocurrency revenue collection system will be established. It’s a big deal, because small time artists find it difficult to earn money off copyright.



Team of this project is quite small. While we’re at it, I’d like to point out that the whitepaper is littered with spelling errors and bad formatting. Apparently, the list it going to be updated after sale #1 finishes, but I believe that a mere four people is not enough for something as complex as an ICO. It could be justified if it was a squad of 4 prodigies, but it isn’t. Unimpressive resumes with no achievements that stand out. No real experience in managing companies. I wouldn’t trust these people with my money. Not mentioning that the LinkedIn profiles aren’t even in English, and I had to use Google translate to make sense of them.

Social Media, Summary

I don’t need to bother with a lengthy description. VOXXO has less than thousand likes on all social media. I can only see them talked about in forums like, with only 8 pages in the thread since November. To pad this section out a bit, I’ll mention that I can’t shake the feeling that VOXXO isn’t really trying to “free the artists”. The project to me seems like simply replacing the current model with a copy, but with cryptocurrency and blockchain functionalities added. Features like users voting for the songs to just get inside the platform, or paying with your tokens to have a higher power vote during live event votes doesn’t seem quite fair to me. The one with the most money wins. Nothing changes. As an artist and a musician, I’m suspicious of this project. I wouldn’t invest a penny in this.

ENVION – Off-Grid Blockchain Mining

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At the advent of cryptocurrencies, they were mined by relatively small entities. Single persons, mining with just their personal computers, without any specialized hardware needed. As the networks grew, more and more processing power was required. Only high end PC’s could mine. And then, you needed a whole farm to make a profit. Therefore, it became unaffordable for everyone but the select few. Or companies specializing in just that. Now you need an ASIC stack to mine Bitcoin. This defeats one of key principles in design of the cryptocurrency – decentralization. The network is still kind of decentralized, but decentralized as in few thousand pools owning the majority of the mining power. Not the most optimal solution. Envion, an ICO company, wants a return to the era of personal mining.

Summary of Envion ICO

An additional issue, which I didn’t mention in the intro, is of course, the ever growing power cost of mining BTC. This has a negative effect on the environment. We should aim to decrease power costs, not increase them. Not only you have to own expensive hardware, you need to pay large electricity bills, further worsening the situation of network democracy, where it’s interests are in the hands of the “elite”, owning the biggest farms.

Envion has developed a system of MMUs, Mobile Mining Units, that can tap electicity directly at the source. Green power like solar, hydro or wind, or fossil fuel power plants would be given intermodal containers equipped with mining hardware, communication and industry 4.0 automation features. Breakthrough cooling system included, costing less than 1% of total system power consumption. Envion is a fusion of the blockchain and renewable energies.


Token name EVN, it uses the ERC-20 standard. The token holder is privileged to receive 100% of earnings of the proprietary Envion mining operation, 35% from third-party operations, voting and veto in important company strategy decisions. Sale started on 15th December, 2017, and will end January 14th, 2018.

Envion Team and Impressions

Reading the whitepaper, you can see there is no flashy presentation. It’s showcased in a way as if you were reading a scientific document, not a sales pitch. That’s a bonus to me. A lot of ICOs seem like downright scammy pyramid schemes or MLM. This one earned my respect with its honest approach. Moving onto the team itself, it’s full of seasoned experts. Matthias Woestmann, CEO, is an enterpreneur, investor and media professional. He co-financed a $300M solar company. Having two decades of experience, he surely knows what he’s doing. The rest of the team isn’t divided into specific positions, but their general roles. Felix Krusenbaum handles finance, Johnatan Koch the technology. Both of them are experienced IT professionals with over 10 years of experience. This team as a whole is a huge hit. I’ve reviewed profiles of everyone on board, and I can say I’m impressed. Envion spells success.

Socia Media and Press

Envion has a HUGE following for an ICO, which I’ve seen at 5k likes max. Their Facebook page has ten times that. Apparently, they managed to raise $34 million dollars in first few days of the ICO. Impressive! People are drawn to the idea of connecting blockchain and renewable energy technologies. The cryptocurrency community sure loves Envion.

Risks and Opportunities of Envion ICO

I can see this ICO being highly successful. The project has made such an impression on me that I am going to invest a few dollars into it, personally. However, as with every investment, please research what you’re investing in and make your own judgement. We are not responsible for any losses you could have by investing in this or another ICO. Still, I highly believe this ICO can net some serious profit for it’s investors and make waves in the technology world.

SYNCFAB – Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Blockchain

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If you want to get something manufactured, you’ll quickly run into problems. Unless, of course, you’re a large company, a giant in the field, with a ton of money and connections. The rest of the market doesn’t look as good. A significant number of buyers has trouble with finding the right manufacturing suppliers. Businesses lack intellectual property protection; the issue of IP is a large concern. SyncFab, an ICO for the manufacturing industry, wishes to resolve these problems.

Use Cases of SyncFab, Description of the Project

The company is attempting to create a decentralized market connecting buyers and manufacturers without any intermediaries. Payments would be guaranteed through smart contracts, and manufacturing supply chains would make use of a blockchain powered by the MFG token.

With MFG, you can create unique bids to stimulate manufacturers to offer better prices. Loyalty rewards can be offered for reordering. Discounts can be made available. The token will be ERC20, as usual, and on the Ethereum blockchain. It will be required to pay transaction fees on the platform.

Financial Details of SyncFab

At time of writing, the token sale is live. SyncFab is not a huge project in terms of money poured inside. It has a soft cap of 30k ETH, and a hard cap of 60k ETH, with the minimum goal being 10k ETH. One ETH will equal in price to 1250 MFG. 300,000,000 MFG tokens will be available for sale.


The SyncFab Team

CEO of SyncFab, Jeremy Goodwin, is an eloquent man. Fluent in Chinese and French, passionate about AI, blockchain and Bitcoin. From his LinkedIn profile, we learn that SyncFab is a partner to the D.O.E & D.O.C Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative (CESMII), appointed by the White House and US Departments of Energy and Commerce plus the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, worth $140MM. Quite an achievement!

Andy Le Tong, CSO, is a serial entrepreneur, recognized for his achievements in the video game industry. The massively multiplayer online game portal MMOABC, of which he was a CEO, received attention of millions of North American gamers. He didn’t spend a penny on advertisement, and that was before the age of social media!


The team consists of 9 members and 10 advisers. Each one has an impressive resume. Advisers have worked at companies like PayPal, eBay, Apple and JPMorgan. One word can sum up this team: solid. I can see the project becoming successful, if only by the merit of it’s members.

SyncFab Press Coverage

Social media and press coverage of this project is no less impressive. SyncFab is partnered by many big names, including Berkeley University and Stanford University. As mentioned earlier, the White House itself has ties with this project, too. It earned a 97% score in the Aingel blog ICO scoring series. The scoring is based on a Monte Carlo wrapped machine learning algorithm developed at New Your University, where more than 6,000 startup founders were analyzed.

On Facebook, they have high engagement, as the post about token launch was given reactions by 3,5 thousand people. The page has almost 5k likes, quite good for an ICO, which usually averages at 1-2k. Their Twitter enjoys a good number of retweets and likes, in the 50-100 range on average per post, with the follower count at almost 5 thousand, like the Facebook page. The community seems to be in high spirits about SyncFab.

The Final Verdict on SyncFab

Personally, I’m not knowledgeable about the manufacturing industry. This project, to fully comprehend, would need some real-life experience and understanding of the problems presented, beyond what’s included in the whitepaper. Perhaps this is why the hard cap is a mere 60k ETH; other projects estimate to have much greater interest. Definitely, it’s not for the layman. From a purely financial standpoint though, as a potential investor, I can see this project worth investing in, especially with these recommendations from the White House and University of Berkeley. It touches upon an issue that many want to become resolved.

MY ODDZ BET – Sports Betting, Casino, P2P Betting

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Online gambling and betting suffers from centralization and a lack of transparency. You can’t tell whether the games are rigged or not, to the benefit of the service owners. Here would come in the Blockchain, which provides a tamper-proof, honest, verifiable and auditable service. Trust would come first, at last. However, the current available solutions are still in their infancy and do not offer satisfactory performance. They’re plagued by slow speeds and long downtimes. MyOddz, an ICO project, proposes a P2P betting platform with raffle, poker, bingo, casino games and much more.

MyOddz ICO Description platform promises zero downtime, full verification and auditability through decentralized Smart Contracts implemented on the Ethereum blockchain. Traditional casino games such as Craps, Roulette, Slots, Poker, Dice, Coin Flip and Bingo will be available on the platform. The company also aims to develop its own proprietary games with unique design. Plans to alleviate slow transaction speed include using the Raiden network and established sports results APIs.

As usual, the ERC20 tokens will be distributed in an ICO crowdsale. Named ODDZ, it will enable holders to claim a share of profits proportionate to the number of ODDZ tokens held in wallets once a quarter. 85% of total profits will be shared, 0.25% will be donated to The rest will be spent on marketing and various company needs. ODDZ will be available on exchanges after the crowdsale ends.

myoddzbet ico logo

Once tokens are distributed, profits will be shared on first quarter after launch. When an initial period of 3 years ends, voting tokens will be airdropped via smart contract to each individual wallet. With them, you’ll be able to vote whether MyOddz should move to a model where 99.75% of all future profit will be distributed to token holders, or whether should the 14.75% profit to the house time should be extended. Announcements about all of these events will be made on social media beforehand.


The MyOddz ICO Team

I’ll make this clear, the whole presentation of MyOddz is unprofessional. The whitepaper  and the website are littered with spelling errors, unnecessary whitespaces and poor punctuation. Team presentation is no different. Nevertheless, I’m getting a honest vibe from these people. Not a group trying to dupe you into yet another pyramid scheme. Adding a husky dog to their team roster is certainly a lighthearted, funny touch. Aside from that, there’s nothing remarkable about the collective, except Marvin Beaver, who composed music for FIFA 99, Wipeout and Need For Speed. The CEO has 20 years of experience, but there is no list of the successes he claims to have. I don’t doubt there are some, but how can I know if they’re not spoken about? Website and team page could use an overhaul.

Social Presence, Summary

What strikes me the most is the rough form of this ICO. It looks like an unfinished work. There is no roadmap, but the whitepaper claims that there will be one soon. Team has a graphics designer with over 15 years of experience, yet the website looks very plain, and documents are text-only. You might say to not judge a book by its cover, but their Facebook page, or what I believe to be their fanpage, has merely 40 likes. And there is another betting related page called MyOddz with 35 likes. I think that speaks for itself. More money, time and work needs to be put into this project in order for it to be presentable. Simply, MyOddz is not ready.

CROWD MACHINE – We disrupt multi-trillion dollar industries

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The IoT, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology booms are very lucrative. Some institutions, such as Maverick Research, believe that these solutions, in addition with Artificial Intelligence, will replace today’s centralized platforms and business models. Demand for such products is outpacing their production. Market for blockchain is expected to exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030. There isn’t enough developers to meet the needs of the market. Crowd Machine’s App Studio will make it quicker and cheaper to create apps, no programming knowledge needed. Goal of this ICO is to create the Crowd Computer, a global, decentralized app execution engine, which would include a peer-to-peer network of Crowd Virtual Machines (“CVM”), that makes it easy for anyone with an idea to develop blockchain apps.

Description of Crowd Machine ICO

In addition to the aforementioned App Studio, Crowd Machine will allow to share the created apps via a Crowd Share repository, a GitHub-like system that can make it easier for developers to monetize their work. The lengthy whitepaper explores each service offered by the ICO in depth, making points about security and the current market situation. It can be a tough read, especially for someone not acquainted with the technologies touched upon in the document.


Regarding the token itself, I’ve had a hard time finding information about the sale. It turns out that it will begin on 21th February 2018. The token is named CMT. Price will be around 6000 CMT per ETH, with BTC payments accepted in addition to ETH. A presale discount will be available, and will amount to 60% to 70% The market cap is quite huge, and in my opinion there is absolutely no need for such a cap. It’s set at $200 million soft, $338 million hard. What makes me suspicious is that there is absolutely no description of how funds will be allocated post-sale. There no information about how CMT tokens will be converted into fiat or ETH, and the road map doesn’t include plans to list tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.


 Machine Team

Apparently, this project has 27 employees. However, I can only see resumes for 11 of them. There are no LinkedIn links on the website and I had to conduct a Google search to see what’s their work history. The CEO has his LinkedIn account deactivated. From the little information I’ve gathered, the team is solid, with experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency. But this is not enough. Crowd Machine lists their competitors: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Google. The company is trying to bite off more than they can chew. I don’t believe that a team of twenty-seven members can compete with these giants.

Crowd Machine Media Presence, Summary

Not much remains to be said about Crowd Machine. Less that 500 likes on Facebook, only a few on Twitter. Under five hundred Telegram members. A four-page thread on The only thing of note is that the CEO spoke at various blockchain and cryptocurrency related expos.

In my eyes, the project is underdeveloped. Reading the whitepaper made me feel that the ideas presented need to be fleshed out more in order to have a chance with the aforementioned industry titans. There is no real-life application demonstration for the key aspect of this project, Crowd App Studio. For Crow Machine to become successful, they need to fix all these glaring issues. A great concept isn’t enough to get to the top. I’d invest only if the ICO gets a total makeover.

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